I’m not one to usually get all hyped up about fashion, but when it comes to men’s fashion, I’ve been noticing an influx of celebrity inspired clothing lines in the past year or two that genuinely leave an impression on me. One of the biggest examples of this is the Batman jacket. Not only does it look exactly like the iconic jacket worn by Christian Bale’s Batman character in the Dark Knight Trilogy, but it even captures the character’s style and attitude perfectly. Not only that but it looks exactly like what a man would wear if he stole everything from Batman’s costume and rebuilt it with his own unique style.

As someone who loves a good scare as much as the next person, I was naturally highly intrigued when I heard that Warner Bros. had teamed up with the renowned British streetwear brand, Hush, to remake the classic Batman design as a contemporary look.

The result is pure genius, both in terms of looks and functionality, and I can’t resist the vintage style combined with the modern attitude either. So whether you’re a huge fan of the Dark Knight or just want to be a stand-out among the Batman enthusiasts at Halloween parties, you may want to pick up a copy of this iconic piece of fashion as soon as possible.

The Classic Design

It’s hard to put into words just how perfect the classic Batman design is. Not only does it look exactly like what you’d expect of a man who’s chosen to live as Bruce Wayne, but it even feels like it too. Made from fine leather and satin calf leather, with faux fur trim, this is a piece of clothing that will never go out of style.

A single breasted pocket located on the chest provides a safe house for your mobile device, while the two inner pockets keep your small changes and receipts organized. Finished with metal eyelets and a leather flap with a Golden Eye emblem on it, this is a classic look that will never go out of style.

The Hush Design

If you’ve ever shopped at Hush, you’ll know exactly how passionate the brand is about minimalism and sustainability. Not only do they source their materials from the most eco-friendly and fair trade manufacturers, but they refuse to use any animal products or by-products in the manufacturing process. This is why the brand has gained so much popularity in the eco-friendly and sustainable circles.

This ethos is precisely what makes the Hush design so special. While staying true to the original design, the brand reimagined it in pure white leather with a subtle charcoal grey tint. This creates a stark contrast between the two colors, while still keeping with the overall minimalism theme. This is truly one of the most unique reinterpretations of a classic design I’ve seen in a long time and I’m sure many fans will agree. It doesn’t hurt that white leather looks absolutely stunning paired with charcoal, does it?

The Golden Eye

It’s time to pay respect to one of the most famous, if not the most famous, logos in cinema history. The Golden Eye is one of the most recognizable symbols not only of Alfred Pennyworth’s but also of the entire Batman franchise. It’s one of the most important aspects of the series, so it really is a great choice as a symbol of the collaboration between Hush and Batman.

The Golden Eye symbolizes truth, justice, and, most importantly, intelligence. It’s one of the fundamental elements that defines the Dark Knight as a whole. As you’ll see in the movies, Alfred makes a point of telling Batman that he has a golden eye, which is something the character uses as a calling card. The combination of the two makes this emblematic of the Dark Knight.

The Overall Feel

As a whole, the design stays true to the original while still keeping with the current style trends, which is no easy feat. Not only do the designers avoid using any animal products or by-products in the manufacturing process, but they use eco-friendly and eco-conscious materials that allow them to easily be disposed of when trashed. Not only is it the perfect choice for a fashionable and functional jacket, but it also feels like a natural extension of what you’d expect from the world’s most famous vigilante.

It’s no secret that fashion and style influence my perspective on life and the way I see the world. This means that the people who make my clothes have a pretty good chance of influencing the way I feel about certain issues and topics. One of these topics is men’s fashion, and these two designs have really made an impression on me. Not only does it look like every man’s dream, but it also captures the fashion style of the legendary Batman perfectly.