The first rule of gossiping is: pay no attention to what people are saying about you.

This is especially important if what they are saying isn’t true. As the saying goes, ‘Fake news is an epidemic, and it’s been damaging our world for a long time now. Without checking the facts, rumors can cause a lot of damage. So it’s important that we try to stay away from these types of stories as much as possible. Unfortunately, some people may see your Instagram story or Snapchat story and believe all the gossip they hear. To avoid this, you need to be discerning about the people you follow and the content they put out. You can’t control what others say about you, but you can control what you put out there. This brings us to our next point…

Robert Pattinson Is Back With A Vengeance

If you paid even the slightest bit of attention to the Kardashians over the past few years, you would know that Robert Pattinson is quite the ladies’ man. He’s been linked to some of the most famous faces in the world, and he’s even been married and had children. While he may have kept his private life mostly under wraps, the paparazzi certainly did not, and they have photos of him romantically involved with a number of different women. Because of this, many people may believe that Robert has abandoned his poor, neglected children and is now doing his best to keep up with all of his lovers. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, Robert has been actively raising awareness about child trafficking and the harmful effects of social media on children’s well-being. He’s made a point of educating people about the dangers of believing everything they read or hear online. In December of last year, he even made a special appearance at a charity boxing match in London to raise funds for Missing Kids Worldwide, a charity that helps children who have been victims of crime or social media abuse. The boxing match, titled ‘The Battle of Bots’ was coordinated by Child Rescue UK, and the proceeds benefited the charity. This was a very emotional moment for Robert, as he shared on Instagram before the match:

“I’d like to dedicate this one to all of the children who’ve been abandoned by their parents and are now living in danger, or who’ve been bullied into thinking their life isn’t worth living. I love you all, and I hope I can make an impact in your life.”

– Robert Pattinson

To show your support for these children, click here to donate to the cause.

The Merchandise Is Back

Even though it isn’t truly fair to judge a book by its cover, we often do this anyway. In the same way that we judge a book by its summary or the cover, we judge a person’s character by their name alone. This is mostly due to fictional books and movies that don’t have good reviews being labeled as ‘worse than expected’ or ‘huge dissapointment’. For example, Lady Gaga’s album ‘Avantgarde’ was released in 2010 and was supposed to be her magnum opus. However, the album was heavily criticized by both fans and critics alike for being overly ambitious and pompous. It didn’t help that the album’s artwork was a complete dissapointment as well. In 2013, Lady Gaga explained why she stopped making music videos several years earlier:

“I couldn’t stand being in one place for too long… I think it was my fault. I wanted to make the perfect music video – and so I did. I tried to overplan it and overdo it. The director and I fought all the time… so I backed off a bit. It ended up not being what I really wanted, but I learned a lot.”

– Lady Gaga

Even if you’ve never heard of Lady Gaga, you probably know who she is. She’s one of the biggest pop stars in the world, and she’s even collaborated with some of the biggest artists of all time. However, she’s also achieved a large degree of success despite never touring or playing live shows. She’s always been driven by her desire to experiment and push the boundaries of what a pop star can be. One of her latest projects is called ‘Joanne’. The album focuses on her personal life and is a mixture of styles, ranging from blues to classical to electronic. It was released last week to generally positive reviews. One of the highlights is ‘Dance Floor’, a song that samples classic pop songs and incorporates them into modern-day music. This was definitely an unexpected musical diamond in the rough, and it shows off Lady Gaga’s classical training. Even though she started her career during the height of the music industry’s popularity, she’s always remained an underground figure. While ‘Avantgarde’ wasn’t a commercial success, it did end up winning several accolades, including a Grammy.