You might have heard about Robert Pattinson and his new hair cut. Since the actor debuted the look at the Venice Film Festival, he’s been the talk of the town. Many have taken to Twitter to express their thoughts on the style, and some have even gone as far as to dub it the “Pattinson haircut.”

While some have hailed the haircut as a total look overhaul, others have pointed out that it’s actually a very subtle evolution of his previously worn hairstyle. Regardless of what you think of Robert Pattinson’s haircut, one thing is for sure: It’s a conversation starter. And we have the pictures to prove it.

A Quick Evolution Of Pattinson’s Hair Style

Back in March, Robert Pattinson caused a commotion at the Venice Film Festival when he debuted a new haircut. At the time, the actor’s hair was already a topic of discussion, with some calling it his “biggest transformation” in years. Many have praised Pattinson for cutting off his hair, calling it a bold move that made him look more youthful. What’s more, the actor stated that he wanted to experiment with a more modern, minimal look.

In the months since Venice, the attention has not abated. Every time Pattinson steps out on the red carpet, he’s met with a hoard of paparazzi. And of course, everyone wants to know about his hair. While he’s been spotted wearing the same hair several times since Venice, it hasn’t been without incident. Back in September, Pattinson’s car was struck by a bullet as he drove through Los Angeles. Fortunately, the incident wasn’t fatal.

Despite the close call, or perhaps because of it, Pattinson has continued to sport the haircut on numerous occasions. Most notably, he wore it to the 2018 Golden Globe Awards on Jan. 6. Since then, he’s become somewhat of a poster boy for the style. And it seems like everyone wants a piece of the ‘lighthouse action.’ As a result, we think it’s only appropriate that we examine the various iterations of Pattinson’s haircut and determine which one is the ‘real deal’ and which one is a total fake.

The Venice Film Festival

The first photo of Robert Pattinson wearing his new haircut was taken at Venice. The famed Italian film festival was the perfect place for him to debut the style. And so it was. When the cameras stopped rolling at the end of the premiere of his latest film, Pattinson’s new haircut was already getting plenty of attention. Even now, more than a month later, the photo of the “Cutting It Close” star is plastered on the internet. In fact, the first picture of the actor with his new haircut is probably one of the most popular pictures of all time on the internet. (

  • 20.2 million views on YouTube
  • 3.8 million views on Instagram
  • 4.7 million views on Twitter

) The fact that it’s been shared so widely shows how ahead of its time Venice was. The Italian film festival is famous for its expansive red carpet, which makes it the perfect place for celebrities to strut their stuff. And since most of the attendees were already heavy into fashion, the attention paid to the carpet was undoubtedly due to the haircut.

While some may see the photo of Robert Pattinson from Venice as a sign that the ‘Pattinson Cut’ is a trending hairstyle, others may question whether or not it’s been “overused.” After all, it hasn’t been without critics. Back in March, one Twitter user wrote that the haircut makes Pattinson look like a “beaten down puppy,” and another compared it to when “Leonardo DiCaprio’s dad got into a fight with a shark and his hair got a little bit of blood on it.”

Regardless, at the end of the day, it’s clear that people want to talk about the new haircut, and that’s probably due in part to the fact that it’s so different from previous hairstyles. Even now, more than a month later, people are still curious about what all the fuss is about. The fact that this particular photo of Robert Pattinson has been seen by so many shows how ahead of its time Venice was. While the festival isn’t exactly renowned for turning heads with its beauty products, the haircut certainly did that.

The Golden Globes

One of the most recognizable faces at the Golden Globes was definitely not wearing his new haircut. In fact, the opposite is probably true. While some may disagree, we feel pretty confident in saying that Robert Pattinson’s hair did not look as good at the Golden Globe Awards as it did at the Venice Film Festival. Why? Because, at the Golden Globes, Pattinson was clearly trying to ‘break’ his ‘bond’ with his hair. In an interview with Vanity Fair, the actor stated that he wanted to do something different with his hair for the Golden Globes. Specifically, he wanted to sport a French-boy hairstyle. And he did. For the most part. However, in an effort to ‘mix things up,’ he decided to give it a wave. And we must say, it wasn’t the worst idea. What’s more, the wave looked good — for the most part. But it’s safe to say it wasn’t one of his better ideas. It’s clear that he didn’t have enough time to properly style his hair, and it showed.

Since the Golden Globes, Pattinson has continued to sport the French-boy hairstyle in various interviews. But it hasn’t been without mishaps. For example, in May 2018, he was spotted at the Cannes Film Festival without the wave, which many have interpreted as an effort to ‘return’ to his roots. Overall, it’s been a busy year for Robert Pattinson. Besides his haircut, he also dons a new face cream and lip balm. So it’s clear that he’s been doing some ‘evolving’ of his own. It’s also worth noting that even now, more than a year later, people are still talking about the “Pattinson haircut.” It seems that it was definitely a style ‘transformation’ that people want to talk about. What’s more, since the haircut was a ‘stealth’ transformation, it’s clear that people are noticing and talking about it. There’s no question that the ‘Pattinson Cut’ is a trending hairstyle, and for good reason.

In conclusion, it’s clear that Robert Pattinson’s life has changed dramatically since March. Not only has he cut off his hair, but he’s also sported many different styles throughout the year. It seems like he’s been wanting to experiment with new looks, and he’s certainly done that. While there’s no question that the ‘Pattinson Cut’ is a trending hairstyle, it’s clearly not the only one he’s tried out this year. What’s more, by changing up his looks so often, it’s clear that he’s evolved as a person since March. Perhaps it’s his ‘bond’ with his hair that has helped him grow as a person. Regardless, it’s been an eventful year for the “Twilight” actor, and it seems like it’s been both good and bad. Overall, it’s been a very eventful year, and it’s safe to say that we’re glad to have seen the best and the worst of it. What’s more, we’re looking forward to what 2019 has in store for us.