If you’ve been to London in the last few years, you may well have bumped into the actor Robert Pattinson. Now a global superstar following his role as the titular king in the hugely successful movie, ‘Water for Elephants’, a character he’s since played several times on the big screen, the former ‘Edward Cullen’ has become one of the city’s most recognizable faces. But behind the scenes, the 32-year-old has been working hard, with no sign of slowing down.

Here are some of the major events likely to have occurred, or will occur, in the next year or so.

Upcoming Movie Projects

Well-known for his dry wit and puckish manner, the handsome British actor has always kept himself busy, with numerous movie roles and a prolific TV work ethic to his name. Despite the success of his last big screen offering, ‘Water for Elephants’, he has a number of projects lined up for the near future. Most notably, he will star in the Netflix original film, ‘The King’, based on the classic Alexandre Dumas novel, ‘The Three Musketeers’. The film is due for release on April 23rd, followed by a UK theatrical run.

In addition to this Netflix venture, he will co-star with Naomi Watts and Guy Pearce in the much anticipated third installment of the ‘Skyscraper’ series, ‘Skyscraper,’ which opens in theaters on March 9th and on Netflix on March 16th. Other upcoming film projects include the British-Chinese martial arts thriller, ‘The Wheelman,’ slated for release on March 16th, 2020 and the third installment of the Robin Hood series, ‘Robin Hood’ (September 24th, 2020).

Gigantic Travel Plans

While we’ve seen Pattinson travel to far-flung places like Indonesia and Iceland for work, it seems that the next big adventure on his horizon will be closer to home. He recently bought a yacht and has been frequenting bohemian clubs and restaurants in London in order to connect with the city’s artsy scene. He has also been spotted at prominent London fashion week parties in the company of celebrities, further suggesting that he has adopted some of the city’s more fashionable habits. If all this wasn’t enough, the multi-hyphenate has been busy setting up a production company with his ‘Water for Elephants’ co-star Reese Witherspoon.

Witherspoon, one of the most celebrated and talented actresses of her generation, will serve as president of the new company, while Pattinson will be its CEO. The pair have been working hard to secure high profile projects for their company, with Witherspoon also acting as producer on several of these films, some of which are expected to be blockbusters. This includes the highly anticipated sequel to last year’s ‘Crazy Rich Asians’, which will follow the original film’s breakout star, Constance Wu, as she explores the complexities of being both Asian and rich and how these two identities shape her life. The film is due for release on August 14th, 2022.

New York City Trip

Pattinson’s love for NYC is well-known, with several of his most memorable roles taking place in the Big Apple. This year he will make his return to Broadway in the title role of ‘Richard III,’ a grisly part that the Hollywood star is renowned for. Directed by Sam Mendes and scheduled to open in April 2021, this will be the English actor’s fourth Broadway outing and the second time he will play the scheming monarch.

Pattinson Family

The family pet has now joined the famous clan, with actor Scott Petrie stepping into the role of Robert’s dad, David, for a multi-episode arc on the popular British comedy, ‘Mock the Week.’ In addition to this, Robert will star in the upcoming British-Chinese co-production, ‘The Wheelman,’ which will tell the story of an estranged brother who sets out to rescue his sister from an arranged marriage. Finally, his mom, Elaine, will make her debut on the big screen in the coming months in the upcoming romantic comedy, ‘Long Distance.’

Olympics And More

The upcoming summer Olympics in London will no doubt attract a lot of attention, with the city gearing up for the biggest sporting event in a century. With all these high profile appearances and projects, it would be a shame to not make the most of the opportunity and attend as many Olympics as possible. Fortunately, the English speaking world has that option, with numerous TV stations and digital platforms providing multiple ways to follow the action.

Sober Work Ethic

One of the major turning points in the actor’s life was undoubtedly the 2010 film, ‘The Adjustment Bureau.’ Directed by George Miller, it’s the story of an ordinary man who teams up with a professional to change the future. Set in the year 2029, the plot hinges on whether or not the protagonist can convince the government to change the course of history by undoing a global financial crisis.

The film was released in cinemas in the United States on March 23rd, 2020 and was subsequently banned in several countries, including the UK, due to its graphic content. However, it wasn’t long before the general public began to see the funny side of the film.

This is the kind of movie that would make most Hollywood actors jealous – Miller’s action-adventure-comedy is filled with athletic scenes and visual gags that made even the most seasoned Hollywood stars envious. Needless to say, the movie became a critical and commercial success, winning the Academy Award for best adapted screenplay and turning Miller into a hot director to watch out for. It is also credited with jump-starting the actor’s recovery, with the handsome British star recently tweeting that he had just completed his rehab, which had a strong focus on mental health issues.

Continuing His Fashion Footprint

The fashion world has been struggling for years to figure out how to dress an A-List celebrity, with many designers resorting to creating looks based on popular culture, whether it be film or sport. This trend can be traced back to Kim Kardashian and her iconic ‘Kimono’ dress, which sparked a design frenzy in 2020. Since then, designers have been hard at work trying to dress stars and socialites based on anime and Asian culture.

Pattinson is at the forefront of this movement, with several of his outfits cementing his place in fashion history. One of the most iconic outfits was the floral print dress he wore to the 2020 MET Gala in New York City. With bold, geometric prints and a contrasting white trim, the dress was designed by Marc Jacobs and boasted a high-low combination, with the top half of the dress being custom made.

The Man Behind The Curtain

Behind every famous face is a man (or woman) behind the scenes, helping to craft the public image that we know and love. For ‘Water for Elephants’ star, Robert Pattinson, one of the most significant people in his life is his mother. While they may not always show it, parents certainly care for their children, regardless of how famous they may become.

Pattinson often thanks his mother, a talented artist who worked as a photographer’s assistant, for helping to make him the man he is today. He also reveals that she was the one who encouraged his interest in acting, going so far as to send him for auditions when he was younger. Unfortunately, she passed away in December 2019 from complications caused by Type 2 diabetes, at the age of 57.

This was a huge loss for the young actor, who lost his ‘rock’ in the form of his mother. But he has since found another, younger but just as talented, supporting parent figure in the person of his wife, Lively. The proud papa-to-be thanked his wife in a heartfelt tweet, writing, “Thank you, my best little wife, for putting up with me and being the best mother-in-law ever. I love you both so much.” He also promised to be a better husband and father.

Whether or not he keeps his word remains to be seen, but at least we know this year will be different. A committed family man now, Pattinson has taken on a more mature role, which has allowed him to truly blossom as an actor. This, in turn, has made him into one of the most sought-after stars in Hollywood. If he continues to grow and evolve as an actor, we can expect to see even more spectacular work in the near future.