We’re starting to see more and more celebrities taking a more personal approach to their social media, and one of the newest cases of this is actor and singer Robert Pattinson. As you’ll see in this article, he’s released a new video on Twitter, with a simple but direct message about the COVID-19 pandemic and how people should approach life in general during this time.

The New Video

On March 24, 2020, Robert Pattinson released a short video on his Twitter account, saying, “Hey Guys, this is a message from me. I hope you’re keeping well and that you’re not letting the world get you down. Stay strong, be kind and live your best life. Lots of love.”

Although the video is only about sixty seconds in length, it quickly went viral on Twitter, receiving over a million views as of this writing. Many famous personalities have responded to him, including Jennifer Lawrence and Tim Gunn. More recently, he shared a series of TikTok stories discussing what’s changed about their lives since the beginning of the pandemic.

The Purpose Of The Video

The star filmed this video to address his 54 million Twitter followers, especially those who follow him as a musician as well as an actor. He wanted to remind them that he’s still singing and playing music, despite the fact that many of his gigs have been canceled due to the pandemic. In the video, he encourages individuals to use this time to focus on what’s important to them and to take care of their mental health.

He also wants his fans to know that he’s always there for them, even during this time when so many of their other favorite artists haven’t been able to record new music or even tour due to the lockdowns. He invites them to get in touch via Twitter or Instagram if they’re struggling, and promises that he’ll help in any way he can.

What Does This Mean For LGBT+ Celebrities?

This isn’t the first time that a high-profile celebrity has spoken out about the pandemic and its impact on their work. Many of those who are part of the LGBTQ community are finding it more difficult to make ends meet now that fewer people are dining out and the bars and clubs are closed. They’re also working from home, so there’s less of a social element to their day-to-day lives.

It’ll be interesting to see if this video encourages other musicians and actors to speak out about their experiences during this time, especially since so many of them are still able to work. In this community, there’s also a bit of a culture of supporting each other, which means that when one of them does speak out, the others will often try to follow suit.

Overall Impression

Overall, we believe this video will inspire many people, especially those who are struggling during this time. The fact that so many famous people are expressing their support is incredibly moving, and it’s a stark reminder that even during these trying times, there are still so many positive things to celebrate.