Robert Pattinson has officially hit the scene with his new web series, Suki. The series is a dark comedy about four friends who plan to rob a museum. The description alone has me in stitches: “When an old friend invites you on a last hurrah before he goes up north to start a new life with his girlfriend, you think it’s probably a nice move. But when you get to the museum, there are already people there – including a guard. You’re forced into a quick decision: save the girlfriend and leave the old friend to die or become a martyr.”

If that wasn’t dark comedy gold, I don’t know what is. Besides, it sounds like Mr. Pattinson’s upcoming movie, Good Time, has a similar premise. In fact, you might see a few similarities between the films. For example, in both films, the main character is an asshole who changes his tune once he meets a beautiful woman.

The Cast

In Suki, Robert Pattinson plays Mac, a wealthy entrepreneur who runs a software company. He is described as “the modern day Jay Gatsby” and has a very specific and limited view of love. He meets Trish (Suki’s mum), played by Emmy award winner Kerry Washington, at a charity ball. After a whirlwind romance, they get married and have twins, Theo and Lola. Two years later, Trish disappears and is presumed dead after a car accident. Her death leaves Mac devastated and he retreats to his private island where he builds, what he calls, “a paradise.” When Theo and Lola discover the secret hiding place, they go on a wild goose chase around the world to try and track down their missing sister. Along the way, they meet up with Mac’s shady business partner, Eddie (Paul Bettany).

Kerry Washington and Paul Bettany are both fantastic in this new series. Bettany plays Eddie, a business partner of Mac’s who has an obsession with murdering women. Washington plays Trish, who is the glue that keeps the group together and believes in sticking up for those who can’t fight for themselves. Between the two of them, this show really hits its stride. They are both funny and charming, which helps sell the comedy aspect.

The Writing

There are some funny moments in Suki but the series is clearly inspired by the films of John Wick. There are moments when characters speak in a slang that sounds like it was plucked from inside the script of one of John Wick’s movies. For example, “Whatcha doing?” becomes “Sushi, bitch.” It’s not something I would usually use but it’s something I actually got a laugh out of. The show also touches on some of the other films in the John Wick series from time to time and draws from them.

The dialogue in Suki is superb. The characters come off as unique and relatable, which makes me want to hang out with them even when the plot isn’t something I want to experience. I also laughed out loud at some of the moments that were just so funny. For example, at one point, Theo and Lola are searching for a private school for their twin daughters. As part of their search, they go to a prestigious prep school in Paris, which turns out to be completely inappropriate for Lola. After they escape from the Headmistress’ clutches, Lola asks Theo why he did that. He replies, “Sometimes, you just have to walk away.” It’s a funny line but it also feels like something John Wick would say. The series also features cameos from some of today’s biggest names. For example, there’s a scene where Ed Sheeran’s character Shep Henderson drops by to chat with Mac about music. They end up having a sing-a-long with some of Shep’s greatest hits. It’s a fun scene but also feels like something out of a John Wick movie.

Where Can I Watch It?

You can find Suki on Amazon Prime. You can also rent it from there. If you’re a fan of Mr. Pattinson and haven’t had the chance to see his work, this is a great place to start. Besides, if you’re a fan of the dark comedy genre, this series is a must-watch. It is currently available for streaming.