This week the world got a small glimpse into the madness that is the Batman movie set. We were treated to a ton of new images, which you can view below. But first, a quick recap on what happened last week.

New Sets From The Batman Movie

Last week, members of the crew were spotted outside on the streets of Singapore working hard on the upcoming Batman movie. We got a glimpse of a huge pile of luggage, which could probably contain all of Bruce Wayne’s belongings. We also got a peek at Christian Bale’s stunning mansion and its grounds, along with the incredible amount of vehicles that he has accumulated over the years. Finally, we got a glimpse of the huge Christmas tree that Bale and co-star Rebecca Ferguson are fond of decorating each year.

As previously reported, the Batman movie will be directed by Zack Snyder and also star Ben Affleck as Batman. The plot synopsis is as follows:

“Bruce Wayne learns that his parents were murdered when he was a child and that he has been raised by his Uncle Alfred. Alfred teaches Bruce how to fight crime and to be a good man, instilling in him a sense of justice.”

This movie is scheduled for release on February 14, 2021.

The Making Of The Batman

The incredible amount of sets that we saw above were built with great care and attention to detail. The costumes and decorations were clearly inspired by the popular comic books and cartoons, but the set designs look absolutely real. The attention to detail is extraordinary and this movie is definitely going to be memorable for all fans of the Dark Knight.

The movie itself will adapt many storylines and arcs from the comic books, with some original stories mixed in as well. One of the most iconic scenes in comics will be the bat signal, which you may know as “The Bat Signal.” In the comics, the signal can be seen from great distances and even from the air. It was first used in Detective Comics, No. 38, and we can expect to see it in the movie as well. Other sources say that the signal will be seen being beamed into the sky from Wayne’s penthouse, where he keeps his telescope.

One of the iconic scenes in the comics is when Batman fights with a giant rat, similar to the one above. In the graphic novel The King of Fear, Batman single-handedly takes on an entire circus of giant rats that have been terrorizing the city. We can expect to see various creatures going toe-to-toe with Batman throughout the movie. In the comics, Batman’s rogues gallery is famously filled with creatures, ranging from normal animals like dogs and cats, to fish, frogs, and even giant scorpions!

How Did The Crew Differ From Previous Years?

It was previously reported in September of last year that the director of the upcoming Batman film was originally going to be Christopher Nolan, but he had to drop out due to the ongoing pandemic. Since then, a lot has changed. With the world going back to work and people wanting to get back out there and live their lives again, it certainly seems like a good time to bring back the Dark Knight.

Zack Snyder took the helm of the project and quickly began shaping it into a cinematic masterpiece. The director brought in an entirely new crew for the project, including producers Jason Blum and Emma Tillinger, who worked with Snyder on the highly acclaimed 300. That crew was then joined by several other professionals, including set designers, carpenters, and many more. The end result is a movie that looks absolutely incredible. Since the director has stuck close to his roots while bringing in new ideas and modern touches, it makes for an interesting comparison to Christopher Nolan’s earlier films. With both directors having such a strong connection to the comics, it will be exciting to see what modern tweaks and enhancements they could bring to the story. One thing is for sure, this version of Batman will not be the same as we have seen before.

Now that we have a fresh batch of images to ogle, it’s time to dive in. Take a look below and enjoy!