What do you know about actor Robert Pattinson? Perhaps you’ve watched one of his many movies, in which case you might know that he’s famous for being romantic and funny, and for his iconic smile. Well, it turns out that behind that smile is a secret life that is both exciting and mysterious.

Pattinson’s career started out bright and early, and he’s been in almost all of the biggest movies since. He’s starred in the most recent Batman vs. Superman, and has upcoming movies in the works including the highly-anticipated Twilight Saga finale. With so much going on in his life, it’s no wonder that people are fascinated by him and his personal life.

So, let’s dive into the intrigue that is the life and career of Robert Pattinson.

He’s An International Film Star

It’s safe to say that without a doubt, Robert Pattinson is one of the most recognizable faces in the world. He’s appeared in major motion pictures set all over the world, and has become a leading man in some of the biggest movies. Most recently, he’s been acting in the dark world of the occult, and it’s made him many fans. In particular, a lot of people have taken a liking to him because of his intense, yet charming romantic scenes with his on-screen partner, Emma Watson. The pair have been enjoying a love affair since 2014’s Beautiful Creatures, and it seems that their chemistry has only gotten stronger as time went on. Most recently, the two were featured on the August cover of Marie Claire, looking incredibly comfortable and happy together. Inevitably, people have begun wondering if perhaps they’re more than just good friends.

He Has A Rich History In And Out Of The Movies

Back in 2011, Pattinson made headlines for the interesting fact that he’s never really been tied down to just one role. That is, until 2012 when he signed on for Twlight, in which he plays a vampire named Edward. He then went on to voice the character of Peter Pan in a major motion picture adaptation of the literary classic, and played the role of Christian Grey in 2013’s Grey. This kind of multi-tasking is unheard-of in today’s day and age, where most actors limit themselves to one major role per film. However, it doesn’t seem to faze Pattinson, who continues to be one of the most sought-after and versatile actors around.

He’s Been In A Few Of The Most Memorable Movies Of Our Time

In addition to having a long and storied film career, the 31-year-old Englishman has also been involved in some truly iconic and memorable films. Here are some of his biggest, and most memorable, moments.

He Played An Author In The Outstanding Film Based On The Novel, Beautiful Creatures

Remember that Twilight series we just mentioned? It was the phenomenally successful, four-book adaptation of the bestselling young adult novel, Beautiful Creatures. Directed by Peter Weir, the film follows the story of a blind girl named Lena, played by Alice Englard. At first, the shy and naive Lena is enamored by the charming and mysterious Christian Grey (Pattinson), who introduces her to the wonders of erotica. The two fall in love and begin a passionate affair. However, as their relationship deepens, so does their desire to have children. As it turns out, they’re both infertile, and this fact becomes a significant issue for them as they struggle with their evolving feelings for each other. The film won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 2015, and also picked up a whole host of other awards, including Best Actor for Pattinson. It was a great showcase for the English actor’s dramatic range, and a rare moment in which he didn’t have to rely on his smile or charm.

He Had A Role In The Incredible Hulk

In 2014, we got word that Pattinson would be playing a role in the upcoming adaptation of the famed Marvel comic book series, The Hulk. He would play the part of Dr. Stephen Lloyd, who Bruce Banner (played by James McAvoy) meets in a search for a cure for the gamma-ray sickness that is affecting him. It was an important role, as it was the first major appearance for Pattinson as a lead in a movie. The film was a commercial and critical success, mostly because of McAvoy’s performance as Banner. However, it didn’t hurt that Pattinson was in many of the best films of the year, including The Revenant and Inside Out. It seems like he’s found a home in Hollywood, and it’s not hard to see why.

He Broke Out The Smile For A Very Special Reason

One of the most recognizable things about Pattinson is his smile. You may have seen it before, whether it was in one of his many interviews or in the above-mentioned Marie Claire cover shot. It’s fair to say that the smile is distinctive, and it earned Pattinson the nickname ‘Smile’ among his fans. It turns out that we know a lot about that smile, and it has a very special history. In 2012, Forbes published an in-depth interview with Pattinson, in which he revealed that he had lost his virginity at the age of 14, and that he had never been in love before. He also talked about how he developed his smile. It turns out that at the age of 7, the then-boyband member underwent a series of painful dental surgeries, during which the anesthesiologist accidentally gave him a tooth dose of morphine. The actor said he spent the next few months in a drugged haze, seeing and hearing things that weren’t real. When he came to, he realized that he had to be the man of the house, and he was determined to prove to the world that he could be a reliable and mature adult, despite his young appearance. Since then, he’s been using the smile as a way to diffuse any sort of negativity, and it seems to be working. He’s even lent it to some of his characters, like in The Lost City, his 2015 psychological drama about a photographer (played by Pattinson) whose life is unraveling, and who begins to see the world through a more cynical lens. It turns out that this is just one of the ways in which the English actor is trying to evolve as an artist.

He Has A Dark Art History

It’s not only about being in iconic films. In 2015, Forbes ran a story about Pattinson and his collection of artwork. The collection, which he started when he was a teenager, is called ‘The Lost Years’, and it features original oil paintings and sketches that he either did as a teen or early 20s, or that were done for him by professional artists. Some of these pieces are truly haunting, and it’s led fans to nickname Pattinson the ‘Witch King’. Indeed, it’s been an interesting couple of years for the English actor. In 2017 alone, he’s starred in more than a few horror films, and has embraced the darker side of cinema, often playing the part of an anti-hero (or villain). It seems that his recent work has been an attempt to experiment with his range as an actor, and it has also attracted a lot of fans who love the darker side. The witch king still has a long time before he finds himself on the other side of the mirror.