I don’t normally post about celebrities, but when a celebrity puts their heart and effort into an art form, it’s worth noting.

The Robert Pattinson Batman, as he’s come to be known, is an incredible piece of work that combines hand-drawn artwork with a photo-realistic quality that’s hard to find in fantasy art.

The inspiration for this unique illustration comes from the darkest recesses of Batman’s mind, leading him to question whether or not he’s worthy of donning the cape and cowl. From the way that he poses to the anguished look in his eyes, this illustration is a striking, if slightly disturbing, depiction of Batman.

The Influences Behind the Art

If you’re unfamiliar, Robert Pattinson was born in London in 1984 and grew up in Scotland. He began acting at the age of seven, and went on to star in several major Hollywood movies. Most recently, he can be seen in the wildly popular “Twilight” movies, in which he plays the vampire Edward Cullen.

In an interview with the Telegraph, Pattinson confessed that he hasn’t actually read any of the “Twilight” books, and that he actually found out about the project from a friend who was an avid reader and fan of the series. Pattinson cited the “Twilight” books as one of the main influences behind his work.

While the books may be best known for their sparkly vampires and tear-jerking storyline, they’re actually very dark. For centuries, vampires have been depicted as sexy, glamorous creatures that prey on the naive and the innocent (hence Edward Cullen’s self-professed loneliness and boredom). The books challenge readers to ask themselves if a beautiful, intelligent, and seductive creature of the night is really someone to be afraid of.

Pattinson’s Commitment to Art

It’s not unusual for celebrities to become involved with art for various reasons. Some create works of art to hang on their walls or to give as gifts, others do it to satisfy their personal feelings. The thing about Pattinson is that he seems genuinely interested in this area of art. As a result, you have an incredible hybrid piece that is surprisingly moving and thought-provoking.

How It Was Done

If you’ve seen the trailer for “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” you may have seen one of the scenes that inspired the Robert Pattinson Batman.

The movie “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” is, in fact, the inspiration for this amazing work. In one particular scene, Batman is on the run from Lex Luthor, who has taken over as the new mayor of Metropolis. The Dark Knight fights a battle with superman in the sky, which soon turns into a fight scene on the ground. As the battle rages on, people below watch in awe as the two most recognizable superheroes duke it out. During one particular take, Pattinson’s character is spotted running towards the camera, with the city visible behind him. The view of Metropolis is actually one of the most impressive scenes in the entire movie.

The artist himself was spotted on set during the filming of this scene, and he even made a cameo appearance. It was a thrill to see such an iconic scene from the movie and to have some part in bringing it to life. A truly talented individual.

The Influences Behind the Design

The design for the Robert Pattinson Batman is, in fact, a collaboration between the artist and the costume designer. Together, they wanted to capture the feeling of a noir-styled detective from the 40s, which is why they went with the sleek, modern look. When it comes to influences, they cited several sources, including but not limited to the works of Bob Hope and Humphrey Bogart.

The Influences Behind the Scenario

The main influence behind the scenario for the Robert Pattinson Batman is, in fact, “High Noon.” The well-known film noir tells the story of a lawman who is forced to choose between right and wrong as he investigates a case. The scenario for the Batman is, in fact, very similar to that of “High Noon,” with Pattinson’s character having to choose between fighting evil in the world or protecting his home and those he loves.

Final Takeaway

This article is not meant to be a negative reflection on “Twilight” or the “Twilight” movies. Instead, I hope that it will inspire fans of the series (and those who have never even heard of it) to really take a look at the source material and the darkness that lies within it. “Twilight” will always be associated with Edward Cullen and his story of lonely desire, but the books are much more than that. While it may be hard to look at these pages and not think of Edward Cullen and the “Twilight” movies, it’s important to remember that this is a story that is way more complex than most people realize. That complexity is what makes this art work so special. It’s not often that we see a major celebrity get involved in a project that is this personal, and ultimately, it will remind you why these movies are so popular and why people love them so much. While it’s great to have a new Batman on the big screen, this project will forever be linked to the Dark Knight because, quite frankly, this is one of the most amazing takes on Batman that we’ve ever seen.