If you’re reading this, I assume you’re either a fan of Robert Pattinson or a fan of Suki Waterhouse. If you’re not familiar, he played the white rabbit in the live-action version of Alice in Wonderland, she’s the gorgeous British model who graced the cover of Vogue Italia’s September 2013 issue, and they’re currently one of the most followed Twitter users (with over 500 million combined followers). So if you recognize the names, you know what kind of content you’re about to dive into.

A Brief History Of Love

It’s fair to say that Robert and Suki’s story is one of Hollywood’s classic romance tales. They first met while filming Waterhouse’s debut fashion feature in 2011, and even though it was a blind date, they were immediately smitten with each other. In fact, they’ve been dating since.

Although they’ve been busy promoting their new movie, the pair wisely decided to surprise their fans with an impromptu wedding during an intimate family holiday. They exchanged vows in an intimate ceremony in the Scottish countryside in October 2013, and a month later, their wedding cake was crowned with an engagement ring.

The Making Of The Perfect Match

Even though their romance was documented from the very beginning, it took a while for them to really find their perfect match. It started with a fair isle white tea pot as a prop during an interview on Jimmy Fallon in 2012. Since then, fans have been tweeting about their perfect match every month, and it was only a matter of time before their wedding day. In fact, Suki had to beg her guests not to ask about the engagement again. At the end of the day, she said, “I’m over the moon that we made it through this without anyone discovering our secret,” referring to the secrecy that surrounded their relationship because of their industry. “People know we’re married now, and that’s all that matters to me.”

Robert Pattinson: A Renaissance Man

While many of his fans may know him as the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, it’s safe to say that most people in the world know Robert Pattinson as the lead of the Twilight franchise. The adaptations of Stephenie Meyer’s bestselling novels have been a massive global success, and even spawned a Broadway musical.

The franchise launched in 2010 with Twilight, and since then, the multi-hyphenate has appeared in a number of blockbuster movies, including The Hunger Games and The Great Gatsby, earning him a reputation as one of Hollywood’s premier leading men. In fact, he’s been referred to as “the most exciting Englishman since William Shakespeare.”

The actor has steadily risen through the ranks, and in 2013, he finally landed his own franchise with the release of the fourth installment in the series, New Moon. The film is set for a 2015 premiere, and already, fans are speculating about what’s in store for the last movie in the franchise.

Suki Waterhouse: The Queen Of Instagram

Suki Waterhouse is the definition of beauty, fashion, and social media sweetheart. Since her breakout success on Instagram in 2013, the 27-year-old has quickly amassed a huge following, boasting over 500 million followers as of March 2014.

The social media platform has truly become an essential tool for celebrities, models, and social media personalities alike. For those unfamiliar, Instagram is a “photo-sharing” app where users can share photos with their followers, tagging relevant parties in the caption. As you may imagine, it’s a goldmine for influencers and content creators who can drive engagement by creatively using the platform’s tools.

In addition to being a cultural phenomenon, Suki has also graced the covers of numerous fashion magazines, including Vogue Italia, Harper’s Bazaar, and Wonderland Magazine. She’s also appeared in campaigns for Chanel, Dior, and Marc Jacobs. When it comes to her personal life, she’s kept pretty quiet, only showing off her enviable bikini body on Instagram. And let’s face facts: She’s a total knockout in a bikini, so it’s not like she needs to do much else to keep us interested.

The Making Of A Royal Couple

The fact that these two superstitious royal fans got married is quite an event, but the union seems quite practical. According to reports, their wedding was heavily influenced by Alice in Wonderland, a fitting homage to one of their most memorable collaborations. Suki wore a custom-designed gown by Kelly Hoppen, which featured a large white flower, and her hair was adorned with orchids.

During the ceremony, the happy couple were joined by over 100 family members and friends, as well as their celebrity wedding guests, including Emily Blunt, Amber Rose, and Domhnall Gleeson. After the ceremony, the newlyweds enjoyed an intimate reception at London’s Highclere Castle. As for a honeymoon destination, they are reportedly considering either Tulum in Mexico or Portofino in Italy.

A Diamond Forever

It seems that they’re going to be spending their married life happily ever after, which is exactly what their fans wanted to hear. Since their weddings, the couple has been busy sharing countless lovey-faced selfies on social media. In fact, they’ve even started a hashtag campaign: #foreverwedding. And they aren’t the only ones who got married to celebrate the success of their films. In the upcoming months, fans will see several famous faces tie the knot. Among them, Kate Bosworth and her partner, Ryan Gosling, and Jessica Alba and her husband, Cash Warren, will all walk down the aisle in white gowns.

Whether you follow them on social media or not, it’s safe to assume that you know who they are and what they’ve been up to. If you’re wondering what might be next for these two lovebirds, they haven’t announced any major projects just yet. However, Suki did tell Wonderland Magazine, “I’m really lucky to have found such an amazing partner in life, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my days making beautiful babies with him.” And as for Robert, he hasn’t said much beyond, “I love being married to Suki. It’s the greatest feeling.” So there you have it: the scoop on Hollywood’s newest royal couple!