Even diehard Twi-histers might be unaware of the significance that Robert Pattinson’s appearance in the Twilight saga holds. The British actor who plays Edward Cullen in the film adaptation of J.K. Rowling’s popular book series is known for his bad***penguin*** looks, which he acquired thanks to his role as the vampire in the films Twilight and its sequels. The character and the actor became so popular that today, a whole collection of stuffed animals, statues, and hoodies are branded with his image.

While the fandom may embrace Robert Pattinson, the Academy of Sciences (AS) does not share their enthusiasm. The British actor was nominated for a BAFTA award for his portrayal of the vampire in Twilight but failed to win. The Academy was not kind to Pattinson, snubbing him during the 2016 awards season. Though the actor continued to rack up nominations for his other work (including a Golden Globe nomination for his role in the upcoming Goodbye Christopher Robin), it wasn’t enough to win the prize which is given to the best actor each year.

But it’s not just the Academy that doesn’t get the Robert Pattinson story. The world might never know the true identity of R.Pattinson because he consistently refuses to divulge details about his private life. In an interview with GQ, the actor spoke of his desire to keep his personal life private:

“I think it’s funny when journalists try to figure out who I am. I find it quite funny when people put things together, like my appearance in Twilight, and think they know who I am. I mean, they might guess, but they don’t know … I would never tell anyone … My life is very private. I don’t want to expose myself to interviews. If my family, my friends, and even my agent don’t know something, then I don’t want anyone finding out either.”

Pattinson’s aversion to publicity has made him an unappreciated actor as he continues to rack up nominations but never wins. The only exception to this rule is when he finally accepts the Oscars, which he won in 2017 for his portrayal of Logan in the movie Logan.

From Bad***Penguin*** To Good***Penguin***

It’s not like Robert Pattinson was born to play the part of a vampire, as he actually started out his acting career with small roles in television series like Cracker Films’ Newington Buttons (1997) and Double Crush (1998). The actor made his film debut in the 2005 drama Sleeping Beauty and went on to appear in The Beach (2000), Hotel Transylvania (2012), and the upcoming Goodbye Christopher Robin.

Pattinson might have been better known for his bad***penguin*** looks if it weren’t for an incident that occurred during the filming of Sleeping Beauty. According to the story, the British actor was shooting a romantic scene with the Emma Stone when things took a turn for the dramatic. According to Stone, the two were fighting over who would play Cupid in the movie. During the scene, which was supposed to be funny, things turned ugly when Pattinson grabbed her and threatened to bite her. Fortunately, Stone was able to break free and ran off set.

The next day, director Michael Beck called for a special briefing:

“We had a special meeting with Michael [Stone], Emma [Stone], and myself. He said that Robert is not a happy camper. He keeps saying ‘I will f**king kill you’ when he is acting and will not let anyone near him. He is under a lot of pressure from Hollywood to change his appearance and he won’t let anyone near him when he is like that. So we have to be careful when we work with him.”

Apparently, Stone’s relationship with Pattinson was never the same after this incident. The pair went on to star in Twilight, which was a turning point for the actor. Apart from winning the Oscars, Pattinson also nabbed a Golden Globe and BAFTA award for his role in the film. The following year, he was nominated for his leading role in The Lost City but lost out to Leonardo DiCaprio for the part of J.R. Rice in The Revenant.

A Private Life

With his numerous cinematic roles, it’s no wonder that Robert Pattinson keeps so much about his private life private. The actor has always been reluctant to talk about his personal life, so it’s not like he has nothing to hide. In a new interview with Vogue, Pattinson opened up about his aversion to being labeled:

“I always get a bit confused with all these labels. It’s funny because I don’t really fit into any of them. People say that I’m a supernatural actor and I don’t really fit into that category, either. I’m not really into fashion, either. A lot of people think that I’m a fashion expert because I curated Richemont Fashion Week in 2018 [Richemont is one of the Swiss companies which owns Pattinson’s favourite brand Burberry]. But I don’t really fit into that category, either. What do I actually like doing? I actually like making myself confident and believing in myself.”

Though he has never favored being labeled, it seems that the public doesn’t understand that Pattinson isn’t just a pretty face. The actor is an introspective individual who strives for self-awareness, as he often speaks to the press about his own insecurities. In an interview with Elle Australia, Pattinson shared what makes him uncomfortable in his own company:

“I like being around people who see me as more than just my looks. I don’t like being around people who only think about my appearance … It makes me feel a little insecure. I want to be seen for my brain rather than just my good looks. I don’t think I’ll ever be completely happy when it comes to this issue. I never feel like I’m the most beautiful or the most talented person.”

Apart from his insecurities, Robert Pattinson is also open about his desires. In a romantic interview with Vogue, the actress Vanessa Welch spoke of her crush on the British actor:

“I think it’s no secret that I am in love with Robert Pattinson. He’s so handsome, confident, and charming, and I just feel that he’s got everything that I need in a guy.

“I first met him a couple of years ago, when we co-starred in a film called Goodbye Christopher Robin. We played eleven years old, which was a lot of fun and we had a good time together on that film. I still keep in contact with his agent, Harper [Smith], and he’s just a really funny, kind of quiet and introspective guy. He’s just a good person to be around.”