Everyone has their breaking point. For Robert Pattinson, it was Twilight. After slogging through the first three parts of the Stephenie Meyer masterpiece, he had enough and asked for a do-over. Naturally, Summit gave him his money back and told him to have a nice life. Now that he’s had some time to recuperate, Pattinson is back with a new look and a new role. So, what’s the latest with our favorite badboy? Let’s take a quick look at the changes that he’s gone through since our last peek at him.

New Look

The first thing that you’ll notice about Robert Pattinson is that he doesn’t look like himself. Gone are the sparkles, the teased hair, and the devil-may-care attitude. In their place is a sober, older Pattinson, clad in loose-fitting black clothes and a long black coat. Gone too are the fancy diamond studs and the gold chains. In their place is a simple gold band. Aside from his obvious physical changes, there are also signs of emotional turmoil. He doesn’t seem to be at home in the film version of Twilight, and his on-screen relationship with Taylor Swift’s character, Bella, is more subdued than their sparkly bond in the novel. What has changed most about his appearance is his demeanor. Gone are the days of posing for the camera with an impish grin. This time around, he seems more comfortable in his own company.

New Role

If there’s one thing that we’ve learned about Robert Pattinson, it’s that he’s not one to sit still for long. Even before the release of the Twilight film, he was teasing fans by taking on roles of a different sort. Before landing the parts in Twilight and The Rover, he starred in The Runaways and Cosmo and The Merry-Go-Round. After Twilight came out, he went on to appear in another Meyer adaptation, The Short Reign of Prince Francis I. Of course, he also had a small part in the comic book adaptation, The Batman.

Though he’s had supporting roles in several big-budget films, Twilight was the first time that we really got to see his star potential. Not only did the role demand a lot from him physically, but it also forced him to submerge his ego and play a shy, introverted character for the most part. With every role that he takes on, he strives to become better and reveal more of himself. In the process, he’s learned a lot about acting and life. As he’s gotten older, he’s even been known to give back to the community.

The Education Of A Celebrity

While most people have careers that last for decades and make enough money to support themselves, becoming a celebrity is highly competitive. It takes a steady stream of roles to really break through, and when you do, you have to keep working to maintain your status. Naturally, this is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you have to take on as much work as possible to keep proving that you’re worth it. On the other, you have to be careful not to overexpose yourself and burn out. Even then, it’s not easy to keep your head above water as a celebrity. It takes a lot of mental health to maintain. A lot of therapy and self-reflection.

Since his debut in Twilight in 2011, Robert Pattinson has spent a lot of time thinking about himself and his options. He’s dabbled in acting and has even gone back to school for acting. He’s also studied business and economics, determined to one day become a successful and independent filmmaker. For now, he’s happy to be traveling the world and working on projects that he feels passionate about. In the meantime, we’ll continue to watch and wait for his next big break.