Robert Pattinson is an actor, musician, and philanthropist who began his acting career in 2005. He has since gone on to star in several major motion pictures, such as the Twilight Saga as well as the upcoming film Birds of Prey (also starring Christian Bale).

The British actor has also been the subject of several controversies, ranging from his private life to his work. Most recently, he was at the center of a cheating scandal involving a makeup artist and a photographer. Now, it seems as though he may be facing a career change thanks to the Me Too movement and the multiple allegations of sexual harassment and assault leveled against him.

Breaking Down the Scandal That Has Swept Hollywood

Last year, British Vogue published an interview with actress Olivia Wilde in which she spoke about her experience working with actor Channing Tatum on the movie version of Stephen King’s The Handmaid’s Tale. At the time, rumours were swirling that Tatum had secretly filmed sexual relationship scenes with his co-star despite being married to co-star Emma Peel at the time. Tatum denied the allegations, and sources later told Variety that the two had likely shot only a few intimate scenes, which were later edited out of the final cut.

Tatum’s and Wild’s on-screen chemistry was later celebrated by audiences and critics alike, leading some to believe that the alleged affair between Tatum and Peel had enhanced their on-screen connection. However, that wasn’t the case. According to interviews with several of the actor’s colleagues, he had begun harassing and pursuing Wild even before they had started filming. One source described the situation as “a mess” with allegations that Tatum had “loudly demanded sex with [Wild] on set and in front of a camera.”

Wild herself claimed that Tatum had “repeatedly propositioned” her for “sexual relations” and “pressured” her into kissing him and letting him touch her breasts during filming. She also alleged that he had exposed himself to her during a break from filming. While the incident was initially laughed off by some of Tatum’s co-workers, one of them said that he had “personally witnessed [Tatum’s] inappropriate behaviour towards women.”

In response to these allegations, Tatum’s lawyers issued a statement accusing Wild of “entering into a personal relationship” with the actor and threatened to sue if she continued speaking out about their relationship. The lawyers also stated that he had had “no sexual harassment or assault” complaints filed against him prior to Wild’s allegations.

Why Did It Take So Long For These Allegations To Rise To The Surface?

Before these allegations broke in December 2018, it had already been reported that Tatum and Wild were no longer involved and that he had broken off their engagement shortly before the allegations came to light. However, that didn’t stop the news of the actress’s sexual harassment and assault allegations from spreading. In fact, it seems as though many people knew about Tatum’s alleged behavior for years but were afraid to say anything. According to one source, it took so long for these allegations to come to light because “women in Hollywood have been silenced for so long.”

“It was always a double standard,” they said. “Because men can get away with so much, if something happens to a woman, she will be blamed for it. Especially if she doesn’t back down or if she fights back.”

Multiple sources claimed that Tatum had been abusive towards both women and men alike, and that it wasn’t until recently that his alleged victims were finally brave enough to speak out. According to reports, he would regularly ignore his colleagues’ complaints, even laughing at them. One person who worked with him described him as “a giant prick” who was prone to fits of rage. They also said that the actor had previously assaulted them. Another person cited a similar incident in which Tatum had grabbed them by the throat and started to squeeze. They said that they had never filed a complaint against him because they were “scared that he won’t like me” if they did.

How Is Tatum’s Career Positioning At This Point?

At this point, it seems as though Tatum’s career is in serious jeopardy. He recently finished filming the highly-anticipated sequel to Venom, in which he will reprise his role as Eddie Brock, but the studio head has yet to give the movie a release date. Meanwhile, the actor had initially planned to take a break from acting following the conclusion of Venom. However, now that these allegations have come to light, it seems as though he may never return to the big screen. Why? Because if these allegations are proven to be true, it will undoubtedly end his long-running movie career. He will also no doubt be shunned by Hollywood and the movie world alike.

“If he wants to continue being an actor, he may have to find a way to distance himself from all of this,” one source said. “He can start by saying he doesn’t know any of these women and doesn’t remember anything about any of it. He can’t just carry on like nothing happened. He will have to give some sort of explanation. And if he doesn’t, it will be game over for him.”

Tatum’s spokesperson said that the actor “vehemently denies” the allegations and that his “only concern is for the wellbeing of the individuals and families affected.” However, even his own lawyers were not willing to go that far and merely stated that he “strongly denies” the claims. They also added that it was “irrelevant” whether the women accusing him were willing to stand by their claims. As a result, this is clearly a “he said, she said” situation that could potentially derail Tatum’s career if he doesn’t do something about it.

Will This Allegation Follow Tatum Down The Road?

The allegations against Tatum are certainly not the first to surface regarding the male celebrity. The #MeToo and #Churchillsexscandal memes may offer some insight into how the public has reacted to similar scandals involving prominent men in the past. However, these allegations are arguably much more serious than anything that came before them. If the allegations against Tatum are proven to be true, it will undoubtedly mark the beginning of the end for not only his career but also his personal life in Hollywood. How will he respond? We will have to wait and see.