There’s a new Edward Cullen in town. As if there wasn’t enough competition already, Hollywood has responded by creating a whole new vampire family. Meet the Pattinson clan, whose members include actors, musicians, and an infamous fashion designer.

Robert Pattinson

Beneath his boyish charm, Hollywood’s newest heartthrob is an accomplished actor who has appeared in major films including Water for Elephants and The Bachelorette. He also recently wrapped shooting on the highly anticipated Twilight film, in which he plays a character named Robert Pattinson.

The Scottish native started out as an extremely private person, rarely appearing in public. However, since the success of the Twilight films, he has gradually opened up and become a frequent presence on our screens. He has even graced our covers on several occasions. With his popularity soaring, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take a look back at his career, especially since so much time has passed.

A Family Affair

Pattinson is not the first member of the family to appear in a Twilight film. His grandfather Alan played a small yet pivotal role in Twilight: The Movie, making his grandson the producer of the entire franchise. Alan’s son Jamie also appears in the films, playing the role of Carlisle Cullen — Edward’s father. It was originally intended that Jamie would play the lead in all of the Twilight films, but the character was ultimately given to Robert, as described by Edward Cullen’s creator, Stephenie Meyer:

“It was always my plan to have Jamie play the role of Edward. But when I wrote the first book, it just didn’t feel right. And then when I wrote the second book, it still didn’t feel right. So I wrote it as a solo performance by Robert, and it just felt right.”

Meyer also revealed that she wrote the character of Bella specifically for Robert:

“I knew that he was the perfect Edward,” she said. “I knew that no one, not even the great Robert Pattinson himself, could play the part better than Robert Pattinson.”

A Different Take On Edward

The Twilight series is known for its dark and brooding storylines, yet it is also filled with romantic subplots. Perhaps the most iconic piece of dialogue from the series is Edward’s line to Bella upon their first meeting: “I can feel your pain.” The line was inspired by a comment Meyer’s father made while watching a performance by Pattinson in Edinburgh. Edward’s role as a protector comes naturally to him, as he was essentially born to play the part. His calm and collected demeanor is a stark contrast to the other vampires in the series, notably Jacob and Billy, who are more animalistic in nature.

Pattinson’s portrayal of Edward has garnered him wide praise and established him as a leading man to rival Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks. While these men have also appeared in Twilight fan-favorite films, it is clear that the studios saw in Pattinson the potential to break big. He is currently in negotiations to play the role of Doctor Strange in the highly anticipated Marvel Cinematic Universe installment, Doctor Strange. The role will be a departure from his usual fare, as it is not considered one of his strengths.

A Fashion Icon

Pattinson is also known for his influential fashion choices, which have transcended the Twilight films. The 24-year-old has been compared to a “natural wildlife photographer” due to his meticulous eye for detail, which he attributes to his Grandfather Alan. He has since gone on to establish himself as a style icon, with his distinctively laidback yet polished approach to life serving as a template for young men and women around the world.

While in Edinburgh last year for the filming of Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, Pattinson was the inspiration for Scottish fashion designer Alexander McQueen’s menswear collection. The designer paid tribute to his idol, presenting his Spring/Summer 2015 collection at a London fashion house. McQueen described the designer as “the British Leonardo,” due to Pattinson’s impact on the fashion industry. “He’s just such a natural wildlife photographer,” the designer said. “He gets the shot just right. He has a very unique eye.”

Pattinson’s keen interest in fashion seems to have inspired his next project, a fashion-related book titled, What Would Robert Pattinson Wear? The book includes a foreword by Anna Wintour, chief editor of Vogue, who attests to the fashion icon’s influence:

“I met Robert last year when I was asked to write a piece on his style for Dior’s website. Since then he has graced the covers of many magazines, including Vogue, where he is regularly featured as a fashion icon. His combination of classic men’s and women’s clothing is uniquely appealing, and many fans and followers argue that he is the most attractive man currently working in Hollywood. It would be a crime to not research and write about his unique sense of style!”

Even today, the designer continues to sport Pattinson’s distinctively laidback yet polished vibe, paying homage to the actor both on and off screen with pieces from his Spring/Summer 2016 collection, such as an embroidered pocket square and trousers with leather belt loops.

Sober Still Has A Sense Of Humor

Despite his growing fame, Pattinson has maintained his reputation as one of Hollywood’s most affable and down-to-earth leading men. While on set during the Twilight craze, he was often spotted drinking craft beers and joking around with co-workers. On the rare occasion that he was photographed sleeping, it was generally regarded as a humorous shot. Even when appearing in more serious pieces, he never entirely lost that sense of humor. In a 2014 interview, he said that he would like to pursue a career in serious dramas and then transition to lead roles in blockbusters.

When not on set, Pattinson was often seen out and about in London with friends, often joking with bystanders. When a paparazzo attempted to capture an intimate moment with the actor, he looked directly into the camera with a grin and said, “I’m just gonna leave this here.” He then proceeded to kiss the lens of the camera. When fans discovered that the intimate moment was actually planned, they were outraged — so much so that Rob and his team had to post a video of the incident to calm the frenzy.

Pattinson has also been known to share new songs on social media, helping to build anticipation for his much-anticipated debut album. He released his debut single “On My Own” in April 2016 and followed it up with another track titled “Sober” later that year. In September 2016, he shared the song “Happy”, the theme from the 2016 film Warbound, which he produced and starred in.

What’s next for Robert Pattinson? He continues to grace the big-screen in major projects including The Lost City of Z, which he co-stars with Charlie Hunnam and Sienna Miller; the comedy Sausage Party, in which he plays the character of Eddie; and the upcoming sci-fi flick Suspiria. In 2018, he will star in the dystopian thriller Birds of Prey and then in the science-fiction romance The King.