This year was a good one for Tiger Woods, as he not only made the golfing world revalue how they view the game, but he also became a father for the first time. For sports fans, it might’ve been the best Christmas present ever, as the legend’s first child was born on December 26th.

The birth of his son, Charlie, was perfectly timed to make Woods a world-class father. The 41-year-old won five times this year, including the Masters in April, making him the first man to hold all four major championships at the same time. Woods also won the PGA Championship and the World Golf Championship, becoming the first player to win four titles in the same year. Tiger’s game has literally never been the same, as his amazing athleticism was on full display at the 2017 PGA Championship, where he became the first man to break the 70-hour tournament mark. It also helped him win his 15th major championship, passing Jack Nicklaus’s record.

As great as 2017 was for Tiger, it was a rough year for his romantic rival, Robert Pattinson. The English actor, whose real name is Ross Patterson, was plagued by bad luck in 2018, as he failed to notch a win, a runner-up finish, or even make the cut in any of the competitions he entered. The only victory he was able to collect was at the Marbella Film Festival, where he took home the award for “Best British Actor” for his role in the Steve McQueen biopic, “Widows.”

Pattinson had high hopes for 2019, as he told Britain’s The Telegraph his love story with Emily Blunt had officially ‘gone global.’ The 36-year-old had signed on to star in the James McAvoy space adventure comedy, “Never Been Kissed,” which was set to hit theaters in March, but the film’s release was pushed back to September, and then to Christmas Day. “I’m doing everything I can to make sure my fans in the U.S. see it first,” Pattinson said in August. “I wouldn’t say no to going head-to-head with Tiger Woods in the movies, as long as it’s done right. But nothing is official yet.”

Unfortunately, Tiger’s good luck carried over to Ross’s romantic endeavors in 2019. It wasn’t just competition he had to deal with, as he also had to fight the paparazzi and the media, who were eager to talk about his split from the “Hunger Games” star, Jennifer Lawrence. The two had an on-and-off relationship for years, with Lawrence eventually breaking the silence to denounce rumors of their involvement, which she said began while they were both still teenagers. Despite the turmoil, the A-list stars’ professional bond remained strong, and they continue to work together.

After dating for several years, Tiger and Ross finally decided to take the plunge and become an official couple in February 2019. They began holding hands while walking down the red carpet at awards shows, and in April they announced they were expecting their first child together. “This is the most unbelievable gift. Thank you, God!” Pattinson said at the time. “I feel so blessed and overwhelmed.”

While the future father-to-be was over the moon about becoming a father, Tiger’s first child did not share his excitement. In May, the couple announced they were welcoming a daughter into the world, despite their busy schedules and the considerable challenges that come with being a new parent. In an interview with The Times, Lawrence revealed that her and Tiger’s first meeting was not exactly “love at first sight,” and that they took their time getting to know each other. “We had to grow up and understand what love was. It wasn’t like ‘Twilight’ where you see someone’s face and you know exactly what they’re thinking,” Lawrence said. “We weren’t 18, and we had to learn about respect and commitment.”

Why is Tiger Woods Better Than Everyone Else When it Comes to Love And Relationships?

Tiger Woods may be the greatest athlete to ever live, but that doesn’t mean he’s perfect when it comes to love and relationships. The 41-year-old has had his fair share of scandals, and one of the most recent involved his own father, Earl Woods. During a radio interview in April 2019, Earl Woods criticized Tiger for being “selfish” and not wanting to settle down until he’s completed his bucket list. He added that his relationship with wife, Annabelle, has “suffered” because of it. “He hasn’t proved he’s capable of being a husband and a father yet. He hasn’t shown that he can be a good partner and share the responsibilities,” Earl said. “I don’t ever want to hurt Annabelle, but I also don’t want to be married to someone who doesn’t want to be there.”

Tiger Woods may be selfish in regards to his professional life, but he is certainly not when it comes to his personal life. It is, in fact, the exact opposite. The golfer has always been extremely considerate of the feelings of those around him, whether they are friends or family members. In August 2018, Woods donated $20,000 to a college fund established in the name of his late mother, Debbie. The gesture came after a fan asked him on social media whether he would make a similar donation for his unborn child. For someone who has dedicated his life to sports and competing, this was a clear indication that his priorities were changing and that he wanted to offer a future member of the family a better life. In an interview with Rolling Stone last year, Woods said he hoped his kids would carry on the family name and “play golf like I did.” The actor will surely become one of the world’s best fathers, and it is clearly an example of how much he values his offspring. Even Tiger’s father, Earl, has said that he would be “honored” to see his grandson or great-grandson play sports professionally.”

While the great golfer might not be perfect when it comes to being a husband, he is certainly “a winner’s person.” There’s no question that he has had a lot of bad luck in the love department, as his first marriage to former professional tennis player, Elin Nordegren, ended in divorce. He then met and married the actress, Marilu Henner, in 2000, with whom he has two sons. However, the couple’s turbulent marriage was documented in the 2003 movie, “The Many Facets of Mario.” In 2006, Woods married his third wife, former professional tennis player, Annabelle, and the couple’s love story was also the subject of the 2014 romantic comedy, “What Now?”

Not all of Tiger Woods’ relationships have ended in tragedy. It would be incorrect to assume that all of his past relationships have been bad, and he has certainly proven himself to be a very lucky man. The golfer has been with some great women throughout his entire life, and he has managed to maintain a long-term, committed relationship with each one. His most recent partnership is with singer and songwriter, Eloise Kürtchmid, which he announced in April 2019. They were first linked together in 2015, while Tiger was still married to his third wife, Annabelle. The two have spent a lot of time together over the past few years, with many sources speculating that they were engaged. While neither of them has publicly acknowledged that they’re in a relationship, they seem perfectly comfortable with each other’s company and are often spotted holding hands. In an interview with USA Today in May, Kürtchmid said she’s “very happy” to be dating the greatest golfer of all time, and added that, “If [they] can make it work, then we can make it work.”

Not only is Tiger Woods one of the most successful and accomplished athletes of all time, but he is also one of the most beloved figures in world sports. It seems that everyone from Mark Zuckerberg to Donald Trump to the queen has something nice to say about the great golfer, and it’s not just because he’s a household name. It’s literally hard to find someone who doesn’t like Tiger, and that’s because he is such a phenomenal role model. It’s no wonder that the great athlete’s focus is gradually shifting from sports to being a father, as he has achieved so much at a young age. While he may not be perfect, no one is, and Tiger Woods is certainly the best at what he does.