When Twilight became a movie and then a series, many fans were in awe of the gorgeous cast and their stunning on-screen chemistry. While these movies were a huge success, they didn’t quite capture the magic of the books. It wasn’t until 2017 that the makers of the film finally put the finishing touches on an adaptation that feels like a faithful continuation of New Moon that we’ve all been waiting for.

Here’s a collection of Twilight photos that will make your heart melt.

Robbie And Bella Wedding

After a long engagement that started back in 2011, American couple Robbie And Bella finally tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony in January 2017. The couple picked Tennessee as the location for their wedding, the same place where they first met, since they both grew up there. They also decided to hire French photographer Gucci Gucci to capture the special day. In addition to photographing the ceremony and the reception, Gucci was also commissioned to design an elaborate wedding cake, which he created in the shape of a tiny mountain.

The couple had a soft spot for the French designer, and it’s clear that they wanted to include his design on their big day. Perhaps the most touching moment of the wedding was when the bride dedicated the song “Solemates” to her husband. It’s a song that the couple first heard as a songwriter duo, and it talks about their relationship and how they overcame their challenges to work together as a team. The emotional performance made many of the attendees, and indeed the entire audience, tear up. Another highlight of the wedding was the bride’s elaborate dress, designed by Zac Pochtti, which had a shape that was inspired by a spider’s web. The dress was made of layers of tulle and organza and had a hood that was attached to the back by a handmade silver chain.

These photos are timeless and will make you feel as though you’ve been there all along. The combination of the incredible attention to detail and the timeless nature of the locations bring these photos to life and make them seem very real. This is a beautiful series of photos that will make you feel like you’ve been there all along too.

The Embrace

The Embrace, directed by Sophie McShera, is about a group of female vampire students who learn to live life on their terms. While it was released in 2014, it wasn’t until 2017 that this dark comedy found its way to theaters across the country. On their own terms, the independent young women embrace their vampire nature and embrace their sexuality, even as they resist the advances of their professor, played by Jim Prentice. The movie had two very successful Sundance festivals in 2014 and 2015, and it finally made its way to theaters in April 2017.

Even before the film came out, fans were clamoring for a chance to see it. Once it was finally released, fans couldn’t get enough of it. It’s a dark comedy about a group of young women who attend a vampire convention and embrace their instincts, both in and out of the bedroom. While it’s not exactly a sweet story, The Embrace is filled with enough humorous and moving moments to keep even the most diehard fans amused.

This is a very funny and somewhat tragicomedy about a group of young women who learn to embrace their vampire natures in the hopes of better understanding their relationships with men. While the premise might seem dark, The Embrace is actually a celebration of female power. The women of this movie are unapologetically themselves, and they’re not afraid to show the world who they are. This is a beautiful series of photos that will make you feel as though you’ve been here all along too.

The Cullens

The most recent addition to this list of photos that will make your heart melt is the last addition to this series, The Cullens. Based on the final novel in the Twilight series, this is the story of the young vampires Edward and Bella, who are now grown-up and married. The couple’s first child, a daughter, was born in 2014, and the photos show the pride that Edwar and Bella have in their family. This sense of family and belonging is what brings a tear to your eye even before you’ve seen a single frame of the film.

Bella and Edward’s wedding took place on a crisp winter’s day in November 2015. They tied the knot at New York City’s iconic Plaza Hotel, and the couple chose to incorporate details from their wedding night into their reception. The wedding party wore elaborate gowns, and the reception was filled with extravagance and sophistication. The bride’s dress was designed by Jason Wu and was made entirely of crystals. The reception also featured a champagne fountain and wedding cake that was created by David Tutera, and the family and friends of the couple danced and partied the night away.

These photos are filled with so much love and pride it’s almost hard to put into words. The closeness that the pair share and their undying love for each other is obvious throughout the series, and it’s never more apparent than in these photos. It’s also quite clear that they’ve managed to keep that sense of intimacy and connection with their daughter, even as she grows up and into a world that they cannot protect her from. These photos will make you feel like you’ve been here all along, and they’re a testament to just how far and well these four have gotten on their own terms, even as they continue to inspire and delight fans around the world. Finally, what photo collection would be complete without including a picture of the four of them together? We hope you enjoyed this selection of Twilight photos that will make your heart melt as much as we did putting it together. If you’d like to see more, be sure to check out the articles below.