When you think of modern day New York City, most people probably think of the unmistakable skyscrapers that line the skyline. The city has always been a hub for business and trade, attracting many new migrants every year. Tourism and travel are other industries that contributed to the city’s economic growth, which is still vital to this day. But over the past century, the face of New York City has changed, and so has the nature of the buildings that line its streets. The last few years have seen the rise of a new breed of skyscraper – one that not only stands out in comparison to the Empire State Building and the World Trade Center, but also to the more traditional office blocks that came before it.

Robert Pattinson’s Twin Towers

It was originally reported by The Independent in 2019 that English actor Robert Pattinson would be transforming his home into a sort of homage to the famous New York City skyscrapers, by building twin towers on either side of his house.

The publication reported that the Hollywood star was ‘excited’ about the project, and had ‘already found a firm of architects he likes’, referring to Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG). The article went on to say that while the exact shape of his dream home was not yet known, it would feature ‘a roof terrace with a Jacuzzi, surrounded by a private pool’. It seems that dream has come true. In September last year the London Evening Standard followed up with an exclusive image of the actor posing in front of the recently completed twin towers.

The Architecture And Design Of Robert Pattinson’s Twin Towers

When you walk towards Robert Pattinson’s residence, it is not immediately apparent that the tall spires are, in fact, his new building. The street-level frontage of the two identical structures hides a grand entrance hall with marble flooring, wooden doors, and chandeliers. Light pours in from the east through large windows, while dark polished wooden floors and polished metal staircases lead to the upper floors. This grand entrance creates a sense of theatre as you walk towards the building – almost as if you’ve walked into a film set. Of course, the star of the film would be none other than Robert Pattinson himself.

The grandiose interiors continue inside the building. Although the residential floors are not visible from the outside, the presence of multiple columns, wooden floors, and large windows give the strong impression that you are stepping into a luxury apartment. The star’s personal touches can be found throughout the apartment. There is a mix of old and new furniture, with antique dressers and claw-foot tubs sitting alongside contemporary lounge sets and sofas. A grand piano also makes an appearance, as do various artwork commissions and film-related ephemera from the star’s favourite directors, including David Lynch and Guy Ritchie. It’s fair to say that the 41-year-old Hollywood A-lister has not one, but two luxury apartments that are as distinctive as his famous charm and good looks.

The Benefits Of Working With An Architectural Studio

While working with an architect is always a good idea, using an architectural firm to help bring your project to life can have multiple benefits. From the outset, working with a studio means you will have access to a larger team of professionals, with more experience in creating the kind of masterpiece that your project deserves. You also get the benefit of an extra pair of eyes, to help you see things from a different perspective and suggest alternative options for your consideration.

On a practical level, a reputable architectural firm will have the resources to quickly grasp the lay of the land, understand the brief, and produce a suitable proposal. They will also be able to give you an estimate for the cost of the project, which is often useful when putting together a budget for the larger scheme of things.

The Challenges Of Building Two Identical Towers

Like any other building project, there are challenges that come with constructing two identical towers. For starters, there is the practical issue of getting everything done on time. To ensure that this does not happen, you need to put in place a clear plan for the construction process, and be as organised as possible. By doing this, you will not only minimise the amount of work left over at the end, but will also be able to follow a more rigorous schedule, which in turn will allow you to meet the end deadline.

An additional challenge is trying to create an illusion of space. In an age where technology is advancing at an explosive rate, it is not easy to create an environment that feels big, even when it is not. This can be done with careful use of mirrors, or with more practical solutions such as the placement of furniture and other elements against the background of a white wall or flooring. When working with an architect, this is one of the first things they will advise you to do.

How Do You Feel About Living In Downtown Manhattan?

Another important factor to consider is the location itself. While many people dream about moving to a more peaceful suburban area, and maybe even buying a large country house, the reality is that many professions require you to be in the thick of the city. As someone who loves the cultural centre of New York City, and who has a deep connection to both the city and the industries that exist there, it is not hard to see why Robert Pattinson chose to build his new home there. He could not have found a better location to be in, and to make the most of whatever opportunities the city has to offer. You may not like living in a concrete jungle, but you can’t deny that there are perks to being in the middle of it all.

Ultimately, the decision to live in downtown Manhattan is a bold one, and it is clear that the actor has chosen to live in one of the most iconic buildings in the world. While the building itself does not have the same stature as some of the other structures in New York City’s skyline, it is hard to deny that it is in a prime location and will generate plenty of attention (good or bad) wherever it is situated. It is quite an enviable property to own.

So, while you might not choose to live in the same building as the great American novelist Henry James did when he called the area home in the early 20th century, it is still an incredible location, full of life and activity, and quite fashionable. If you have ever seen the films The King’s Speech or 13th, you will know exactly what type of place this is. It really is the best of both worlds. Now if only Thomas Keller could build a French restaurant on top of the building…