After Kristen Stewart broke up with him, Robert Pattinson was at a loss as to what he should do with his life. Fortunately, he had a guardian angel in the form of Bella Swan, who helped him realize that he needed to make the best of the situation. In an effort to win back his crush, who he affectionately calls his ‘Little Apple’, Robert Pattinson disguised himself as a clown and crashed Bella Swan’s birthday party. Naturally, Kristen Stewart was the guest of honor, and in order to make a good impression on her, he decided to surprise her with a humorous and original speech. Hence, the birth of ‘Robert Pattinson’, or ‘R.Pattz’ as he is commonly called, and the reason why we are today celebrating his special day. Take a look at some of the most charming moments from the special night:

When He Blindsides Bella

As you may recall, Robert Pattinson’s disguise consisted of a silly grin and white face paint. Even though he managed to trick Bella into thinking that he was a clown, she still didn’t know exactly who he was. It wasn’t until the end of the party when they were having drinks and Rob came out of nowhere, covered in white face paint, and yelled “Surprise!” in Bella’s face that she finally figured it out. The sight of her ex-boyfriend covered in white paint was too much for her to handle, and she fainted dead away. But that isn’t the end of the story. As soon as Bella came to, she got up and helped Rob remove his clown make-up. She then invited him to join her and her new boyfriend on their celebratory dancefloor. Clearly, this incident proved that she has forgiven him and wants to help him make the most of his life. Which is probably why she didn’t mind when he began to stalk her, write her love letters, and steal glances at her from across the room. It’s safe to say that Bella has a new and improved outlook on life thanks to her time with Robert Pattinson.

When Bella Confesses Her Love

As we mentioned above, after Robert Pattinson crashed Bella Swan’s birthday party, he began to stalk her, write her love letters, and steal glances at her from across the room. Naturally, she didn’t take too kindly to this rather aggressive behavior and became convinced that he was just using her. So, when they were out on a dinner date, she decided to fess up and confess her true feelings for him. Luckily, Robert Pattinson had the good sense to disguise himself as a bat, and since Bella is a bit crazy when it comes to fictional creatures, she didn’t have any idea what was happening. Not until the end of the date, when she saw him transform into a bat and heard him screech “Boo!” did she figure it out. Realizing that this was no ordinary date and that her mysterious companion was, in fact, her ex-boyfriend, Bella ran away in terror. Unfortunately for them, the fact that he was disguised as a monster didn’t stop him from chasing after her. Fortunately, a very brave and handsome stranger happened to be walking by at that moment and heard her scream. He then came to her rescue and chased after Robert Pattinson, who took off without so much as a ‘thank you’. The stranger then confronted Rob and told him that he didn’t have to hide his true colors from her. It was at that point that Bella realized who he was and that he was, in fact, her ‘good angel’. The two then shared a passionate kiss before the stranger gave them both a ride home. It seems that Robert Pattinson has finally found the woman he was meant to love, and it’s wonderful to see that he has found such a special person in Bella Swan. As far as we know, this is the first case of a real-life Disney prince charming people and they are quite possibly (not entirely accidentally) the perfect match. Let’s hope that their special moment will end up being more than just a one-night stand, because we all know that Rob doesn’t do relationships, especially with women he meets on the internet. So, while it would be wonderful to see them as a couple, we have to admit that we are a bit envious of their one-night stand. It’s not easy finding a person you can trust, love, and respect, but it seems like Robert Pattinson has found the woman of his dreams. Who knows? Maybe one day, we’ll be seeing a happily-ever-after for these two.

When He Proposes To Bella

One of the sweetest moments of ‘Robert Pattinson’ is when he proposes to Bella Swan. As we mentioned above, Bella was convinced that Robert Pattinson was just using her and began to hate him for it. However, after a series of events that we won’t go into here, he managed to convince her that he was indeed interested in her, and eventually, she agreed to give him another chance. Naturally, he didn’t want to rush into anything, so he took the time to find the perfect ring, which he modeled after a ring he had seen in a jewelry store. As soon as Bella put it on her finger, he popped the question. Naturally, she said yes, and the two were soon married, much to our delight. Although we still can’t help but feel a little sorry for Rob, who has been through so much heartache over the past few years. But, at least he now has the love of a wonderful and patient woman, which is more than anybody can ask for in this cruel world. We can only hope that he will find happiness in Bella’s arms and that, one day, they will have kids, who will then turn out to be the greatest gift of all. Or at least, that is what we are constantly telling ourselves so that we can convince ourselves that this is indeed what will happen. Here’s to you, little Apple. You’ll do great things in this world, I’m sure of it.

The Speech

So, as you can see, we couldn’t talk about Robert Pattinson without mentioning his most charming and endearing moments. We really should have expected nothing less from the man who has been compared to a modern day Disney prince. Naturally, his unique and original way of speaking, combined with his quirky sense of humor makes him that little bit extra special. We can only hope that he keeps being himself and continues to surprise us with his originality and spontaneity, because he is truly one of a kind. It would be a crime not to celebrate such a wonderful and talented man, and if there is anyone who deserves to be celebrated, it is surely Robert Pattinson. Happy Birthday, R.Pattz! We love you, man.