There are some photos of Robert Pattinson that just won’t leave your head once you’ve seen them. The English actor starred in the latest Twilight film, and audiences can’t get enough of him. Now that the movie is over, it’s time to reevaluate your favorite actor’s sexy image and determine whether or not you should own a piece of him (in a non-creepy way). Let’s take a look at the sexy sides of Robert Pattinson.

Robert Pattinson’s Abs

The first thing you’ll notice about Robert Pattinson is how ridiculously ripped he is. The Twilight actor’s body is obviously built for action and adventure, and the shirtless scene in the movie is just the beginning. In real life, you’ll often find Pattinson wearing nothing but a pair of designer swim trunks, which nicely accent his amazing body. He’s definitely got an athletic physique with large muscles that you could play football with. The only downside is that he often covers up his abs with sloppy clothing, so you’ll rarely get to admire them in all their glory.

Robert Pattinson’s Erection

If there’s one thing that defines Robert Pattinson’s character, it’s that he’s extremely proud of his manhood. The actor starred in a recent comedy movie called Friends With Benefits, and one of the main characters happens to be an extremely attractive male model. The plot revolves around four friends who become involved with three different women, and it’s basically a funny look at the mating habits of today’s youth. In the movie, Pattinson’s character enjoys pulling this particular gag on his buddies, especially when the women are around. The message seems to be that men should be secure in themselves even if a woman doesn’t seem to think so. The part where he wears women’s underwear and gives them a big ole’ thumbs up is priceless. It’s quite the confidence boost for the male ego when someone as hot as Pattinson is rooting for you.

Robert Pattinson’s Cock

You’ve probably seen enough photos of Robert Pattinson’s cock to last you a lifetime. The English actor is definitely a man of few words, but when he does speak, he usually has something to say about his penis. The Twilight series is filled with countless photos of Pattinson’s penis, which of course led to its unofficial title, The Penis Book. The English actor flaunted his dick in public while promoting the Twilight franchise, and now that the movies are over, it’s time to see what all the fuss was about. Pattinson’s penis is definitely a testament to his fame – it’s been Photoshopped onto just about every major billboard and magazine cover of late. It’s safe to say that no other male celebrity boasts such unique genitalia.

Robert Pattinson’s Hair

Thanks to the success of the Twilight movie series, there are now legions of fans who want to make Robert Pattinson their personal idol. The craziest thing about these adoring fans is that they seem to have mistaken the English actor for a sort of mythical creature; a handsome hulk of a man who can crush skulls with his bare hands and sprout a pair of antlers at any given moment. With his long blond hair and incredible blue eyes, it’s easy for fans to get inspired, and there are now dozens of bizarre hair extensions and wigs available for him to sport at any time. The one downside is that having long hair always makes you hotter in the summer. Not that you need an excuse to go for a swim, but the hair can get in the way when you’re trying to drive. One thing’s for sure – Robert Pattinson will never be short of inspiration for male hairstyle seekers.

Robert Pattinson’s Shoes

Let’s be honest – who cares about the shoes when you have a perfect face? The shoes are always a nice touch though, and it’s true that men usually wear heels or flats more so than boots. It would be an oversimplification to say that the English actor’s shoes are always a perfect fit (unlike his pants, which are often too big or too small for him), but he does have an amazing shoe collection, which he often wears for red-carpet events. It’s always fun to speculate about the meaning behind his shoe choices – is he trying to look like a lumberjack or a high-fashion guy? The truth is probably somewhere in between – he just doesn’t seem to care much about what he wears on his feet as long as it’s stylish enough to compliment his outfits. As long as the shoes complement his pants, he’ll feel good – even if it means sacrificing a little bit of style for comfort.

There’s an old saying that beauty is pain. It’s certainly true that physical pain can make someone appear more beautiful – for example, a facial scar can make a woman look more powerful simply by displaying her fortitude during the experience. It’s also true that someone who is beautiful on the inside will certainly be an attractive woman when she shows up to your party – it’s just a matter of finding out what makes her beautiful. It’s not always about vanity, but it’s often a combination of the two. For Robert Pattinson, it’s clear that he’s not hurting on the inside – he’s truly an amazing man, both inside and out. It’s well worth your while to find that out.