Robbie P. has become a symbol of youth and freedom around the world. Even people who don’t know him personally have recognized his face and know what he represents. Now that he’s found fame and fortune, it’s time to find out what his daily schedule is like. In this article, you’ll discover the surprising things you might learn about the most famous ginger in the world.

Daily Routine

If you’re reading this, it’s no secret that you’re either a huge fan of Robert Pattinson or have recently seen his film. So it probably means you know exactly what his daily schedule is like. He wakes up around 10 a.m., maybe takes a leisurely stroll, then spends time with his family. Later, he works out, either at a gym or at home, before heading to his office around 5 p.m. to work on his craft.

But what happens after hours? Do you ever wonder what drives a man who’s already accomplished so much to work so hard? To find the secret, let’s look at his daily routine. The information below will help put things in perspective.

Movies And Ambiance

It’s no secret that cinema is one of the main focuses of the actor’s life. He made his name playing the part of a vampire in the 2014 adaptation of Good Morning, Midnight, and he’s maintained his place in the hearts of millions with his eye-catching performance in the critically acclaimed movie, The Rover.

The amount of time he spends on his craft is clear from the movies he’s made. His days are occupied mainly by shooting scenes and spending time with his co-stars. But in real life, he has a different routine. Aside from his day job, he studies acting with the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. According to his representative, he also spends a lot of time reading and listening to music.

As much as he might want to immerse himself in the works of William Shakespeare, he can’t. There are always duties to attend to as the son of a baronet. One of the most important is putting on social events for his family and friends. He’s hosted numerous private birthday parties for his fans and continues to make personal appearances at events both large and small. His schedule is as busy as ever, but it’s clear that acting is a part of his daily life that he looks forward to.


In the film, Elizabeth, Robbie’s character’s actress girlfriend, dresses in a very revealing way, almost like a bikini. She shows off her beautiful curves as she walks on the beach. When the couple meets up with their friends for dinner at a restaurant, Elizabeth’s friend Lisa suggests that she takes off the outfit. Lisa then asks Robbie if he thinks that she looks good in this outfit, and he grins and gives her a thumbs-up. He appears to be a man hungry for sex, but this character is a sensitive fellow who doesn’t like to cause trouble. So when his girlfriend objects to him paying for her clothes, he doesn’t argue, he just gives her the money and walks away.

The actor’s taste in clothes isn’t something to brag about. He mostly opts for classic, stylish, and affordable garments. Lisa Swift, his longtime personal stylist and fashion expert, handles his wardrobe and keeps him comfortable in his own skin. When it comes to what he wears everyday, she’s the one who decides. She doesn’t like to impose her style choices on him, but the clothes she selects are usually of the kind that can be worn by anyone. Fashion-wise, she might consider Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic album a statement in itself.

Health And Exercise

It’s safe to assume that living a healthy lifestyle is a top priority for the Hollywood star. Apart from the occasional Twitter post about veganism, the focus of Robbie’s life appears to be dedicated to keeping himself in good shape. Apart from his normal workouts at the gym, he spends a lot of time doing yoga and meditation. He even had a dedicated yoga schedule created by his personal yoga instructor, which he followed regularly when he first got started. He’s also an active social media user who frequently posts about his fitness adventures. For someone who hasn’t always been the most healthy of boys, this may come as a surprise.

For someone whose lifestyle is so focused on health and fitness, it’s no wonder that he’s found success and fame. It’s also clear that his fans feel the same way, with many of them going so far as to ask him about his health and daily schedule. He’s responded with various reasons for his ongoing dedication to health and fitness, from wanting to feel young again to being an advocate for those who want to fight obesity. He might not always have easy answers when it comes to this subject, but it seems that he’s found a reason for everything he’s done in life. His daily schedule might not be that surprising after all.


Like many other celebrities, Robbie’s family is probably a major influence in his life. His father, Michael, is a baronet who owns a seat on the South London Council. His mother is Deborah Leighton, an author and playwright who was once married to the late actor and comedian, Sir John Cleese. (He was the father of her and Michael’s only son.)

It would be remiss of us not to mention his brothers, Charlie and Hugo, both of whom are also actors. The family ties aren’t the only thing that bind them. They’re also good friends, with Hugo even going so far as to act as a best man at Charlie’s wedding to Gwyneth Paltrow in 2014.

Apart from his everyday routine, everything about Robbie’s life is documented in detail on his Instagram account. It’s clear that he loves sharing his daily activities with his fans. While most people might be content with a simple status update, he goes above and beyond, frequently posting multiple images from the “gram” with captions describing his day. Thanks to his incredible social media followers, we can learn a lot about his daily schedule, including what he eats and why he exercises the way he does.