You may know that Robert Pattinson is the latest man to join the many celebrity members of TikTok, the popular video platform. The “Twilight” actor has almost 300 million followers on TikTok, and recently, he made headlines for posting several weird and funny meme-related videos. Since then, he has continued to post several more funny, if not strange, videos that have gained him even more fans on TikTok. In this article, we will explore why these videos have been so popular on the platform and how you can replicate their success on TikTok.

Why Has Robert Pattinson’s Content Been Popular On TikTok?

For those unfamiliar, a meme is “a humorous, replying and sometimes provocative image or video that spreads rapidly across social media platforms.”

It usually starts as an ironic or exaggerated version of something. For example, the “Grumpy Cat” meme is mostly based on the facial expressions of a real-life cat named Gracie. The original video, which has now been watched over 400 million times on TikTok, shows the cat wearing a scowl while eating tuna. Many people on TikTok have noted that the look is similar to a grumpy human being.

More Popular Than You’d Think

According to TikTok, the “Grumpy Cat” meme has been one of their most popular memes thus far. In fact, the avatar alone has been viewed over 400 million times on the app. Interestingly, even though the original video was released in 2012, it continues to be a popular meme on TikTok six years later.

In general, videos that spoof famous movies and TV shows have become a popular source of content on the platform. As a result, it’s no surprise that Robert Pattinson has released several memes based on his recent movies, including “Twilight Saga” and “Twilight-inspired” TV series “Outlander.”

These days, it’s almost impossible to avoid memes on social media platforms. Even TikTok’s rival, Facebook, has gotten in on the action with their own take on memes with their “Ridiculousness” filter. The reason these avatars and videos are so popular on TikTok is that they bring an element of entertainment to a dull world. Whether or not you believe in the paranormal, memes can still make you smile.

Key Elements To Meme-making Success

To create an effective meme, you need to follow a set of rules. To start with, make sure that your meme is relevant to the current trends on TikTok. For example, the “Grumpy Cat” meme was an instant hit because the facial expression and the muted colors (black and white) matched the app’s trending topics at the time.

Also, make sure that your meme contains a strong element of humor. The “Twilight” franchise is pretty popular on TikTok, so it’s no wonder that many of the actor’s memes are funny and even a little bit paranormal. The key is to find the humor in the unexpected places where horror movie lovers might not have expected to see it.

As for the format of your video, use a fun and light-hearted approach.

For example, let’s take a look at the “Twilight” trailer spoof that Robert Pattinson recently uploaded to TikTok. In the video, he jokes around with the camera as he shows off his acting chops. The result is a hilarious minute of him imitating various characters, including a very demonic Edward Cullen.

He plays up the campy nature of the trailer, which features cameos from several celebrities, including Selena Gomez, John Goodman, Oliver Platt, and Molly Ringwald. While Ringwald’s character is supposed to be terrifying, her antics as a ghost make the trailer worth watching. You can almost picture Ringwald’s character, Ginny, standing next to you as you read this, saying “Boo!”

Where Can I Get More Information On Memes?

If you’re looking to learn more about memes, you can start with their Wikipedia page. The entry describes the topic as “a type of media that spreads rapidly across social media platforms, typically through sharing, liking, or commenting on other content.” As the page notes, memes can be viral, but they can also be a way for people to laugh at a moment in time.

If you’re interested in the history of memes, you can check out this video animation, which explores how memes have evolved over time.

As for where to get more information on memes, you can check out the Urban Dictionary website or the Internet Archive’s “Funny Videos” section. The latter is a collection of thousands of short-form videos from all over the Web. The videos are searchable by topic or by keywords, making it a useful tool for anyone who wants to learn more about memes.

More From Robert Pattinson On TikTok

Besides hilarious videos, Robert Pattinson has also shared several touching videos on TikTok. In one such video, he shows off his acting skills while playing a father in a scene from the 2013 movie “Cosmo.” If you’ve seen the movie, you know that it’s a challenging role. It requires a lot of emotional sensitivity which, in turn, makes it easier for the viewer to connect with the actor.

In another video, he plays the father of a little girl wearing a Spiderman costume. He comforts her as she cries about wanting to be a superhero herself. The actress playing Spiderman’s daughter gives a heart-wrenching performance, which makes the scene even more powerful. In another still, Robert Pattinson plays an overprotective father in a scene from “Kingsman: The Golden Circle.” While he’s playing the role, he reads a children’s book aloud, which his daughter listens to on his iPad.

Final Takeaway

To conclude, it’s important to understand that not all memes are made equal. Some will go viral and be passed around the Web with incredible speed. Others will just be funny one-offs that nobody remembers or even sees again. The key is to find the funny in the unexpected places where you know that your friends will appreciate it. As for the topic of meme-making, perhaps it’s time to revive the funny saying “never trust a man wearing a hat.” After all, a lot of men in Hollywood still do… and it’s the women who end up wearing the ridiculous hats.