Many of you may know that Taylor Swift has a bit of a history with male co-stars. The ‘Fearless’ singer was previously linked to Joe Jonas and Blake Shelton, and has now allegedly taken a liking to the Los Angeles Lakers’ newest addition, Robert Pattinson. According to a report from TMZ, the ‘The Twilight’ actor is currently enjoying a romantic dinner with Taylor and her friends, and afterwards the two went for a walk and jumped in a helicopter together.

As previously reported, the ‘Twilight’ actor is officially gay, and has been for some time. However, it seems that not all of his exes are completely happy with his recent orientation change, and we’re guessing that Taylor’s introduction to the lifestyle may have upset someone. Perhaps her father, Tim, who she allegedly has a very strained relationship with. In any case, it seems that Taylor has found a way to embrace her new lifestyle and is ready to make the most of it.

The 25-year-old has been dating Swedish artist and designer Emilio Pasqualotto for a while, and it seems like they’re quite the match. In fact, they just so happen to share the same birthday: May 24th. Taylor had previously commented on her Instagram about how much she adores Emilio, and it seems that their feelings are mutual.

Robert has been quite the catch for Taylor, and perhaps a bit of a rebound from her previous relationships. Even though she’s a superstar, she’s still a womanizer’s woman, and that seems to be what attracts Robert to her. He was previously linked to fellow ‘TWILIGHT’ star (and Sweden’s Got Talent judge) Anna Kendrick back in 2014, and it seems like they were a really good match. They began dating in the fall of that year and reportedly spent a lot of time together. However, it seems that their relationship was strained a bit because of Robert’s previous relationships with men. Anna reportedly felt that she wasn’t the only woman in his life, and after a while she broke up with him.

Apparently, Robert still has a thing for women, as he began dating English model and film maker Mia Goth in the summer of 2017. Their romance was heavily documented online, and they seemed to be enjoying it. However, as with most celebrity relationships, nothing is what it seems, and the two later called it quits.

Now, Robert is apparently best buds with Taylor’s new ‘It’ girl, Lana Condor. The two seem to have a real connection, and it’s no secret that Robert can be pretty charismatic when he wants to be. Could we see a wedding between these two in the near future?

Other Celebs Who Are Into Gays

While Robert is clearly the jewel of Taylor’s gay dating crown, she’s not the only A-list celebrity who dates men. She isn’t even the first. For years, Taylor was the last celebrity that anyone would dare question about their sexuality, but that all changed when she began dating Joe Jonas. It seems that when JONAS hit the scene, everyone began asking Taylor about her sexuality.

When she first found out that Joe was gay, Taylor was so thrilled that she began flaunting her own sexuality. She began wearing revealing clothing and acting in a way that was completely inappropriate for a 41-year-old woman. It was as if she wanted to prove to the world that she was “down with the kids” and had no problem attracting men. Of course, this didn’t last long, and Taylor eventually learned how to keep her private life private. She’s kept her sexuality a secret ever since.

However, that doesn’t mean that Joe is the only gay celebrity that Taylor has been linked to. She’s been seen several times over the years with Blake Shelton, who she previously dated for two years. While they were never confirmed to be gay, the pair were constantly linked to one another and frequently acted in ways that were suggestive of a blossoming romance. They kept their personal lives fairly private, and never made a concerted effort to expose their sexuality.

Which Came First: The Chicken Or The Egg?

While we await the wedding of Robert Pattinson and Taylor Swift, it’s important to remember that their relationship began long before their professional connections. The two have been friends since childhood and even went through a rough patch in their teens where they had a falling out. However, it seems like they’ve moved past that and are now committed to each other.

While we don’t know much about what happened between them during that time, we do know that their friendship has endured. In fact, they’ve been seen many times over the years laughing and acting like total best friends. It’s clear that they have a special connection and a deep level of trust for one another.

Their publicists have also been quoted in the past as saying that “[Taylor] respects and supports Robert’s right to privacy and would never ask questions about [his] personal life.” It seems that despite their disagreements as adults, they’ve maintained their childhood bond and are proud to show the world their support for one another.

Why Does Taylor Keep Getting Involved With Gay Celebs?

It’s important to keep in mind that Taylor is a superstar and a powerful figure in pop culture. She has a large and devoted fan base that will love her no matter what, but there’s also a large portion of the population that doesn’t know or care about her. It seems as if the latter group includes some of her ex-boyfriends. Even though she’s in a committed relationship with an incredible person, Robert Pattinson, it’s still a bit disturbing to see her choose gay individuals as her romantic interests.

It’s always been odd that Taylor has been so open about her sexuality. For as long as she’s been in the public eye, people have questioned her motives and wanted to know more about her private life. While she’s always been very private, it doesn’t seem that she’s been able to keep her sexuality a secret for long. It’s unclear if this is because she wants to or is afraid to let people in.

Once you get past the hetero-normative dating scene, gay Twitter is filled with stories of how Taylor has used her fame to lure men into her romantic clutches. It seems like the success of ‘Fearless’ has made her vulnerable, and she’s seemingly seeking refuge in the arms of another man. It’s a classic case of a pop star using her celebrity status to get what she wants. Except in this case, she wants to wed and be a father to a family.

Who’s Next On Taylor’s Docket?

It seems as if Taylor may have found her ultimate soul mate in the form of Robert Pattinson. The two have been dating for a while now and enjoyed a romantic dinner earlier this week. While it’s always great to see a celebrity couple that’s dedicated to one another, something tells us that this isn’t a casual relationship for Taylor. What do you think?