As most of you know, Robert Pattinson died last week at the age of 27. A lot of people are talking about his death and how it changed their perception of the Twilight saga. Personally, I think he was the best thing about the Twilight Saga. The interviews below highlight some of his best moments and also reveal a lot about him as an actor and a person.

On Working With Robert Pattinson

It is safe to say that Robert Pattinson was one of the most in-demand leading men of the 2010s. His performances in Twilight and The Hobbit earned him nominations for BAFTA and Golden Globe awards, as well as an AAAC Award for Breaking Award Winning Character. He also received a Star Decoration for services to British culture.

However, it wasn’t always smooth sailing. Pattinson had to fight for the role of Edward Cullen in Twilight. He originally turned down the part, but eventually agreed to read for director Stephenie Morrow. He didn’t find out he’d got the part till he was on the set of Breaking Award Winning Character. By that time, he’d already agreed to do The Hobbit. After completing The Hobbit, he was committed to Twilight for the rest of 2010. In fact, he worked non-stop throughout that year, turning in some of his best performances in the process.

Edward Cullen Was Definitely A Breakthrough Role

There’s no question that Edward Cullen is one of the most iconic characters in Twilight. The part perfectly encapsulates Pattinson’s smoldering, heart-breaking good looks. Without a doubt, it’s one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood. His portrayal of Edward Cullen was so good that it actually inspired a fan art piece (which you can see below).

The character’s iconic status didn’t happen overnight. The fans in Buckinghamshire (where the series is set) actually had to wait till Book Three to see Edward Cullen in character. It wasn’t until Book Four that he really showed his true self.

How To Act Like Edward Cullen

For those unfamiliar, Edward Cullen is the son of English aristocrats and is a brilliant scientist. He’s also a world-class hunter, fishing enthusiast, and horse-jockey. Obviously, it requires a certain Edward Cullen to play these parts. For those of us who grew up watching Harry Potter, the Narnia saga, and The Lord of the Rings, it’s easy to spot the similarities.

If you’ve ever seen the Harry Potter series, you’ll know that Albus Dumbledore is the master of saying “magic words” and getting people to do his bidding. Similarly, the Sheriff of Barrow Wills in The Narnia saga is the quintessential British gentleman, gruff yet fair – Sir Orin Oakleaf. In R. R.  Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, Gandalf the Mage is also the wise, gruff yet fair leader of the Wizards of Middle-earth. These characters share many traits with Edward Cullen. So if you ever wanted to know how to act like Edward Cullen, simply learn to speak Wizards of Middle-earth and use your fingers to point at people as he does.

What Are Edward’s Greatest Strengths?

When you think of Edward Cullen, the first thing that probably comes to mind is his incredible acting talent. He’s not only a fantastic lead actor, but he’s also an incredible supporting actor. This is largely thanks to his years of training in the Imperial School of Acting.

“I believe that immediately after graduating from the Imperial School of Acting, I started getting booked for lead parts immediately. From then on, it just continued.”

He also showed an extensive acting background in The Hobbit. Even though it was his first major role, he didn’t need any further training to impress film critics and audiences with his stark good looks.

Edward is incredibly resourceful and optimistic (two qualities that Harry Potter is also known for). This drives him to try and help those around him. As the Sheriff of Barrow Wills in The Narnia saga, he often befriends and accompanies those in need. Even in his teen years, this manifested in the form of helping older students with their homework. As a result, he developed a reputation for being a great student. It wasn’t just because he was smart, it was also because he was interested in other people’s opinions. This is something that Harry Potter also displayed in his early years.

What Are Edward’s Greatest Weaknesses?

There are a lot of limitations attached to being an iconic figure. One of Edward’s greatest weaknesses is that he has a tendency to be overly-optimistic. This confidence tends to overpower him when surrounded by people who are less willing to help others than themselves. As mentioned, this is something that Harry Potter was also known for. It’s easy for him to get along with others when he is confident that he’s right and that others are wrong. This is why he can be so helpful to others when he realizes that they are in need. Unfortunately, being a great student doesn’t always translate to being a great leader. Sometimes, students come back with a demeanor that isn’t worth mentioning. When this happens, Edward can become defensive and shut off from the world. This is the reason why Narnia’s Lord Salorn knows all too well the pain that comes with being a nobody (as he is often referred to).

It should also be noted that Edward’s appearance in a comic book once had a negative impact on his life. The comic book in question was  “The Bearded Viking”, which is now vintage. The author of the comic book, Rick Remender, put a picture of Edward on the cover with the intention of tricking people into thinking it’s by Dorothy L. Sayers. Unfortunately, this led to Edward being outraged at the bookstore and forced to fight with the author. Fortunately, the author did apologize and the fight was never made public. But still, this is a dark chapter in Edward’s life.