While most of the world was focused on the coronavirus pandemic, something else was happening that has major ramifications for the future of cinema.

On March 26, 2020, it was announced that British film star Robert Pattinson(Amarcord, Breaking Dawn, and The Lighthouse) would be travelling to Egypt to film the upcoming Herzog film. The acclaimed German director is known for his singular brand of cinema that often deals with historical and cultural themes, and is considered one of the greatest living directors. The casting of Pattinson is significant, as he has previously collaborated with the director on 2013’s The Lost City of Z, starring Michael Fassbender.

The project is intriguing, as it will see Pattinson work with a team of animators who will bring Herzog’s vision to life via stop-motion animation, along with live action and CGI. It will be the first time that the British actor has worked in animation.

What exactly is the story behind this project? And more importantly, why is it significant? Let’s take a look.

The Man Behind The Curtains

If someone told you that you could collaborate with one of the greatest living directors on a film that will be shown around the world, you’d probably say “no thank you, I’m happy just being famous for being in a Robert Pattinson film.”

That’s probably not what happened, though. In 2019, the British actor was finally able to open up about his life, revealing that he did indeed reach out to the acclaimed German director and admitted he was fascinated by his work.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Pattinson said: “Herzog is one of the most extraordinary filmmakers alive, so it was an honour to meet with him and discuss potential projects. I’ve always admired his work, and was excited about the prospect of collaborating with him on a film.”

The director, who initially turned down the opportunity, then changed his mind and agreed to work with the English actor on a film he labelled a “masterpiece.” The director added: “It’s an incredible honour to have Robert Pattinson want to work with me on a film. He is an incredible talent, and I’m excited to see what he brings to the table compared to what I’ve seen already – his films are always so unique and brilliant.”

It’s hard to imagine that someone so famous could have such a humble and self-deprecating attitude, but it appears that this is indeed the case. The Hollywood Reporter states that Pattinson, whose list of credits reads like a who’s who of A-list celebrities (including Batman and The Lord of the Rings movies), is actually a quiet and unassuming person. He described himself as a “normal guy” who likes to travel and spend time with his family.