It seems that no celebrity scandal is safe these days. While most people may view it as entertainment when one of their favorite celebrities messes up and screws up, the truth is that a celebrity scandal may end up being quite problematic. The past few months have been exceptionally rough for Robert Pattinson. The British actor made headlines around the world when it was revealed that he cheated on his fiancee with other women. Now that the dust has settled, it’s time to reflect on what might have been. Could things have turned out more badly for Pattinson? It’s very possible, and here’s why:

Scandalous Sex Tape

Shortly after the cheating bombshell was dropped, it was revealed that Pattinson filmed a sextape with two actresses. The tape was allegedly shot in one take without any breaks. The actresses featured on the tape are said to be best friends with the actor’s partner, FKA (Singer, songwriter, record producer, and DJ). The scandalous sextape was posted online without any credit cards being charged to the actors’ accounts. It is estimated that the online publication of the tape netted the leakers a cool $1 million. Is this money really worth what we’ve all just experienced? It’s hard to tell. The fallout from the leaked sex tape continues to be felt, as one of the actresses has filed a criminal complaint against the British actor for invasion of privacy and identity theft. The complaint was made in August, and the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office has yet to issue any statements regarding the case. However, it is not known whether the actress has withdrawn the criminal complaint. If she did, it would be a huge win for the actor.

Slimming Down

In an effort to become more attractive to women, the English actor underwent a drastic weight loss. He reportedly dropped as much as 15 pounds in less than two weeks. Although this might not seem like a big deal to most people, it’s an arduous process to lose 15 pounds in such a short amount of time. Just imagine how difficult it must have been for Pattinson to achieve such a significant weight loss in such a short amount of time. After all, he is now 73 pounds lighter than his original weight. It would not be surprising if Pattinson’s rapid weight loss was the result of another one of his controversial decisions. Perhaps he decided to go on a diet after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. It’s time to re-establish his previous weight, and a part of that process entails gaining some pounds. So even though Pattinson has managed to shed off a great deal of weight, his health concerns still remain. Is this the kind of man you would want to date? Even though his health is a legitimate concern, other women probably still find him attractive. Still, it is a good idea for the actor to get his blood sugar checked regularly.

Hiring Bodyguards

If you think that your safety is at risk because of your celebrity, it may be a good idea to hire a bodyguard. These individuals would be there to protect you from harm. They would not try to stop a would-be stalker, but they can certainly prevent you from being physically harmed. It’s never easy being a celebrity, but hiring bodyguards makes it a little easier. They could get you out of dangerous situations that you otherwise might find yourself in. That’s the kind of service that such a security firm as Blackman & White Man Inc. offers.

Getting Engaged To A Friend

One of the most despicable things that anyone could do is to betray their friend’s trust. When Robert Pattinson got engaged to his friend Kate, she was the last person he should have proposed to. They barely know each other, and it shows. The two had initially become friends when they were kids and were reunited as adults thanks to a chance encounter at a party. It was after this party that Pattinson asked Kate to be his wife. However, Kate had a condition that she must be monogamous, so the engagement was not legal. What an ungrateful friend he is! Instead of being grateful for all that she’s done for him, Robert asked his friend to be his fiancee even though he knew that she had a boyfriend at the time. That’s a whole lot of ungratefulness. If anything, Kate should be thanking Robert for being such a loyal friend. The worst part is that his buddy had no idea what was going on; he believed that they were just being kids and acting out. So not only did Robert betray his friend’s trust, he also lied to her about his intentions. It is not yet known whether Kate and her boyfriend know that she is engaged to be married. If she doesn’t, then perhaps she’s the one who should be saying thank you to Robert for being such a loyal friend. Who knows? Perhaps one day, Kate will realize what an awesome friend she has in Robert. For now, she should be saying goodbye to her bachelorhood.

Getting Punked By The Media

One of the worst things that any celebrity can experience is to have their privacy invaded by the media. We live in a world where everyone has a camera on their phone. It is not yet clear whether the two actresses filmed the sextape without the knowledge of the other party, but one thing is for sure: They were most likely not supposed to show it to anyone. That’s why it was leaked online without any credit cards being charged. It is also possible that the leakers wanted to humiliate the actor. After all, he had cheated on his ex-fiancee, and this was his payback. Just imagine how embarrassed he must have been by having sex filmed without his knowledge. For that reason alone, it would not be a stretch to assume that he had something to feel ashamed of. Another question is why two women were chosen to humiliate the actor? One of the actresses is rumored to have a criminal record, something that probably would not have been known to the general public if the media hadn’t exposed it. It would be interesting to know what motivated these women to do this to the actor. Was it for money? Was it because he was a celebrity? Was it because he had cheated on his now-ex-fiancee? We may never know, but what we do know is that the two women managed to humiliate the actor and earn themselves a cool $1 million.

These are the things that celebrities have to deal with on a daily basis. The fact that they’re celebrities doesn’t make it any easier, especially when the majority of the population still have little to no idea who they are. People might think that being famous means that you cannot get into any kind of trouble, but that is far from true. It’s definitely a double-edged sword, as you need to be more careful with your decisions and protect yourself from harmful situations. Even when things seem to be going well, you cannot be too careful, as a malicious person could always hurt you.