There’s no question that Pattinson is one of the most stunning men in the world. The British actor owns a raw sex appeal that almost seems custom-made for the camera. While his brooding good looks have graced the big and small screen, magazine cover to tabloid cover, it’s his acting prowess that has truly captivated audiences.

After years of keeping his private life under wraps, Pattinson is now enjoying the perks of being a Hollywood A-lister. He’s opened up about his love for fashion in a way we’ve never seen before, and it’s made us want to dive deeper into his style. So what makes up the style guru’s personal style? Let’s take a look.

Gothic And Classic

When you think of Robert Pattinson, it’s likely that Victorian England and deathly pale paint jobs come to mind. The actor dons an all-time classic look for important events in his life, such as the premiere of his new movie. For a more romantic date, he’d sport a gothic outfit, complete with a cape and a pair of Gothic glasses.

While he may have stolen the show at the 2015 Golden Globes with his unique style, it’s not like Pattinson is the only famous fashion victim in Hollywood. The fashion world has lost several high-profile individuals to COVID-19, including John F. Kennedy Jr., Edmond J. Safra, and more recently, Princess Diana. The pandemic has clearly not hindered the style of the dead.

Pattinson rarely wears the same outfit twice, often switching up his ensemble to keep things fresh. While some people may balk at his constant pattern matching, we can’t help but be excited by his willingness to experiment with fashion. He often references his love of both Goth and classic styles in interviews, saying that he draws inspiration from artists like Charles Baudelaire and Dante.

Ballerina Pins

Another interesting fact about Pattinson is that he loves to embellish his outfits with jewellery. He particularly enjoys wearing pins on his trousers. It started as a bit of fun, as he explains in the video above, and now he can’t go a day without wearing some kind of accessory. When he isn’t embellishing his clothes, he’s often seen wearing a stud in his ear. It’s a look that Victoria Beckham has called “classy” and Ralph Lauren has named “distinctive and daring.”

Whether he chooses to wear a stud in his nose or not, it’s clear that fashion plays a huge role in Pattinson’s life. From the bold choices he makes in his clothing to the unique ways in which he wears his accessories, we can see that fashion isn’t just a passing phase for the actor.

Pattinson rarely leaves the house without makeup. He’s always armed with a small bag filled with his essentials, ranging from lipstick to blush and concealer. As the star’s personal makeup artist, Imani Abdulazim, says in the video below, he has a very high standard when it comes to his looks. Not only does he demand that her make him look presentable, but he also wants her to change the way he feels. At the end of each day, he’ll say, “Did you change me?” and if she didn’t, he’ll quickly snap, “Then fuck you.”

These are just some of the interesting tidbits about Robert Pattinson. He’s such a fascinating individual, and it’s clear that fashion plays a huge part in his life. We’re looking forward to seeing what he will be dressing for in the future, whether it’s for a romantic date or important event. As for his style, it remains to be seen whether the Gothic or the classic will reign supreme, but we can be sure of one thing – the fashion victim will never be obsolete.