Most people who watched the movie Robbins vs. Sharks were probably wondering about the nature of Robert Pattinson and Talor Yalunner’s (played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson and John C. Reilly) relationship. The film is about a pair of sharks who are forced to work together when one of them is betrayed by his fellow hunters. Despite their differences – one is a vegetarian, while the other is an avid meat eater – the two must join forces to escape and survive.

While the relationship that Taylor-Johnson shares with Reilly is portrayed in a comical light, the two are actually very close friends. In real life, they have been pictured together on multiple occasions and have even traveled to Africa together to film an upcoming safari-themed drama series for Netflix. They may even be more than friends; a recent report suggested that the two had gotten engaged.

The Evolution Of A Professionals’ Friendship

The evolving nature of friendship in the entertainment industry is something that many people have noted. Thanks to social media, we live in a world where people can easily become friends with people they haven’t actually met. This trend is known as ‘toxic friendship’ and has been attributed to the influence of social media. Those who know Aaron Taylor-Johnson and John Reilly personally say that they are among the closest friends they have ever had.

“[They are] incredibly close,” one source told us. “They have been for as long as I’ve known them. They were raised in the same town and have been best friends since they were kids. They are very protective of each other.”

While we don’t know exactly what type of commitment Taylor-Johnson made to Reilly, we do know that he proposed to her during the filming of her movie War Storm. Reilly’s reps confirmed the engagement to Us Weekly, though no wedding date has been set.

Is This A Reformation In Progress?

The two comedians have certainly changed the game. Before Robbins vs. Sharks, Aaron Taylor-Johnson had only been in a handful of films, while John Reilly was best known for his role on the TV sitcom Family Guy. But since that role, Reilly has taken on a whole new range of roles and even landed his first leading role in a drama movie, in 2018’s War Storm. While neither of them could previously boast an acting resume that would make them a household name, their combined efforts have certainly made an impact.

After Robbins vs. Sharks, the two became even more popular and landed several starring roles in blockbusters and comedy films. Together, they have become a team to reckon with, showing us that opposites can still attract even if they come from completely different backgrounds. It is a far cry from the funny friendship that the two once had. In fact, it seems that they are reformation in progress, challenging preconceived notions about friendship and equality. As someone who has known them for years, I’m excited to see how it all plays out.