There are many reasons why you might like Robert Pattinson, the man, the legend, and the heartthrob. Perhaps you appreciate his dramatic looks or his acting talent. Perhaps you enjoy his offbeat sense of humour or his political opinions. As you’ll soon discover, there’s more than one reason why you might like Robert Pattinson! Here are ten of the best memes celebrating the amazing, unique, and charming all-around great guy!

10. The Fake News Detector

One of our favourite memes shows Robert Pattinson playing The Fake News Detector, a role he adopted from his favourite film, The Social Network. After you’ve watched that movie a million times, you’ll start to see references to it everywhere. In the movie, The Social Network, Mark Zuckerberg (played by the legendary Jesse Eisenberg) invents a virtual newspaper where people can post and share fake news stories. The character of The Fake News Detector operates on a similar principal, only he goes a step further and enacts real-time fact checks on the stories people share and post on social media. If you’ve seen the movie and are thinking about creating your own virtual newspaper, you might want to consider giving the Fake News Detector a try! (And we won’t hold it against you if you do.)

9. The Robert Pattinson Look

There are many looks that are associated with Robert Pattinson. We’re quite certain that if you’ve ever seen him, you’ve thought “man, that guy looks like Robert Pattinson” at least once. Whether you’ve loved him or hated him, you’ve certainly recognised his unique charm and distinctive eyes. The best memes put these features on full display and call out his fans with the shout-out. Take a look and see if you don’t recognise yourself!

8. The Watermelon Song

Another great movie reference with the classic song, “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay,” playing in the background as Robert Pattinson sings along. This one’s a bit of a cheat because the song itself isn’t that great, and it doesn’t even feature Pattinson, but he happens to be one of the greatest singers of all time so it’s perfect. Just listen to how he delivers the line, “And what have you got for me, Jeeves?” You’ll understand why this is one of the best memes ever made.

7. The Walking Dead Inspired Makeover

Robert Pattinson’s love for The Walking Dead is clear in his many amazing outfits as the dead walk the earth. It seems that at least once a month, we see a new movie or TV show that inspired one of his amazing fashion choices. One of the most recent inspirations was the TV show’s incredible makeover videos, which inspired this meme. We love how he incorporated the colours of the show, using orange for the main portion of his getup and adding in touches of brown, black, and red to give it that extra zing! This is the perfect suit for the coming autumn and winter!

6. The Yacht Salesman

This next meme is part of a series where Robert Pattinson plays various eccentric characters, but, as you’ll soon discover, he really does have the yachtsman down pat. When you think about it, yachtsman are pretty cool people. They roam the seas seeking out beautiful sailboats for sale and then they make their sales pitch, hitting up all their favourite keywords and using lots of hand gestures. It’s like they have an inflatable doll and they’re performing surgery with it. This meme brings to life this interesting character, who we think is hilarious. Give it a watch and have a good laugh! (We sure did.)

5. Gardening Fantasies

This meme shows off Robert Pattinson’s incredible flair for fashion as he dresses up in various costumes while planting gardens and dreaming of the day he can finally grow his own vegetables. This is one of our favourite memes because it’s both funny and fitting. Just when you think he can’t fit any more patterns or costumes, he updates the photo with a new dream setup. In the meantime, he’s been gardening all his life and is passionate about the subject. It’s no wonder he wants to do it himself once he’s retired from acting!

4. The Vampire Hunter

This is one of our favourite memes ever. It’s a combination of two of Robert Pattinson’s best characters from the Twilight movies: The Vampire Hunter and Edward Cullen. In the first movie, he plays a vampire hunter who travels to Canada to save the girl of his dreams, Bella, from a family of vampires. In the second movie, he plays Edward Cullen, a vampire who falls in love with Bella. The memes show off this incredible collaboration between the film’s directors, David Slade and Curtis Keatt, as well as the actors’ amazing costumes, and make for an incredible display of fashion and talent. Not only does it feature some of the greatest actors of all time, but it also provides a great example of how versatile and unique they are. We can’t decide if we love Edward Cullen or the Vampire Hunter more!

3. The Batman Vs Superman Duel

One of the greatest superhero battles was played out between Batman and Superman. The drama between the Caped Crusader and the Man of Steel is perhaps one of the most iconic scenes from the 2000 movie, Batman Vs Superman. The battle was so intense that it made our top three list of comic books that were turned into movies. The showdown was between two of the most popular superheroes of all time, with over eight million people having seen Batman Vs Superman at the box office. The costume design for Batman is another of his iconic looks, with the dark blue and grey colour scheme and the famous silhouette. Superman’s suit is inspired by his iconic image as a “S” shield, with his colours, red, white, and blue as a representation of the American flag and the House of Zod on his chest. This is one of the most popular memes on TikTok, getting over 7.4 million views, but it’s probably one of the most confusing memes too. We get it if you don’t know what’s going on. The two superheroes are fighting and it’s not clear who’ll win. Which one of them will vanquish the other? We’ll have to wait and see!

2. The Walking Dead Easter Egg

This next meme is a little secret hidden away on TikTok. When you watch the Season 8 premiere of The Walking Dead, titled “No Mercy,” you’ll see a little Easter egg that’s actually a shout-out to one of the show’s greatest secrets: Jon Snow. In the episode, two of the characters, Mac and Cheese, sing a parody of “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay” while dressed in costumes inspired by Game of Thrones character Jon Snow. The song is called “Sitting on the Pink Unicorn Feather,” and it’s absolutely hilarious! Check it out if you haven’t already – the song’s not that great, but the costumes are fantastic!

1. The Robert Pattinson Instagram

The very first meme we’re going to show you features a photo of Robert Pattinson’s Instagram account. It was set to private years ago, but someone leaked the password and now it’s been made public once again. We love how he’s dressed as a gravedigger for Halloween, with a beautiful gravestone in the background, and he’s also proudly shown off his Halloween decorations, which include skeletons and ghosts. It would seem that the actor is a big fan of the Halloween season!

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