It’s that time of the year again. The weather is getting warmer, the nights are drawing in and everyone’s wanton spirits are rising – it’s time for the yearly wardrobe overhaul for many Hollywood stars.

One big trend this year is incorporating pastels and sunny weather into our wardrobes. We saw this manifest itself in various ways, from feminine floral dresses, to polka dots and sunflowers. So let’s take a look at the style trends that are sweeping Hollywood this year and how we can replicate them in our own home.

Floral Print

One of the biggest trends this year is incorporating natural elements into our wardrobes. From fair isle blue florals to sunflower yellow and white blooms, the natural world is the perfect place to be inspired. If you really want to impress your man this summer, you can get him some of those beautiful tie-waist dresses in a sunny, happy print.

There are many great designers that offer stylish outfits like this that will make you the belle of the ball. Whether you’re going to a formal affair or just want to make your man feel lucky, these floral dresses are a perfect choice.

Another trend this year that really shines is the use of pastels in our wardrobes. Pastel colors are ideal for the summer months and various shades of cream and brown will make you look as if you’ve been washed down a buttery road. What’s more, you don’t need to have anything fancy in mind when choosing these garments – there are hundreds of prints to choose from, so you’re bound to find something suitable for your home.

Tropical Print

Bringing flowers and fruit into your wardrobe is a great way to add some life and color into your clothes. Why not go all the way and incorporate some exotic blooms and ripe fruit into the ensemble?

When going for a stroll in the countryside this summer, you can get the perfect look if you wear a floral print dress and some sunnies.

If you’re looking to add some zing to your wardrobe this year, look no further. There are many wonderful floral prints available that you can use to make your man feel like a real prince. You can even go for a tie-waist silhouette if you want to show off your figure.

Of course, you don’t need to stop at florals. You can very easily combine tropical prints with some brilliant seersucker for an extra touch of color. After all, the white flower on the pink flower is stunning even when done in a graphic style.

Country Chic

If elegant city living is your scene and you want your wardrobe to reflect that, then you can easily incorporate country chic into your look. After all, when did you last feel less glam than when stepping out of a vintage car?

Wear your heart on your sleeve and put your best foot forward if you want to emulate that timeless glamour. The key to country chic, as with any chic look, is in the details. If you want to incorporate this vibe into your wardrobe, start by purchasing some beautiful tailored shirts in a country cloth. Once you’ve got your shirt game straight, move on to the next piece and build your look gradually. If you’re new to this vibe, you can start small with simply replacing your regular T-shirts with some bespoke shirts to get your feet wet. You can also add a pop of color with bold accessories such as burgundy bags and headscarves. Don’t forget to check the collar on your shirts too, as it will make or break the look. A beautifully tailored shirt is the ultimate finishing piece for any man.

Casual Luxury

If you’re looking for something a little more laidback, then you can easily achieve a relaxed yet stylish look if you wear something that is both comfortable and memorable.

For many of us, the casual luxury trend really came as a relief. Nowadays, we can have fun and fashionable moments without having to worry about our clothes looking overly polished or fancy. If you really want to pull off the relaxed vibe, then you need to match your footwear and luggage as well as your accessories. When going for a jog or a walk, you can wear slip-on sneakers and bring a small handbag. Varying your footwear and handbags according to the occasion will give the illusion that you’re not trying too hard.

As for your luggage, don’t go for the traditional sports bag – instead, choose a handbag which is classy, yet functional- a style that is easy to transport and which will make you looked like a real fashionista. In summer itself, you can go for a swimsuit or a tank top with some cut-off shorts – this is what Beyonce did at the 2018 British Fashion Awards and she looked fabulous.

If you’re looking for a way to replicate the relaxed look and vibe in your own home, then why not try out some of the above trends? Incorporating pastels, tropical prints and casual luxury will make your man feel immediately pampered and spoiled. He may even want to become the belle of the ball himself.