The great thing about comic book movies is that they allow us to dress up in costumes, which means we don’t have to do our hair and makeup in the same way every day (thank goodness). So it’s great when one of the costumes fits perfectly and doesn’t hurt at all, especially when you’ve been trying to improve your hair and makeup techniques for the camera all day. That’s what makes this picture perfect.

We’ve been seeing a lot of costume comparisons across social media lately, with people wanting to know which Batman is the best. Well, now we can finally weigh in with our own personal picks for the best and worst of the DC Comics universe.

The Best

Let’s start off with the best: Batman. Now, don’t get us wrong, we’re not defending his questionable fashion choices (we’re sure he’d agree with us there) or his complete lack of hygiene (seriously, he needs to shower). What we are saying is that we love how the character was originally depicted as a stylish, intelligent, and charismatic vigilante – the polar opposite of the typical Hollywood leading man. So, whether he was fighting alongside his friends or pitted against the criminals of Gotham City, we think it’s safe to say that Batman has always been fashionable.

But let’s get into the specifics of what makes him so great. First, the costumes. As we noted above, it’s fun to dress up as Batman because the costumes are pretty much guaranteed to look great regardless of whether you’ve got an hour or five before your scene starts. They’re also functional, which is key for a hero who spends a lot of time fighting crime in the streets. As a result, we get a lot of great pictures of Batman in action, which is always fun to look at.

The Worst

Now, we’ve got to say goodbye to Batman, as we’ve just got five minutes left before our meeting with Sophia. But that doesn’t mean we can’t rank the five worst Batman costumes. And, trust us, this is the hardest top five we’ve ever had to make.

The first two are pretty self-explanatory – the ski mask and the Halloween outfit. The third one is pretty funny too, but we get the feeling this isn’t the one Thomas Wayne would’ve chosen. The fourth one is an outfit we’d never thought we’d see on film (but we were wrong): Ben Affleck in full Batman costume. And finally, the fifth one is by far the best Batman costume we’ve ever seen.

Yes, we realize we’re breaking our own rules here by not including the tuxedo from the 1966 Batman film, but we’ve never really liked that suit and we feel it doesn’t represent the character well enough.

So there you have it – the best and worst of the Batman costumes. We hope this helps you in deciding which one to wear for Halloween this year.