When you have a massive Instagram following and millions of Youtube subscribers, you’re bound to get a bit of attention. With so much interest in your personal life, it’s only natural that people will want to know more about you. One of the best ways to do this is via your movies. When you have something as popular as the Rob Pattinson YouTube channel, which I have the pleasure of co-hosting with the wonderful Kate Smurthwaite, you’re bound to get some incredible insight into the mind of one of Hollywood’s most interesting and charming stars. Over the past year, we’ve learned a lot about Robert Pattinson and this year he’s taken his celebrity to a whole new level. It seems like every few months he makes us laugh and cry but we can always rely on him to make us think. Here are five of the most exciting and extreme moments from the past year of Rob Pattinson’s life. A special thanks to Kate, who has been amazing throughout this entire year and made filming these bits so much fun!

1. Engagement

It’s fair to say that the last year has been a bumper one for celebrity engagements. In fact, it’s been such a good year that it’s hard to know where to begin. It all started with Tom Hanks, who surprised the world by popping the question to his fellow actor wife, Rita. Soon after, we learned that Robert Pattinson had proposed to FKA Twigs in front of a crowd of adoring fans. It looks like 2019 will be yet another exciting year for celebrity engagements.

2. The Break Up?

It was originally reported that Robert Pattinson had ended his engagement to FKA Twigs just a few weeks after their romantic proposal. However, it seems that things didn’t work out for the two of them and they’ve since gone their separate ways. While some tabloids have reported that they’ve started seeing each other again, it’s still unclear as to whether or not this is true. Regardless of what happens, this is still one of the most romantic and exciting break-ups in recent memory. It’s sad to see such a wonderful story come to such a disappointing end but at least we can take comfort in knowing that they will be together again in one way or another.

3. Baby On Board

When you’re one of the most famous and popular people in the world, it’s only natural that people would want to know more about you and your family. It wasn’t long before we found out that Robert Pattinson is a dad again, this time to a baby boy named Ahsan. After years of being childless, it seems that this pregnancy changed everything for the 34-year-old actor. Aside from being an incredible new father, he also looked incredible in a baby-blue shirt and jeans as he carried his small child in a baby carrier. While it was hard to put into words what that moment meant to us, it was clear that he is truly and madly in love with this little boy.

4. Changing Of The Guard

It seems that nothing can stop Robert Pattinson from pursuing his dreams. Not even the end of his engagement to FKA Twigs. After spending a year apart, he returned to his wife and son, Ahsan, determined to prove to the world that he is a committed father. In September 2018, the actor and his family swapped gazes for the very first time when they posed together for a romantic photo at the premiere of Pattinson’s latest film, Goodtime. In the picture, he gave his wife, Laurdis, a sweet kiss on the cheek and then held their son, Ahsan, close as he stared lovingly into the camera. It was an incredibly emotional moment for all parties involved and just another example of how much Robert Pattinson cares about those around him.

5. Wedding Bells

With all of the weddings that went down in 2018, it’s no wonder that Rob Pattinson’s name was mentioned in association with the big day. However, it turns out that the weddings didn’t include the actor as he has remained committed to his family and avoided getting hitched. It seems that when his son, Ahsan, married Brooklyn-based designer, Varick Cherry, it was just the two of them going through with the wedding of their dreams. While Cherry’s dresses were as stunning as ever and the invite list was crazy, it was still just the two of them walking down the aisle as husband and wife. There were no other attendees other than the wedding party and their closest family and friends. It was a beautiful moment that felt very private and it showcased just how much Varick Cherry cares about what she wears on her big day.

It’s been an incredible year for Rob and it’s still going strong. Despite spending a little under a year apart, he still manages to make us laugh and cry as we’ve learned more about his incredible personality and what makes him so special. While it was sad to see his engagement to FKA Twigs come to an end, at least we can take comfort in knowing that the couple is still devoted to each other and that they will be together again in one way or another. What an incredible year it’s been and what an incredible guy he is.