If you’re going to have an affair with a supermodel, you might as well make it her Twilight co-star. After all, you will be in the limelight for the rest of your life. The gorgeous Bella Swan and her pale hunk of a partner, Edward Cullen, were the talk of the town while their steamy love scenes (and even their wedding plans!) made for some of the most popular movies of the year. But did you know that Robert Pattinson’s chiseled abs were the real reason why his love story with Bella became so popular?

Why Bella Swooned For Edward

The book fans and the Twihards know that Bella Swan is a typical teenage girl whose life is turned upside down when she meets the gorgeous and mysterious Edward Cullen. It’s not just that Bella is infatuated with Edward’s good looks. She also finds comfort in his arms, which is why her life becomes so much more interesting after she meets him. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why Bella fell for Edward and ultimately married him.

He’s Everything A Typical 17-Year-Old Girl Would Adore

Edward Cullen is the epitome of the perfect gentleman. He’s kind, considerate, and the favorite of many ladies (he even has a posse of lady lovers who call him ‘Robby’). While he may come off as a bit of a player to Bella’s innocent eyes, he actually takes his role as her fiancé seriously and treats her with the respect she deserves.

He’s also one of the few people that Bella truly believes will never hurt her. In the film adaptation of L.A. Confidential, when she questions him about his relationships with other women, he assures her that he will never cheat on her. This is why Edward is the perfect candidate for Bella’s heart. He’s a good boyfriend, but he also has the perfect boyfriend vibe. A lot of traditional male characters would be intimidated by Bella’s beauty and lack of experience, but not Edward. His laidback nature makes him the perfect support system for her, and he encourages her to be her best self.

He Can Legitimately Call Bella His Soulmate

It’s no secret that Edward is a bit of a player and has a thing for blondes (he even dates a few in-game characters from Twilight). But while Bella may find his playboy ways a turnoff, she really sees the positives in his endless charm. She calls him her ‘soulmate’ and the perfect gentleman will always remain her loyal and committed fiancé.

He’s a little more than a partner; he’s a friend and a lover. One of the film’s most touching scenes features the friends bonding over their love for a certain female lead. Edward even offers his services as a best man, which Bella accepts.

They Make For An Attractive Couple

Apart from his charming demeanour, Edward is a very handsome man. When Bella first laid eyes on him, she was instantly smitten (the actor playing him, Bill Murray, is a former Academy Award nominee). While their on-set romance may have been fun to watch, the romance between Edward and Bella (Kristen Stewart) is undoubtedly one of the main draws of the franchise. They are a completely convincing on-screen couple, and their chemistry is undeniable. Even the most cynic among us may have to admit that they make an attractive couple.

So, will Bella and Edward’s marriage last? The series’ author, Stephenie Meyer, has already confirmed that this is indeed the case, and while we await the publication of the fifth and final book, We Feel Very Lucky To Be Able To Call This Story A Success, it’s clear that Edward and Bella’s enduring love affair was one of the major draws for audiences in 2012. With every passing book and movie, the chemistry between the actors gets better and better. And better. And better.

He’s Not Afraid To Showboat

Let’s be honest, no one likes to watch a sappy love story, especially not the main character. The more gruesome the better when it comes to vampire fiction, but even the most hardened fans of the Twilight series may have a heart once the actors start to show off their charming personalities. We may not have wanted to admit it, but the more attention the actor gets, the more we feel sorry for his character. We want to see him succeed and prove to Bella that he can be a good, faithful partner.

If you’ve ever seen a performance by Eddie Redmayne, the actor behind the scenes became a charming rogue. We liked him so much that we wished he and Stephenie Meyer had a real-life version of their on-screen romance. With its witty one-liners, keen intellect, and unapologetic love for theatrics, it’s clear that Redmayne is the real deal. We can’t help but feel lucky to have witnessed this spectacular performance and are looking forward to whatever the future may hold for this talented actor.

Bella’s Reluctance Is Ultimately What Made The Film Special

While fans may have been keen to see Edward and Bella’s forbidden love affair, it was actually Kristen Stewart who made our (and Stephenie Meyer’s) dream come true. The Scottish actress rose to fame alongside her Twilight co-star and continues to impress with her acting talent, delivering one of the most captivating performances in the film. And what is it that makes Bella’s story so special?

Her reluctance to succumb to Edward’s charms is what makes their love story so potent. While she genuinely cares for him, she is also guarded and determined to prove to herself that she can live a normal life. The actress’ natural charisma and sweetness is incredibly endearing, and it’s this quality that truly makes the character memorable. The audience identifies with Bella’s longing for something more than she ever imagined possible and wish that she would finally give into her attraction and let Edward make her heart racing.

Bella’s resistance is more than just a quality rendered well by an exceptional actress. It is the very thing that makes her such an endearing character. The fact that she puts herself in such a vulnerable position and is so passionate about Edward’s affections means that we as an audience can all relate to her character. While it might not be easy to resist the charm of a handsome lover, it is definitely a trial more formidable than most people will ever face.

In the end, it’s impossible to sum up the appeal of the Twilight series in just a few words. There are just too many elements that made this story so special. From the witty banter to the vivid visuals, this franchise defined ‘vampire chic’ in the 2010s. The screenwriter of the latest movie, Condon, even admitted that he deliberately wrote the script so that it could be adapted into a musical. If you’re a fan of vampire fiction, then you cannot fail to be seduced by this incredible series.