As one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood, Robert Pattinson is known for being a member of the illustrious “It”-club. The 29-year-old British hunk graced the prestigious cover of Rolling Stone magazine several times over the past few years and has been romantically linked to a series of beautiful and famous women. He has also starred in a number of box-office hits, including the controversial Twilight series and the recent Black Swan. Now that his latest film has been released, we can finally see how Pattinson’s type measures up.

How Is He Different From The Rest Of The Male Population?

It’s been said that Pattinson is something of a “loner”, which is probably why he remains relatively under the radar to this day. The actor was born and raised in London, and according to his representative, he had very little contact with other children as a child, spending most of his time writing and drawing. His unusual upbringing undoubtedly contributed to his distinctive look and personality. He doesn’t wear makeup and often shuns photogenic poses; instead, he focuses on capturing real emotions through his acting. The result is an incredible performance that is all the more powerful because of his natural, raw charisma.

Pattinson’s type is often described as dark and brooding. He has a slightly haunted look in his eye, which some have likened to that of a boxer who has lost too many fights. The intensity that Pattinson brings to the screen arguably makes up for the lack of conventional good looks that he brings to the table. While he isn’t the most attractive man in Hollywood, his intensity makes him unforgettable and undeniably talented.

Is He More Attractive Than Thought?

Pattinson’s appeal has always been somewhat of a mystery. The fact that he has never been particularly popular among the Hollywood elite only serves to magnify his allure. Nevertheless, his low-key, matter-of-fact nature and boyish charm have kept him at the forefront of the celebrity conscious mind. He is currently ranked as the sixth most attractive male in the world, according to People, and his face is arguably one of the most recognizable in all of celebrity culture.

The consensus is that Pattinson is quite handsome, and over the past few years, his popularity has only grown. He has appeared in several award-winning films, and the success of his latest effort, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, has undoubtedly helped boost his profile. The actor has spoken openly about his struggle with his type, admitting that he frequently feels that he doesn’t fit the glamorized image of the movie star. But, as he told Elle magazine, “You only work hard on the things you feel attracted to. I definitely didn’t intend to be typecast in these roles…I’ve always liked playing characters that I’m not necessarily drawn to. You can’t help but feel better about yourself when you’re playing someone you’re not actually attracted to.”

Pattinson’s desire to play characters that he’s not necessarily attracted to has undoubtedly helped him find a place in Hollywood. But, as he’s gained in popularity, so has his type been questioned. The actor’s willingness to don a moustache and play characters with facial hair has undoubtedly helped earn him a place in Hollywood history. The question, as we’ve established, remains: Is he more attractive than thought? Let’s take a look.

Is He As Bad As They Say?

No, not at all! In fact, he is quite the opposite. Pattinson is actually a very well-mannered and polite individual, which is what makes it so difficult for him to play the part of a “bad boy”. The actor grew up in a very upper-middle-class household, which undoubtedly shaped his character. Pattinson is known to be particularly protective of his family, which is why he has shied away from revealing too much about himself and his private life. The fact that he doesn’t wear makeup and has never posed for a camera is also telling – this is someone who values their privacy. His representative also told EW that he has “no interest in being a fashion icon or being in fashion”, further suggesting that he isn’t likely to ever fit into the limelight.

The point is that while Robert Pattinson’s type may not be conventional, it is, for the most part, endearing. He is, however, more susceptible to criticism than most men his age, which may explain why he hasn’t been featured on the cover of a fashion magazine as frequently as one might expect. There is no denying that while he may not fit the mold, that he fits perfectly in the Hollywood imagination. While he avoids the limelight, it is because he wants to maintain some semblance of privacy, not because he doesn’t want to be fawned over by fans. There’s also the issue of his temper, which has gotten him in trouble before. He has a deep, dark side that he keeps concealed behind his placid exterior. If you don’t believe me, just ask his co-stars from Twilight – they’ll tell you all they need to!

Is He Worth The Hype?

Pattinson is a very handsome and talented individual who deserves all the praise he gets. It is easy to see why so many people are drawn to him – not only is he good-looking, but he also has a fantastic, unique sense of style. As for whether or not he is worth the hype that comes along with being a member of “It”-club, that is quite the matter. While Pattinson is unquestionably talented, his appeal is certainly based on more than his looks. He is, in actuality, quite a shy and modest individual, which is why he doesn’t attract the very rich and famous – he doesn’t need them. It is, however, safe to say that if he continues to work hard and maintain a low-profile, he will find himself more in demand than ever before.