Last November, the media world was shaken by the news that Robert Pattinson, the 25-year-old English actor and singer best known for starring in the Twilight films and the Gucci ads, had hooked up with a stylin’ 21-year-old vegan French woman named FKA Twigs. Although the relationship made tabloid heads bleed, it wasn’t the first time that the actor had been spotted with a famous fashion muse. In fact, the former couple have been linked to one another since they first met while filming Pattinson’s debut album in 2013. With his brooding good looks and mysterious off-screen persona, it’s no wonder why so many women are interested in cozying up to the British star. So what is this fashion-forward beauty seeking fame and fortune? Let’s take a closer look.

FKA Twigs’ New London Lifestyle

The British actor’s new lifestyle was documented in the Netflix drama series, Ugly Delicious, which followed the actress, singer, and stylist as she adjusted to her newfound fame. The series chronicled the ups and downs of Twigs’ new life in London, including her dramatic weight loss and her struggle to find the right style and mood for each scene. Although Ugly Delicious focused largely on Twigs’ personal life, we did learn a few things about her professional relationship with Pattinson, including the fact that they had worked together to transform his style and image for the paparazzi. With his brooding good looks and mysterious off-screen persona, it’s no wonder why so many women are interested in cozying up to the British star. So what is this fashion-forward beauty seeking fame and fortune? Let’s take a closer look.

Turning Point: Twigs’ Debut Album and 2014 Film Debut

The short answer is Pattinson’s 2013 album, the aptly named BelAmi, and its title track, which featured the beautiful English-born actress Emily Brown. Although the pair never actually dated, their connection was cemented when they featured prominently in the album’s artwork and shared the same publicist. One of the earliest signs of their budding professional relationship was the fact that Pattinson hired Brown’s as his stylist and she worked with his team to create a unique signature look for the actor. Since then, they have collaborated on multiple projects, from designing his album covers to starring in a short film together.

Pattinson’s Evolution as an Actor and Musical Artist

Although he isn’t officially a fashion designer, Pattinson has worked with numerous designers, including Burberry, Marc Jacobs, and Versace, to create his unique look. He has also earned a reputation as one of the best classical music artists around, performing both solo and with his band, the Robert Pattinson Band. His unique vocal range and emotive power have landed him several high-profile gigs, including the theme songs for the BBC’s Royal Wedding special and the final four episodes of Louis CK’s critically-acclaimed series, Louie.

A Relevant Education

Pattinson’s education is relevant in more ways than one. Aside from his formal training as an actor, he also holds a degree in music from the Royal Academy of Music in London and is musically inclined. He started playing the piano at the age of six and has since devoted his time to learning how to play various instruments. In addition to being a skilled pianist, he is also a skilled guitarist, bass guitarist, and drummer. His bandmates have often joked that he could play anything and sing like Adele. This unique skill set has undoubtedly helped him to cultivate such a diverse group of fans—from musicians to fashion designers—and earned him the nickname ‘The Riff Raff’.

A Stylin’ Backpack

With a career that spans acting, musical performance, and design, the 25-year-old English actor has definitely not lacked in exposure. Along with Brown, whom he met while filming The Golden Lion in 2013, the star has also collaborated with renowned fashion designers like Miu Miu, Max Mara, and Burberry. The result is a fully stocked wardrobe that is as likely to be seen on a red carpet as on a city stroll. This impressive stylin’ backpacking regimen is something that the actor has taken great care of over the years, designing and implementing workout and skincare routines that he feels make him more comfortable in the sack.

The Sexiest Man Alive

Some people, like his Twilight co-star and current girlfriend, Bella Swan, have hailed Pattinson as ‘the sexiest man alive’. Although he has denied that he is ‘Mr Popular’, he has certainly gained a large and loyal following among fans who admire his work and can’t get enough of his good looks. From the retro glamour of his early Twilight work to the grunge chic of his recent gigs, Pattinson’s versatile style has kept him fresh and interesting to his followers, ensuring that they continue to flock to him as he grows older. This is undoubtedly helped by the fact that he never really shies away from a challenge, often going out on loan to film projects or taking on major fitness regimens to maintain his looks.