It seems that no matter what happens in Hollywood, fashion remains constant. While the stars may switch their stylings with the seasons, their favorite clothes and accessories often appear timeless. Sometimes, this can even be the case with famous peoples’ style personalities. Take, for example, the case of Robert Pattinson. The actor often changes the way he wears his hair and beard, but his favorite clothes usually don’t go out of style. In fact, they usually appear to be the other way around.

Now, for those of you who may be wondering, what are Robert Pattinson’s (RP’s) favorite sweatpants? If you’re interested in knowing, simply follow the instructions below.

How Does He Style His Hair And Beard?

Often, when a famous person gets questioned about their style personality, the first thing that comes to mind is how they style their hair and beard. For those of you who may not be familiar, Robert Pattinson always wears his hair in an elegant curl. He dabs on some scented soap before washing his hair, and he uses lots of hair products. As for the beard, it’s closely trimmed and there’s always some product on it. For those of you wondering, his grooming regimen consists of shaving his cheeks, brushing his teeth with Colgate®, and applying some body lotion before settling down for the day. This is quite a traditional routine, actually. According to the actor’s stylists, while he’s not opposed to experimenting with different looks, his daily grooming is mostly about giving the impression of a clean-cut, good-looking man. This is also why you’ll rarely see him without his signature white dress shirt and black pants.

When Does He Wear Them?

Usually, when asked about his favorite fashion style, Robert Pattinson will mention sweaters and long underwear. While this may not come as a big surprise, it’s funny how often this happens. Let’s explore why he chooses to wear these items first. Usually, it’s because they’re warm and keep him cozy at night. As much as he hates to admit it, Robert Pattinson is actually quite a cold person. This is why he often turns up the heat in his home, which is equipped with all the modern comforts. Still, the actor gets cold easily, especially at night. This is why he turns up the heat and why he likes to snuggle with a nice warm sweater when he goes to sleep. Sadly, most of his sweaters end up in fashion exhibitions because he never seems to throw them away. Aside from his sweaters, he also wears long underwear and socks to bed. The combination of these items always puts him into a deep and peaceful sleep. Of course, you may also wear long underwear and socks to bed to be extra cozy and relaxed. This is why Robert Pattinson’s nighttime wardrobe usually consists of several cozy layers.

Is He A Fan Of Vests?

As much as he doesn’t like to admit it, there’s one fashion item that Robert Pattinson seems to favor above all others. This is the vest. As much as he enjoys wearing them during the day, the actor almost always prefers to wear vests at night. Especially thick and heavy vests. Sadly, most of these items end up in exhibitions when the time comes for him to part with them. Still, it’s not like he doesn’t have any. Just check out that sweet sweater vest he wore in the movie, ‘Twilight.’

In conclusion, it would be a mistake to think that Robert Pattinson only dresses in the same way all the time. Although, this may be the case for some of his iconic looks, this is definitely not the case for his everyday style. Usually, he switches things up a bit and mixes different fashion items to create unique looks. This is why it’s best to think of his wardrobe as a mix-and-match buffet.