Most people know that Hollywood heartthrob Robin Williams was one of the first to notice Robert Pattinson. The two had apparently met before, as Williams had tweeted about his love for the “Twilight” star back in 2011. While many might think that their initial meeting was just a chance encounter, it seems that fate had a different plan in store for Williams and Pattinson. Since then, the actor has become a big fan of the “Twilight” star, even going so far as to name his dog after him.

If you’re unfamiliar, in the films “Batman vs. Robin” and “The Lego Batman Movie,” Batman and Robin are portrayed as best friends who are just as likely to have a friendly disagreement as they are to rush headlong into battle with the Dark Knight. Like many of the other actors who have worked with director Christopher Nolan on his various superhero films, Williams and Pattinson have taken on new personas in the cinematic universe, and they’re much closer in person than they are on-screen.

An Unexpected Meeting

While it’s been well-documented that both Williams and Pattinson had become fans of each other’s work prior to their meeting in real life, it wasn’t until after that they began spending a lot of time together. According to an insider who spoke with People, it was initially an “unexpected” meeting. Williams, who had recently turned 56, was in London to accept an award from the British Film Institute, and had planned on staying there for the night. But when he arrived at the hotel, he found an unexpected guest: Robert Pattinson, who had also traveled to England for the night. Despite the fact that they’d never met, the two decided to spend the night together, even though it was late and they both had to get up early in the morning.

After talking for a while about film and other topics, the two men retired to their respective beds, leaving the blond-haired actor with a sleepless night. The encounter was apparently serendipitous, as both men found themselves in the same hotel, at the same time, and in the same bed. But it wasn’t until the following morning that Williams really noticed the “Twilight” star wasn’t his usual self. The British Film Institute award wouldn’t have been a surprise to Williams, who has won an Academy Award, a Golden Globe, and a British BAFTA for his role in the 2015 film “Mrs. Williams.’” But the fact that he had an “unexpected” night with someone he’d never met before, and that this someone was none other than the famed Batman actor, was indeed a pleasant shock. It was quite an honor for Williams, and he quickly tweeted about his encounter with the “Twilight” star, writing: “Just met Robert Pattinson, amazing actor:) Will tell ya all about it. Excited to meet such a big star.”

A Bonding Moment

Whether it was fate, or whether it was the sheer honor of being in the presence of a famous Hollywood star, it’s clear that Williams saw something in the “Twilight” hunk that he liked. And, based on the photos that have emerged from their night together, it’s also evident that he was right about Pattinson being an amazing actor. (It’s also possible that Williams, who had recently turned 56, saw in the younger man a father figure he hadn’t seen in a long time.) Whatever the case may be, they clearly have a bond, as their friendship and loyalty to each other is evident in their on-screen and off-screen personas. And, though they play opposite one another in the films, it’s clear that their personal lives and professional relationships are more intertwined than ever.

Off-Screen Chemistry

As an actor, Williams has typically played opposite some of Hollywood’s biggest and brightest stars. But it’s clear that he sees something special in the young “Twilight” hunk, and that he’s willing to put himself in the middle of whatever storm develops between the two. In fact, it seems that their on-screen chemistry is genuine, and their personal lives are intertwined as a result. There’s a reason why fans have dubbed them “Batman and Robin”: the Caped Crusader and his Boy Wonder are inseparable when it comes to their views on life and friendship. They’re both intensely loyal to those they care about, and they fight for what they believe in. While they may be fictional characters, it’s evident that their on-screen portrayals have not only stuck, but have evolved into something more akin to real-life best friends.

An Evolving Friendship

Unlike many of the other “Star Wars” films, Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Trilogy” doesn’t include any big, star-studded cameos. It’s a story about a man who simply wants to do good, and who sees the city as a community, rather than a place just for celebrities or movie stars. That being said, it’s clear that the film’s main protagonist, a Batman who has lost his faith in everyone but himself, draws his inspiration from real-life friends and allies, like Williams and Pattinson. Their on-screen portrayals certainly seem to reflect that.

Based on the photos that have emerged from their night together, it seems that Williams and Pattinson have more in common than just a mutual love for “Twilight.” While the two are extremely loyal to one another and have a lot of respect for one another’s work, it’s clear that their friendship is a two-way street, and that they have evolved past just being “Star Wars” superfans into something quite special. It seems that the years have been good to both men, and that they’ve each found a sense of security and comfort in the other’s company. The photos of them arriving at the Golden Globes after-party together in December are a perfect example of the close bond that they share, and of how much their friendship has grown over the years, especially since Williams turned 56 last month.

There’s no question that Williams and Pattinson’s friendship is unique, and special. Theirs is clearly a “bromance” that started as a fandom and has since evolved into something more. And it seems that Williams, who has become more comfortable in his skin as he’s gotten older, sees a lot of himself in the younger man. It seems that their shared love for “Star Wars” and comic books, and their friendship with other famous individuals, has turned into something more, into a bond that’s as strong as ironclad steel.