So you’re a massive fan of the Twilight series and just can’t get enough of the beautiful and talented Robert Pattinson. You’ve come across his work on social media and simply can’t resist his cheeky charm and handsome looks.

Pattinson’s appearance on the Today show was a dream come true for fans, who got the opportunity to ask the 27-year-old actor all the questions they wanted about the vampire series and its upcoming sequel, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. The session was moderated by Matt Lauer, who even helped Pattinson with his jacket and tie (he looked so elegant!). Sadly, it was all a PR stunt to promote the new Twilight movie, but that didn’t stop fans from having their moment of bliss.

Whether you’ve been a massive fan of the actor’s work for years or are just discovering his charms, here’s how to view Robert Pattinson online.

Follow The Actor On Social Media

You can follow Robert Pattinson on social media to get news and more about his work. The best thing is you can do this from an official account, so it won’t be affected by any privacy settings the actor might have on personal accounts. Official accounts are usually easier to find and follow on social media than personal accounts, so it’s definitely worth the effort.

The following are official social media accounts for Robert Pattinson:

  • Twitter: @TheLastMewtwo — the actor’s current Twitter account
  • Instagram: @TheLastMewtwo — the actor’s current Instagram account
  • Facebook: /RobertPattinson — the actor’s current Facebook account
  • YouTube: — the actor’s channel on YouTube

Check Out His Instagram For The Latest Photos

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for following popular entertainers. You can easily find the latest photos on the site, as well as some old ones from the past. You can also find out what tickets the actor is selling and get an idea of the kinds of photos he is posting.

This is one place you won’t want to miss out on, as the photos are often something to look forward to. When you do get to see a photo of the actor, it’ll be a moment that you’ll remember forever.

Watch Videos From The Actors’ Career

This is probably the best way to learn more about Robert Pattinson. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never heard of him or just discovered him recently. All you need is an interested party and a little bit of patience. The following are the official YouTube channels for the Twilight Saga actors:

  • Robbie Pattinson — the actor’s channel, where you can find all the latest news and more about his work
  • Katie Pattinson — the actor’s wife’s channel, where she often shares interviews and exclusive footage with her audience

Check Out His Latest Filmography

As mentioned, the Today show session with the actor was a stunt to promote the new Twilight movie. Still, it was a goldmine for film buffs who want to learn more about the talented and handsome actor.

Fans got to see a whole new side of Robert Pattinson, as he showed off his playful and cheeky side. If you ever get the opportunity to see him live, don’t forget to laugh and have fun with it. It’ll certainly make an impression on you.