Your sun sign determines your personality traits, which in turn dictate your behavior, how you process information and make decisions, and the types of people you attract.

It’s always fascinating to find out which sign an individual connects with, especially if you’re trying to match up with the right partner, get married, or launch a business venture.

But just what is a sun sign? And what’s the significance of the sun versus the other planets? Let’s dive into the math and science of sun signs to discover the answers.

The Sun Is The Centrepiece

Your sun sign is determined by the position of the Sun vis-à-vis your birth constellation. So, if you were born between April 23rd and June 21st, you have an Aries sun sign, for example.

The closer the Sun is to your constellation’s ‘head’, the more dominant your sun sign. If you were born during the summer months, the Sun will always be ‘high in the sky’ and you’ll experience high degrees of sun exposure.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, a Scorpio sun sign is generated when the Sun is at its most distant point from the constellation’s ‘tail’ (September 22nd to April 22nd). In this instance, your sun sign becomes irrelevant, as the Sun is never visible from Earth due to the planet’s dark sky location (between the constellations Sagittarius and Scorpius).

The Math Behind The Sun Sign Analysis

The math behind calculating your sun sign is fairly straightforward. Here’s how it works:

  • First, you need to determine the day and date of your birth.
    • Lunar calendars are ideal for this, as they include the Sun’s position at noon (along with the date of your birth and the date of the following month).
    • Using Google or other location-based services, find the city where you were born and calculate the time of day (in this case, the time period between 12 pm and 1 pm).
    • Once you have the time of day, simply add 12 to get the Sun’s position at noon. So, if you were born on October 12th, the Sun will be at its highest point in the sky (in the north-eastern direction) at 12:12 pm.
  • Next, you need to take into consideration the time zone of your birth. For example, if you were born in the Eastern time zone, then your sign becomes Pisces (the sea fish).
  • If you want to know what your sun sign will be in the future, you can use this simple algorithm:
  • Add the currently signified degrees of the Sun (in this case, 22°) plus nine more.
  • Subtract the time of your birth from this number (in this case, 7 pm).
  • If the result is greater than or equal to 0°, then you have a ‘sunny sky’ and your sun sign will be positive. If the result is less than 0°, then you have a ‘pained sky’ and your sun sign will be negative.

The Science Behind The Sun Sign

According to astrology, the Sun is the star that represents ‘youth’ and ‘vivacity’, as it is associated with physical and sexual energy. The closer the Sun is to the Earth, the more apparent its effect. This is why you can never have an astronomical event without people talking about the ‘baked-bean effect’ or the ‘green-fly effect’, where the Sun is either responsible for or heavily influenced by what’s going on in the world of astronomy and astrology.

If you’re considering whether or not to enter a relationship with someone, you might want to take a look at their sun sign. The positions of the Sun and the other planets affect your compatibility with certain partners. It’s an easy way to determine if you’ll be compatible and if so, for how long.

What’s Your Personality Trait?

Every sign has a ‘primary’ personality trait, which influences all the others, and the closer the Sun is to your sign, the more pronounced the trait. Let’s take a look at the traits of each zodiac sign:

  • Aries: Physical (or athletic) – motivated, ambitious, and assertive.
    • Taurus: Intuitive and sentimental.
      • Gemini: Curious and talkative.
        • Cancer: Detached and idealistic.
          • Leo: Social (or communicative) – passionate, sociable, and determined.
            • Virgo: Independent and practical.
              • Libra: Balance – harmonious, pragmatic, and determined.
                • Scorpio: Intuitive and determined.
                  • Sagittarius: Curious and open-minded.
                    • Capricorn: Analytical and pragmatic.
                      • Aquarius: Resourceful and determined.
                        • Pisces: Empathic and idealistic.

            Some of these descriptions may not be what you’d call ‘attractive’, but to your sign, they may sound perfectly lovely. You can use this table to determine the dominant personality trait for each sign:

            • Aries: Physical (or athletic)
            • Taurus: Intuitive and sentimental
            • Gemini: Curious and talkative
            • Cancer: Detached and idealistic
            • Leo: Social (or communicative)
            • Virgo: Independent and practical
            • Libra: Balance – harmonious, pragmatic, and determined
            • Scorpio: Intuitive and determined
            • Sagittarius: Curious and open-minded
            • Capricorn: Analytical and pragmatic
            • Aquarius: Resourceful and determined
            • Pisces: Empathic and idealistic.

            Think of something that your sign is excellent at. Maybe they are excellent students or artists or politicians. Whatever it may be, it probably has a lot to do with their sun sign. For example, Aries is good at athletics and competing but can be stubborn. They also like to ‘show off’ and enjoy debates and fights. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Scorpio is excellent at navigating complex situations. They also like to keep things dark (which is probably why they are known as the ‘darkside of the moon’).

            What Colors Do You Prefer?

            Your sun sign also dictates your color preferences. Here’s a brief list of the colors associated with each sign:

            • Aries: Red, orange, and yellow.
              • Taurus: Brown, tan, and purple.
                • Gemini: Blue and green.
                  • Cancer: Purple, black, and white.
                    • Leo: Light blue, white, and yellow.
                      • Virgo: Brown and red.
                        • Libra: White and yellow.
                          • Scorpio: Black, brown, and yellow.
                            • Sagittarius: Dark shades of orange and brown.
                              • Capricorn: Light brown, tan, and purple.
                                • Aquarius: Yellow and green.
                                  • Pisces: Brown, tan, and purple.

                        So, if you’re looking for a sign that likes brown, tan, and purple, then you should probably connect with a Taurus. Alternatively, if you want someone who predominantly uses red, orange, and yellow, you should probably look toward an Aries.

                        What Do You Like To Do?

                        Your hobbies and interests also depend on your sun sign. Here’s a short list of some of the common activities associated with each sign: