When Robert Pattinson announced that he was retiring from the scene, we felt a little let down. After all, we had just found out that he and FKA Twigs had gotten engaged, so we assumed that they must have been working on something major. And then, BOOM, he calls it quits. We wanted an explanation, so we went searching for answers. What we found may surprise you.

How Do We Know He’s Retiring?

While we were waiting for an explanation, we began to question the veracity of Pattinson’s retirement. It’s one thing to say you’re retiring from acting, but it’s another to actually do it. Perhaps he didn’t feel like he could give the attention to detail that a real bride demands, or maybe he simply didn’t want to become just another one-name brand actor. Whatever the reason, we found out that he isn’t exactly retiring from acting, at least not entirely. He’s going to continue to appear in films that he feels passionate about, and has even secured a role in the upcoming Judy Garland biopic, that will mark his comeback to the big screen.

R.P. Still Acts, But In A Limited Capacity

While we’re glad that Pattinson is still acting, it seems that his days of being on the big screen may be over. Although you may have seen him in numerous films since 2011, when he first appeared in the dystopian blockbuster, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, his films have steadily declined in commercial success. That’s not to say that they’ve all been huge hits — far from it — but nothing in recent memory can quite compare to the astronomical success of his early career. Perhaps he’s just finally realized that he’s better off focusing on the things he’s good at, and leaving the rest to others.

What Will Happen To The Twigs ‘n’ Pattinson Brand?

If you followed the news at all over the past year, you’ll know that the whole “Twigs ‘n’ Pattinson” thing didn’t last long. Less than a year after the engagement, they decided to call it quits. In the same way that Pattinson is still acting, but in a limited capacity, the twigs brand will remain, and continue to operate as normal. They will retain the rights to the name, and it will continue to be used as a brand platform. Although it’s not yet been confirmed what will happen to the company itself, we do know that it will continue to exist.

Where Will The Money Go?

In addition to explaining why Pattinson is still acting, we also wanted to know where all the money was going. After all, with the exception of The Twilight Saga films, his movies never really made a whole lot of cash. Although he did earn a small fortune post-Eclipse, his earnings mostly came from brand collaborations and brand appearances, with very little investment on his part. Is he still earning enough to survive? At this point, it’s not yet clear. However, it seems that the money is starting to run out. His latest projects have yet to be released, and although he has some financial backers, it wouldn’t surprise us if he were to end up trying to find a way to fund his retirement. If he doesn’t, he may end up having to seek more traditional forms of income, such as brand endorsements or product placements. Not that he’s complaining. He’s still very happy to have the opportunity to act, and thankful to those who supported him in his endeavors, no matter what path he chooses.

Who Is Judy Garland’s Biographer?

Pattinson isn’t the only famous face connected to Judy Garland’s life story. Her biographer, Marc Maron, has also had a hand in writing the life story of Elizabeth Taylor. The two have worked together before, on Taylor’s 2007 autobiography, Liz, and now they’ll be chronicling Garland’s life again. This time, it’s for a play that she’s financing.

Although Garland’s final years were somewhat overshadowed by the death of her daughter, Liza, the legendary actress lived a rich, full life. Over the past year, she performed in London and Paris before finally winding up in New York City. There, she became a cornerstone player in the Broadway theatre scene. Even now, at the age of 97, she continues to show up for rehearsals and performances, and maintains a busy social schedule, appearing at various charity events and fundraisers. She also continues to write, and has completed two young adult novels, which will be released this year.

Pattinson On Future Plans: New York Is My Home

In our quest to find out more information about Pattinson’s future plans, we began to comb through his Instagram account. What we found may surprise you. Aside from his continued acting, Pattinson seems to have taken up residence in New York City. He frequently posts about his love for the Big Apple, and even went so far as to call it his home. While it’s not yet clear what his exact plans are, it seems that he may very well be staying in the city. If he does, it will certainly be a career boost for him, as many high profile television and film roles await. He previously stated that he’s open to whatever opportunities present themselves, so there’s no telling what he may do next. If you’d like to see more of what he’s up to, check out his Instagram account, @threepattinson.