If there is one name that almost everyone knows but may not have thought much about, it’s probably Robert Pattinson. The actor, musician, and fashion designer has become a popular figure for his portrayal of a vampire in the 2012 film FRIGHTFUL SURVIVAL. He gained further attention for starring in WILHELMINA (2014). Now the 26-year-old is enjoying the limelight for a whole other reason. In the last year, Pattinson has released two albums, launched a clothing line, and graced the covers of several magazines, all while looking effortlessly cool and collected.

Behind The Scenes Of A Royal Audition

The English actor auditioned widely for the role of Harry Potter in HARRY POTTER – FOUR CHAMPS (2011). The main competition came from South Korean actor Joo Ho (김족). However, the part eventually went to Pattinson.

A Fashion Icon And A Vision Of Luxury

Besides Frightful Survival, one of the most memorable cameos was in WILHELMINA, when the musician Sting walks by and drops a note on Pattinson’s jacket. The actor happily accepts the gift and eventually wears the jacket to the premiere. The next day, he wears the same jacket to the EMPIRE STYLE FILM FESTIVAL in New York City, where he shows off the impeccable style of the luxurious designer.

Pattinson’s Design Style

Whether he is designing a pair of sunglasses for Burberry or selecting a suit for Jack White’s band, the ROXY PATTINSON T-shirt, the actor exudes confidence and sophistication. At an elegant Cannes Cinema premiere, where he launched his LABEL 22 line of clothing, the actor was asked about his design philosophy. “I love to make a statement and to shock people,” he said. “I like to make clothes that everyone wants to have on and tear off, or that you want to keep on for the whole night. For me, it’s about art and fashion, not about celebrities. Let people know that you’re a creative person who can have fun with fashion.”

A Vocalist And An Inventor

Besides fashion, the versatile PATTINSON is also engaged in music and invention. He collaborated with producer Brian Michael J. Fox on the album IMMORTALISER (2014). The resulting project fused elements of horror and hip-hop, and the singer’s unique vocals – ranging from raspy to ghostly – placed him at the forefront of the music world. Not content with one collaboration, Pattinson is set to release a techno album with French producer and DJ Sami Cha. The pair’s first project, SUPERHUMANISM (a play on words, as both are thought to be superhumans), will be released in the next few months.

An Enthusiastic Social Media User

In addition to his busy schedule, Robert Pattinson is a major social media user, with nearly 730,000 followers on Instagram. He uses the platform not only to post regular updates on his latest projects and outfits, but also to engage with his audience. He regularly posts about his interests – be it film or art – as well as his travels and everyday life. The actor is also an active user of Twitter, where he has nearly 311,000 followers. His last tweet was sent out on February 21, and it read: “I woke up and it was snowing. Can’t remember the last time I saw snow like that. It adds something extra to the air, don’t you think?”

A Digital Nomad

While the actor is based in London, he has no real residence there. Instead, he frequently travels widely, with the majority of his time being spent working. In 2017, he co-founded The Traveling Gentleman, a company which provides luxury trips to emerging markets like Argentina and Chile. The company also offers an urban exploration tour, where guests will be dropped off in the middle of a city and left to explore on their own. In the last year alone, he has visited Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Argentina, and Chile. When asked what attracted him to this line of work, Pattinson said: “I think it’s important to be able to explore new places and meet new people. When you work in an office, you never really leave the building – you might go to the park now and then, but you’re still working. Now that I’m doing this full-time, I can really travel the world and see different cultures and meet fascinating people.”

A Romantic

While many may know him for his professional accomplishments, Robert Pattinson is also a romantic. He proposed to long-time girlfriend Lily Elbe on New Year’s Eve 2015, and the proposal was featured on the cover of numerous magazines around the world. Besides his engagement to Lily, the talented actor has been linked to a variety of other celebrities, including Kate Moss, Amanda Seyfried, and Lea Michele.

A Multitalented Artist

Besides his various accomplishments in film, TV, and music, Robert Pattinson is also a noted artist. Perhaps his greatest creation is the album cover he designed for the band THE BAND – the artwork features a surreal bandana-clad Robert Dunning (등나머리) hanging from the ROXY PATTINSON T-shirt.

Not content with one creation, Pattinson is also an accomplished illustrator and has provided artwork for artists like Jessie Blake Ellis and Kurt Welch. With Ellis, he created the cover for THE HOUSE OF VANSCHOYCK, and with Welch he designed the cover for his debut album SOMEWHAT SILENT.

An Accessible Fashion Icon

Besides all of this, the talented PATTINSON is also accessible to the average person. He regularly engages with his fans and takes questions from those who follow his Instagram account (@robertpattinson). He also participates in online Q&A’s, where he answers questions from fans and gives advice on fashion and art.

With his multidisciplinary approach to art and design, it’s no wonder that people want to take a closer look at the ROXY PATTINSON brand. The designer is also responsible for the album art and the cover of the musician Travis Scott’s ASTROTIKA album. In addition to this, he designed the album cover for Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo, and he has a song on the album called Luxury which features the Nike logo.)

All in all, it’s safe to say that there are many ways for fans to engage with Robert Pattinson. He’s certainly deserving of his reputation as one of the most versatile celebrities. The only downside to following his adventures is that you may never get a chance to spend a leisurely afternoon with him, unraveling the mysteries of Vogue, Cosmo, and Nylon.