Ever wonder what would happen if Robert Pattinson didn’t end up with Kristen Stewart? Well, wonder no more. Rob and Kristen broke up last week, but it wasn’t because they were un-romantic. According to the press, it was because Rob is on the brink of becoming a father. Awkward!

While Rob is expected to become a dad at some point in the next year, he and Kristen had already filmed the majority of Rob’s latest movie, and it premieres this Friday, October 28.

The film is called Twilight, and from the looks of the trailer, it seems to be a combination of horror and romantic comedy. Is it any good? Let’s dive in and find out…

The Good And Bad Of Rob Pattinson’s Twilight

If you’ve been following the news at all, you’ll know that Rob and Kristen have been the subject of many scandals. Between Kristen’s drug addiction, her erratic behaviour and the whole sex tape situation, it’s fair to say that Rob hasn’t had the best luck with women. The good news is that he has somehow managed to avoid any scandals surrounding his work. If anything, he’s increased his reputation as a serious actor. Perhaps this is why Twilight was initially marketed to women, as it is a combination of romance and intrigue. That said, Rob hasn’t entirely been celibate since breaking up with Kristen, so maybe he deserves some of that bad luck.

Overall, it’s safe to say that Twilight is a mixed bag. On the one hand, the acting is phenomenal as usual for Rob, and the cinematography is exquisite. On the other, the writing is extremely poor, as it desperately tries too hard to be romantic and fails completely. It also doesn’t help that a lot of the jokes seem to be ripped straight out of bad Hollywood comedies. Still, for fans of Rob, Twilight will be an exciting culmination of his life so far. At least, it will be if you can look past its many flaws.

The Many Differences Between Twilight And Other Flavors Of Romance

If you’ve watched any of the Twilight movies, you’ll know them well. As the name would suggest, these are very different to the more traditional romances we see in films. For starters, the primary characters are very young. Bella is a teenage girl who meets Edward at a young age and decides to be with him regardless of the consequences. Edward, on the other hand, is a very sophisticated vampire who treats Bella with respect and admiration, but it’s more of a mentorship than anything else. As a result, they always seem to be debating something intellectual or romantic, even when discussing mundane topics like school or housework. To give you some idea of just how different this are from your usual romantic comedies, here’s a short comparison of the two.

Most Romantic Comedies And Their Main Characters

The character of Bella, as stated above, is the central figure of Twilight. In most romantic comedies, the female protagonist meets the perfect guy and the two of them live happily ever after. Sometimes, the story might get a little dark, but it’s still a comedy all the way through. In Twilight, that perfect couple is already part of the scenery. The two lead characters have been best friends since childhood and Edward has been in love with Bella since their first meeting. As a result, it’s not nearly as entertaining to watch them try to work things out as it is to watch their initial interactions. For example, there’s a lot of blushing and nervous laughter in the trailers for Twilight. The audience is meant to identify with Bella’s awkwardness, as she’s not really used to having feelings toward someone, particularly not someone as mature as Edward.

Most Comedies And Their Main Characters

The other major difference between Twilight and your typical romantic comedy is how the plot is structured. In most comedies, the story usually starts with an introduction of the main characters. They might live together or separately and, depending on the type of movie, there will likely be some form of romantic tension. Then, gradually, the plot twists and turns as the two stars work out their problems. The structure is often similar to a crime drama, but with a humorous edge. You might see the pattern emerging yet? For example, can you spot a hint of Murder on the Menu in Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight?

Is It Worth Seeing Twilight Even If You Know About Its Relationship To Paranormal Activity And Let’s Be Real…

…The Twilight films are pretty self-explanatory. They are based on the popular young adult novel of the same name by Stephanie Meyer. If you are unfamiliar, the series recounts the story of Bella, a teenage girl who moves to a small town in Washington, where she meets and falls in love with Edward, a very peculiar and sophisticated vampire. Naturally, being a vampire isn’t easy, and Edward has to teach Bella how to protect herself from the sun, which is something she’ll have to do forever. What’s strange is that the series doesn’t seem to want to be associated with the novels, as it diverges wildly from the source material, not only in terms of plot, but also character and tone. Despite this being a very well-intentioned attempt to make the story more relatable to a contemporary audience, the end result is an unintentionally hilarious mish-mash of horror and comedy tropes. Let’s be real, would you honestly want to live in a world where vampires and werewolves exist, let alone date one?

It wouldn’t be fair to call Twilight the worst piece of fiction ever written. After all, it was only meant to be an adaptation of a children’s book. Still, given the subject matter and the source material, it’s safe to say that this was one of the more unorthodox romances to ever hit the big screen. It’s also fair to assume that, although Stephanie Meyer’s books are intended for young adults, many of her fans are actually of a more mature age. After all, adults often end up being the best students…