With his unique blend of comedy and drama, Robert Pattinson is one of the biggest talking points of the year. Not only is he one of the most in-demand actors of our time, but he also holds the record for being the youngest person to ever play the role of Edward Cullen in the blockbuster Twilight Saga.

The English actor recently turned 28 and to celebrate this landmark birthday, we compare his makeup look on and off-screen.

Same Robert Pattinson, But Different Looks

When it comes to comparing Robert Pattinson’s on-screen and off-screen looks, there is one significant difference. The on-screen version is completely different from the clean-faced, yet smoldering version we see in real life.

In keeping with Twilight convention, we see an extremely worn-down and tired Edward in the opening of Pattinson’s new film, Good Time. However, even this early on in the proceedings, there is already a clear disparity between the on-screen and off-screen versions of the English actor. While he’s put in the necessary work to look like a beaten beast, his off-screen persona is one of eternal youth and elegance.

Even when playing the role of a vampire in the Twilight Saga, Robert Pattinson manages to keep his charm and boyish smile. This knack for inhabiting a character, while looking incredibly real, is something that he has seemingly mastered. In fact, the only parts of Robert Pattinson that don’t look quite real are those involving his teeth.

How To Make The Most Of Your Skin

One of the most significant differences between the on-screen and off-screen versions of Robert Pattinson is the way he makes the most of his skin. If we dissect his off-screen look, we can see that he takes great care in styling and using his facial hair, as well as applying makeup and skincare products to achieve his desired effect. That is to say, the off-screen version is a complete opposite to the rather unkempt, scruffy creature we see in the movies.

The reason behind this apparent mismatch is that the on-screen Robert Pattinson wears makeup products to cover up his skin imperfections and disguise his looks. In other words, he doesn’t utilize makeup just for vanity purposes as some might suggest. This is a role-specific look that he has adapted for the big screen and has made his own.

To achieve this unique, yet classic Batman look, start by applying a primer to reduce shine and smooth out your skin. Then, set aside some time to scrunch into the wrinkles and folds of your face with a good eye cream. Follow up by lightly dusting on a powder to set the cream and add a subtle glow.

Less Is More

In keeping with our comparison of on-screen versus off-screen looks, it’s worth noting that less is more when it comes to Batman. Just as with his other films, director Christopher Nolan wanted to keep things simple but effective when depicting the Dark Knight. This minimalist approach has certainly paid off, as Good Time is one of the most stylish and least amount of plot-heavy movies in recent memory.

The less there is on the page, the more there is on the screen. This is one of the major reasons behind the relatively little screen time given to Robert Pattinson’s character, Jason O’Mara. As a top British Intelligence agent, O’Mara is frequently stationed abroad, far from home. This leads to a great deal of downtime, which he spends drinking, gambling, and womanizing.

Because of his hedonistic ways, it’s no wonder that Robert Pattinson has such a large collection of tattoos. These ink-slingerings not only serve as a physical representation of the actor’s unique personality; they have also proved to be a source of inspiration for his on-screen characters. The most prominent tattoo on his body is undoubtedly the crow, which adorns his arm. This iconic bird is a symbol of the Grim Reaper and is also the key feature on the cover of his 2010 album, Dirty Work. In an interview, the English actor revealed that he got the tattoo to “represent power” and “grace under pressure.” It’s fair to say that these qualities serve him extremely well during his time in the Twilight Saga. He is often pitted against more experienced and physically gifted fighters, all while maintaining a level head in the middle of intense battles.

Off-Camera Makeup Tips For Men

Looking to achieve a similar but more streamlined look for men? Then check out these tips from celebrity makeup artist Yves Saint Laurent. According to YSL, it is possible to achieve a more sculptural, avant-garde look by taking out most of the products. Instead, you’ll want to use the following products:

  • Powder Foundation
  • Powder Bronzer
  • High Shine Lipstick
  • Cream Contour
  • Blush
  • Eye Cream
  • Facial Wipes
  • Detangling Cream
  • Facial Powder
  • Facial Brushes

With these products, you can easily create a more sculptural look. The key is to stay organized as you apply the products, as following this routine will help you avoid making any mistakes. Moreover, learning how to apply these products effectively will also help you achieve the perfect look for any occasion. So, if you want to learn more, check out Yves Saint Laurent’s website or social media accounts for more videos and tutorials on applying makeup.