In the latest edition of the Vanity Fair gossip magazine, it was revealed that the sexy scene in Twilight between Robert Pattinson and Bella (Kristen Stewart) was almost cut from the final film. Director Bill Condon had to push hard to get the two hot stars to indulge in some passion before the cameras rolling, but the result is one of the most memorable sex scenes in movie history! Let’s take a closer look at what went into making this historic moment possible.

The Set Designer

It’s always nice when a production designer creates a memorable visual effect to accompany a memorable moment on-screen. The scene where Robert Pattinson finally gets to taste Bella’s blood is definitely one of the most iconic and eye-catching moments in the entire movie. The set design was a crucial part of making this scene so memorable, and it’s due in part to the amazing job done by the art department led by Anna Boon.

As the design director for the visual effects company, MoVie VFX, Boony notes, “At the end of Twilight, the location changes a lot. The sets for different places look very different. So, it’s important that the locations reflect the mood and tone of the scene.”

The Costume Designer

It’s always fun when a costume designer creates an outfit that’s memorable and fits a character perfectly. The designer for Twilight, Lucienne Day, managed to craft a stunning ensemble for Bella that would become iconic: a beautiful white dress with red accessories and a beaded bodice. Unfortunately, it was also revealed that the costume was only worn in a few scenes and had to be destroyed at the end of the movie.

“When I got the call to do the dress, I was so excited because I love working with Lucie,” says Day. “It is one of my favorite looks. I have been asked about the dress a lot, and I often say that it is my favorite thing I have ever done. It was such a thrill to see it worn by Bella. But then it was hard to let it go. Having that moment and then having to take it away from her was heartbreaking.”

The Hair And Makeup Designer

Of course, the hair and makeup designer deserves some credit for the iconic red-carpet look that Bella sports during the sex scene. The stylist who worked with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson on this movie, Danilo Cruz, played a crucial role in making this look so realistic. He did such an amazing job that even people who have never seen the movie before have recognized Cruz’s work.

The hair and makeup designers on set often play an important part in the movie’s overall look, so it’s no surprise that they would go that extra mile to give Stewart and Pattinson’s characters a memorable and realistic night-out look. This was especially crucial for the scene where the two finally give into their desires and have passionate sex. It wasn’t just about the act itself, but about making it look as real as possible.

The Production Manager

While directors, screenwriters, and actors obviously have a lot to do with the final product, it’s important to give some credit where it’s due. Behind the scenes, there are several people who work tirelessly to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that everybody feels at home while shooting. One of the people who deserves recognition for helping make Twilight happen is Peter Diamond, the production manager on the film.

For this movie, Diamond moved from Los Angeles to Vancouver, British Columbia, where the shooting took place. While in Los Angeles, he was responsible for liaising with the various contractors, managing the budget, and maintaining good relationships with the studios. In Vancouver, he was in charge of the whole operation, working with the director, cast, and crew to ensure that every detail is accounted for and that everybody feels comfortable and at home on set.

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