Wondering what it’s like to date a vampire? You need look no further! It’s like dating a regular person, but with cooler clothes, better dialogue, and bloodsucking tendencies.

The Twilight series has been a colossal success, amassing a cult following and spawning multiple movies and spinoffs. But it’s certainly not the only vampire romances out there. And while we might be inclined to compare all vampire romances to twilight — and they are, indeed, related — there are many other pairings that are worth knowing about. So let’s take a gander at some of the other iconic vampire relationships.


Not all vampires are alike, and some of them are definitely more dangerous than others. For instance, the Originals. Also known as the Pre-Mad Men, the Originals are an older version of vampires, boasting some pretty terrifying capabilities. They are stronger than humans, faster than the average human, and they can drain the blood of a human in less than a minute. Needless to say, dating an Originals is pretty high-risk, considering what could happen in a single encounter. If you are interested, then it’s best to stay well-hidden from human view. Not an easy feat when you’re dating a vampire…


Love at first sight is a common trope in romantic comedies, but it’s also a very real phenomenon when it comes to vampires. Perhaps the most iconic example of this type of pairing is the 1920s era Dracula and the lovely Mina. When we first meet Mina, we are instructed to believe that she is a completely normal, down-to-earth human, despite the monster-like qualities that she exhibits. In an interview with Total Film, actor Paul Wesley admitted that he was charmed by Mina and almost didn’t see her true nature. In the end, he realized that he was in a lot of danger and had to make a quick getaway.


Some vampires are more dangerous than others because of the ways that they infect their victims. For example, the Bite of the Vampire. The Bite of the Vampire is arguably the most dangerous type of vampire, as it is said to turn its victims into vampires themselves. This type of vampire is extremely rare, as most vampires only infect other vampires. Still, when we meet the Bite of the Vampire, it is clear that he is a creature to be wary of. If you are lucky enough to escape his grasp, however, you can consider yourself extremely lucky. The bite of the vampire is always fatal for the uninfected, but it is said that those who are infected with it can live a long and happy life.


Some vampires are so attractive, that even the most diehard of haters would have a hard time not falling for them. Take, for example, the Dark Lord Dracula. The epitome of sex appeal, Dracula is one of the most famous vampires in history. He has seduced numerous women with his charming smile and magnetic personality. Many of Dracula’s conquests are said to have turned down his amorous advances, considering him to be too dangerous. He is also one of the most recognizable and well-known vampires, thanks to anachronistic appearances in Hollywood films and comics. When Dracula appeared in the 2002 film Dracula, the world fell in love with him all over again.


Some vampires are so interesting, that we can’t help but want to learn more about them. Take, for example, the character of Edward Cullen from the Twilight saga. We don’t really know a whole lot about Edward Cullen, other than the fact that he is a vampire. But because he is a vampire, it is assumed that he is a dangerous creature, much like the others. He is a legendary predator, and he has a thirst for blood that he desperately tries to suppress. But just like with most other vampires, Edward Cullen is also incredibly interesting and has a lot to offer. In the upcoming Twilight movie, Edward fights for survival, while also struggling to maintain his humanity. Naturally, we can’t wait to learn more about this extraordinary character…


No, vampires do not necessarily have to suck blood to be considered a vampire. Some simply desire to be close to the human experience as much as possible. Take, for example, the character of Jonathan Harker from Dracula. Harker is a paralegal who has fallen in love with Transylvania, after being taken there by Count Dracula. The two share a very heartfelt relationship, while also struggling with Harker’s repressed sexuality. When Harker is not with Dracula, he is acting as his secretary and personal assistant. Naturally, the two share a passionate kiss at the end of Dracula, which quickly turns into a full-fledged make-out session. In one scene, Harker even lifts Dracula’s cape, as if to acknowledge the Count’s elevated social status. It is clear that, despite the serious threats that vampires pose, Harker still chooses to follow Dracula to Transylvania.


As previously stated, not all vampires are created equal. Some are completely harmless, while others pose a serious threat to the health and safety of others. Naturally, when it comes to dating a vampire, it is advisable to be on the safer side. If you want to live a long and happy life, it might be best to avoid crossing paths with any sort of dangerous vampire. Still, there are many other vampires out there, some of whom are relatively harmless. The best course of action is to stay away from them, unless you know that they’ve been locked away and are being perfectly controlled. The perfect gentleman vampire, as it were.


Finally, we have the most dangerous type of vampire, in my opinion. In the case of the overwhelming vampire, it often comes as a complete shock to the victim, when they realize that the vampire is not going to harm them. But because of the sense of trust that the victim has in the person or entity that they are dealing with, they often find themselves in a position where they cannot refuse the advances of the vampire. Needless to say, this is a dangerous situation to put yourself in. As with many other types of vampires, the overwhelming vampire is incredibly seductive, and they will use every trick in the book to get what they want.

With all of that in mind, let’s have a look at how to handle a dating situation with a vampire. As you begin to get to know each other, it’s important to maintain a healthy level of skepticism — especially if they invite you over for coffee or dinner, or ask you to go on a date with them. If you follow these simple guidelines, I am sure that you will be able to have a positive experience — even if you eventually wind up dating a vampire.