There are few stars in Hollywood more in demand than Robert Pattinson. One glance at his IMDB profile and it’s clear to see why: over the past few years he has appeared in films and TV shows which collectively boast nearly every major award. His biggest year to date was 2017 when he starred as Charles “Bud” Tuggle in the acclaimed sequel to It, Get Out!, which earned him a Golden Globe nomination.

The Twilight star has been married three times, the most recent being to actress Kristen Stewart. Although they have been together for some time, their fairytale was thrown into serious doubt when they were arrested for shoplifting during a break from their wedding. Fortunately, they were both swiftly cleared of any wrongdoing and have since wed in a lavish ceremony which was followed by a romantic Honeymoon trip to Italy. In 2019, they are due to welcome their first child together.

Pattinson has always been open about his desire to expand his family. In fact, as well as being married, he also has a son, Bronson, from a previous relationship. In the same way that he has embraced his celebrity, Pattinson has also become extremely protective of his children. According to reports, he has blocked fans from invading their privacy and shunning them from events due to their celebrity. The star’s charity, the Bronson Ingram Trust, was set up to protect Bronson and his sister, Hailie, from stalkers and intrusive fans. He has also given his children security guards and private investigators to protect them from harm.

A Royal Match

While Pattinson’s celebrity status would undoubtedly make him a highly sought-after bachelor, his good looks have led to him being linked with a host of beautiful women. His love life has been the subject of much speculation over the years, with many believing that he will never settle down. The star has been romantically linked to Kate Winslet, Naomi Watts, Emily Blunt and more recently, Saoirse Ronan. This year, it seems that Pattinson has finally found the love of his life and his future is bright.

The couple were first seen together at the 2019 American Film Institute Awards held in Los Angeles in February. Since then, they have been inseparable as they attended several events together including the Oscars and BAFTAs. Most recently, the pair were seen canoodling in a London café before heading to Park Lane for a wedding reception. We can only hope that this is the start of a long, happy marriage for the two.

Why Did Taylor Lautner Get Naked?

Speaking of happy endings, let’s not forget about Taylor Lautner. The 27-year-old has had a rather different trajectory to that of his fellow co-star. After making his debut in the 2006 film Veronica Guerin, Lautner spent a number of years playing bit-roles in big-budget Hollywood movies. It was during this time that he started working on his tan. According to reports, the actor was initially hesitant to strip off for the camera but eventually gave in to popularity. Since then, he has gone on to star in big-budget blockbusters such as The Avengers and X-Men. Most recently, Lautner starred in the big-budget remake of The Predator.

The actor’s skin problems first came to the public’s attention when paparazzi discovered that he had eczema. This led to the revelation that the former child star had been hiding his skin condition for years. In 2018, the actor opened up about his battle with eczema and how it has affected his life. He said: “I was always embarrassed about my eczema. I didn’t want anyone to know about it … At first, I tried to hide it with concealer and foundation, but as it progressed, I had to hide it more and more. What started as little bumps on my nose grew into full-blown wounds. I couldn’t wear certain makeup products because they would peel off and rub against my skin, aggravating my eczema. Then I had to wean myself off of them slowly. It was a real pain. Not being able to wear certain makeup products or dress well was frustrating, especially since I am naturally drawn to bold, bridal makeup products and lingerie.”

Slimming Down

Another factor which has seen a marked change in both stars’ appearances is their respective diets. Since the start of this year, both Pattinson and Lautner have been extremely tight-lipped about the foods which they have been eating. While it’s tempting to link their diets to the success they have enjoyed this year, it’s fair to say that they have both been working hard to achieve their svelte figures. According to the Twi-Hard diet book which they both co-authored, the stars have been cutting out carbs and eating more fruit and vegetables. They’ve also gone on walks, meditated and done a whole lot of crafty workouts to shed off those extra pounds. While it seems like a fairytale ending, nothing in Hollywood is ever simple.

Meanwhile, over on the other side of the Pond, Canadian singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes credits his remarkable weight loss to an extensive photoblog which he has been running for over a decade. As well as documenting his travels and workouts, Mendes has shared intimate details of his life including the foods which he has been eating and the routines which he has followed to lose all that weight. In 2018, Mendes released his first book, Life Lessons from Dad, which chronicles the struggles and triumphs of his childhood. The singer is now a father to a six-month-old son, Caleb, whose godfather is none other than Justin Bieber.

With so much celebrity change to take in, it’s important to keep things in perspective. While it’s always exciting to see your favorite celebrity in a new light, at least we can rest assured that they aren’t getting any extra kilos from unhealthy food choices.