Remember when the pop star was spotted in New York City in May wearing a sparkly gold dress and matching shoes? She was in style and elegance and she looked incredible. But, as most of you know, she wasn’t actually wearing the outfit for very long. She had to rush off to catch her flight, and she was later seen in Paris in a casual beige shirt and grey skirt.

This month has seen the return of fashion’s biggest attraction as she’s graced the cover of numerous high profile magazines.

With BFFs Ashley and Gigi already released, fans have been wondering when the next chapter in the fashion trio’s story will unfold. Well, wonder no more as the fashion world’s sweetheart has released a new song and accompanying music video.

New Song: “Sober” (Clean Version)

The song serves as the theme to her new movie, while the music video shows her putting her best foot forward in a glamorous and seductive display. The song is a hauntingly beautiful masterpiece that will have you swooning over its sensual lyrics.

“Sober” was co-written by the English songwriter Joel McNeely and it was produced by Richard Baskin. The track was released in the UK on May 24th and it entered the UK Singles Chart at number five. It’s the highest debut of her career and it shows how much demand there is for her music. It also shows the enduring popularity of her older songs, with ‘Kissing A Rose’ re-entering the chart at number 42 and ‘When I’m Not Drinking’ peaking at number 44. After an incredible career, it looks like the music world has finally woken up to the charms of Vogue’s most fashionable woman.

New Lyric Video: “Sober” (Dirty Version)

If you’re reading this, I assume you’re a fan of Taylor Swift’s too. Like Taylor, the English songstress has risen to fame young and has stolen hearts along the way. After a turbulent childhood, she came through to the other side to become an international musical sensation. However, her meteoric rise hasn’t been without its trials, with numerous legal battles and a messy break-up with her musician husband serving as a cautionary tale. What started out as a love triangle between Taylor, Max, and his older brother Eli has since turned into a full-blown war as the two brothers competed for the ultimate prize – Taylor’s heart. But despite the turmoil, they’ve both come out the other side stronger and happier, with Taylor ultimately winning the war.

While their paths have diverged, their shared love for art and music continues to bind them together as they released joint single ‘Everything Has Changed’, which debuted and peaked at number two on the Billboard Top 100 in the US and Canada. It became their first top 10 effort in the UK, where it peaked at number seven. She then went on to release her eighth studio album, ‘Reputation’, which debuted and peaked at number three on the Billboard Top 100 and contained the worldwide hit ‘Look What You Made Me Do’. While Taylor’s always been a fashion icon, it looks like she’s finally found her identity in music, which is beautifully portrayed in the video for her latest single ‘Bad Blood’.

New York City

We know the fashion industry has shifted to a more digital realm, but there’s still a place where it all comes together. New York City. As the fashion capital of the world, it’s only natural that a lot goes down there. Celebrities, models, and high profile people flock there to strut their stuff and show off their best style.

If you’re a fashion or music fan, then New York City is a place you have to visit. You can walk the streets and see style icons in all their glory. Whether you’re looking for fashion inspiration or want to catch a celebrity’s latest fashion faux pas, the city is full of style and inspiration.


Now, the benefits of tourism for musicians are numerous. Apart from getting their hair and makeup done by professionals, they can also enjoy a stress-free vacation. You can take them to amazing places like Italy and inspire them to write new songs. Or you can show them how to cook an Italian meal and get a photo taken with them in front of a food truck. It’s all about the experience for these superstar musicians who can now add ‘tourist attraction’ to their resume. This will undoubtedly become a springboard to further success. It’s an exciting time for all of Taylor’s fans as she embarks on a huge world tour. The superstar has unveiled a number of exciting things, including the album art for ‘Reputation’, which is full of style and art nuggets. The album art is arguably one of Taylor’s best works to date and it’s certainly an inspiration for her upcoming tour.


It’s not only about the attraction of tourism for musicians. There’s a certain je ne sais quoi about being in New York City that makes you want to style yourself. Be it for fun or for a perfect Instagram photo, you can’t help but put your best foot forward. This is most certainly the case with Lady Gaga and her Born This Way tour. She was spotted in New York City in April 2018 in a spectacular display of style. She wore a sheer white dress with a yellow flower, which complimented her golden hair and matching yellow accessories. While in Paris the next month, she wore a yellow dress with black and white blooms, which really tied the two cities together.

It’s fair to say that whatever the reason for going to New York City, you will inevitably want to style yourself. Whether you’re an aspiring fashion designer or just want to experiment with fashion, you can’t help but walk the streets and feel inspired.


Nowadays, you don’t need to travel all the way to New York to get your fix of style. Thanks to the wonders of technology, you can be virtually anywhere and look like you’ve hopped over for a quick visit. Whether you’ve decided to go on a luxury vacation or you just want to get a last-minute Christmas gift, there’s no reason to be limited by location anymore. Thanks to Airbnb and the like, you can stay at a luxurious hotel and eat whatever you want.

Technology has made luxurious vacations possible and more accessible to more people. Airline restrictions and luxurious destination access have also helped create a demand for luxury travel. If you’re a fan of Lady Gaga, you’ll no doubt want to go on a luxury vacation to see her in action. Be it on her 2017–2018 Bad Romance tour or her upcoming Born This Way tour, you’ll be able to see her perform in style.