Is there something about Hollywood that makes it the ultimate place to develop romantic relationships? After all, it wouldn’t be fair to say that just because two people are romantically involved in the outside world that they will automatically end up together in Hollywood. That may be the case for some – but certainly not for others. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. For every storybook romances that are made in Hollywood, there are a dozen heartbreaks that are filed under confidential seal.

Certainly, it would be disingenuous to deny that Hollywood is a magnet for romance. After all, the industry is filled with beautiful people who are often many, many years younger than us. On top of that, the industry is also filled with famous people who are often many, many years more experienced than us. So, inevitably, if you’re young and at least somewhat talented, you will find yourself drawn to Hollywood and its glamorous ways. Even those who are not necessarily enamored with the celebrity status that comes with working in Hollywood will inevitably find themselves gravitating towards the city due to its strong film industry.

Romantic Comedies And Painful Pleasures

Now, it’s not all bad news. As we mentioned, there are often heartbreaks that are hidden underfoot. But, for every heartbreaking story, there’s also a romantic comedy that goes a long way to making up for it. Since romantic comedies are among the most profitable and successful genres in Hollywood, it shouldn’t really come as a huge surprise that a large section of the population would fill their Netflix queues with them. Also, while it is a town filled with heartache, it also provides some of the most exquisite pleasures the cinematic world has to offer. It would be a great disservice to not highlight that aspect of Hollywood. So, while most of us find ourselves fleeing from the city on a regular basis, there is also something about living in Los Angeles that makes us feel as though we’re living in a cinema.

Robert Pattinson’s Tom Ford

Okay, so let’s get this straight. We’re aware that there are several questions swirling around in the minds of our dear readers, but let’s not forget why we’re even writing this article in the first place. Namely, to shed some light on the latest news relating to the ever-controversial Robert Pattinson. Since the publication of Rolling Stone’s highly-acclaimed piece, we’ve learned a great deal about the intense relationship that Pattinson has had with haberdashery brand, Tom Ford. We’ve learned that Ford, who is famously protective of his work and spends a great deal of time and money ensuring that his designs are accurately reproduced, has spent more than SIXTY-FOUR THOUSAND Dollars on a bespoke suit for the Twilight star. We’ve learned that the suit is so amazing that it has sold for more than HALF A MILLION Dollars since its launch last year. We’ve learned that the reason Ford chose to make the suit so expensive is because he knows that no one (least of all, Pattinson) will ever be able to afford to purchase it. And we’ve learned that, for Ford, the money is not an issue. He’s an extremely wealthy man who has devoted his entire adult life to fashion. He has a net worth of over SIX BILLION Dollars and owns many famous fashion brands. Hence, his interest in reproducing the suit so accurately.

And now, we’ve learned a great deal about the nature of their partnership. Ford is the genius behind some of the most brilliant fashion insights we’ve seen in years. He’s also a man who has taken a passionate interest in Twilight (which was released last year to much fanfare), particularly after meeting the on-screen couple, Kristen and Robert. It is this interest that has led him to develop a deep attachment to the couple and their son, John. Ford, who has been in and out of rehab due to his drug and alcohol addictions, began working with a professional shoemaker in London to develop the perfect Rob Pattinson suit. The result was amazing. But, as you may have guessed, it wasn’t cheap. Having spent more than SIXTY-FOUR THOUSAND Dollars on the project, it wasn’t the sort of expense that Ford was willing to take on as part of his regular haberdashery budget.

As you may also have guessed, a lot of people didn’t appreciate Ford’s interest in the Twilight star. Especially since Ford, in his role as a fashion designer, had previously produced a collection of suits for David Beckham. These were the sorts of people who accused Ford of being a “vain narcissist who wants to be famous for being famous.” So it was no surprise when Ford deleted his Twitter account shortly after the publication of the Rolling Stone article. But, since deleting his account didn’t make him any less effective at getting his message across, we may soon see more from Ford on social media. Especially now that he’s become aware of the sort of attention he can draw by putting up a good fight.

Rob’s Friend, Charlie Bewley

Like many other young men from Bristol, England, Charlie Bewley has been swept up in the Twilightsaga. But while most of our readers are probably already aware of the sort of role that Bewley has played…

… most of us don’t know how instrumental he has been in getting Rob and Kristen’s marriage off the ground. As Rob’s friend and business partner, Bewley was one of the first people to hear about the couple’s wedding and arranged to have the invitations designed and printed. He also helped the couple to choose their venue and plan the catering. And, most impressively, Bewley helped Rob to craft a speech for the big day. It was a speech that would go on to change the way we all look at the actor. Since being published, the speech has been quoted and referenced in several high-profile publications. And, most remarkably, it has also been used as the basis for a TED Talk. Hence, it’s achievement is truly monumental. More than anything else, it is the product of Bewley’s tireless efforts that made the day so special. The day belonged to the bride and groom and their guests, of course, but it also belonged to Charlie Bewley. And that is something that the young man and his wife, Millie, will cherish forever.

Matching Mummy And Me

While we’re on the subject of Rob and Kristen’s wedding, it’s only fair to say that it wouldn’t be a complete list of celebrity wedding news without a mention of the bespoke clothing that the newlyweds chose to wear on their big day. As the daughter of Elizabeth Taylor and the niece of Michael Jackson, Grace will be attending the wedding of her parents’ favorite cousins. Naturally, she will be accompanied by her mother, Georgiana, who is also related to the newlyweds. So, while Grace may not yet have chosen a dress for the occasion, she will have a spectacular selection of high-end fashion to choose from. Naturally, due to the limited availability of her father, Prince Charles, who is still mourning the death of his wife, Diana, she will have to make some difficult decisions when it comes to picking a design. Perhaps a combination of the two bridesmaids’ dresses, one in pale blue and the other in pale orange, would make a gorgeous contrast. Not to mention the fact that both bridesmaids’ dresses are by the same designer – that’s right, mum and me.

One Of The Most Influential Celebs In Fashion

We can’t talk about Robert Pattinson and Tom Ford without mentioning the major influence that the on-off relationship has had on fashion. Just consider the fact that Ford became one of the most influential celebrities in fashion after collaborating with the Twilight star. The designer’s distinct brand of glamour made him a favorite among Hollywood’s elite. And, since Ford is such a high-profile celebrity, it’s little wonder that people take an interest in his personal life. But, it’s not just Ford. One of the biggest names to emerge from the 2016 documentary, The Edge of Fame, is the legendary Marjorie Merriweather Post. The octogenarian socialite is famous for her charity work and her colorful embroidery business. What’s more is that she is the founder of the ‘’Better Homes and Gardens’’ magazine. In the documentary, it was revealed that her company, Merriweather Post Publications, bought a piece of Hain Celestial for a cool forty million dollars. It’s perhaps not a coincidence that the company bought a piece of land right next to the Neiman Marcus–Springdale in Dallas. The magazine itself continues to be published and is, in fact, a source of inspiration for many who work in fashion. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Merriweather Post has a greater influence on current trends than the celebrities she interviews. Naturally, the magazine has been incredibly influential in encouraging its readers to embrace individuality and confidence.