Robert Pattinson married Suki Waterhouse in a fair isle white wedding on Saturday, February 23, 2018 in an intimate ceremony at the Old Swan Brewery in London, England. The gorgeous weather played a starring role in the summery day – as the wedding ceremony was held just two days after the UK’s hottest day on record! A source told the press, “It was absolutely perfect, just what they wanted. The ceremony was intimate and very private. They didn’t want anything too over the top.”

Here, we’ve gathered some essential information about the wedding:

1. The Wedding was Private and Intimate

The happy couple chose to keep their wedding small and personal, with just family and friends invited. A source explained to People magazine, “They wanted something very intimate, so only their closest family and friends were there to witness the most special day of their lives. The ceremony and the reception were perfect celebrations to celebrate their love.”

The location for the wedding was also chosen with care, as the pair wanted something that was magical and memorable. The venue, the Old Swan Brewery, is a historical building that has been around since the 19th century. It was here that Ralph Lauren bought his first gin joint, and it continues to be a popular choice for weddings. The building was originally designed as a hotel; guests could stay in the beautiful and historic Prince of Wales Hotel or take a walk to the nearby Tower Bridge.

2. The Wedding Cake Was a Four-tiered Cake

The couple had a four-tiered cake, which was topped with white flowers and chocolate chips. A guest told Hello! magazine, “It looked spectacular, like something from a movie.” Another added, “It was very romantic, she got to sit and wait for him while he gave her away.”

The bakery Storming Good designed the cake based on a photograph the couple took on their wedding day. The cake was inspired by a book by Carpentier – which features a story about a bride who ‘stormed’ her way to the altar.

3. The Wedding Dress Was Designed by Clare Potter

Clare Potter is one of the most renowned designers of women’s wear in the world, having designed outfits for the likes of Kate Middleton and the Duchess of Cambridge. For the Waterhouse wedding, the designer chose a gown made of a cool-toned ivory silk and lace, with a high neckline and long, draping sleeves.

The dress was made in a simplified and pure form, with only a few decorative touches. One of the most stunning dresses ever designed by Potter was worn by Audrey Hepburn for her 1954 wedding to Ron Fischman. In an interview with Vogue, Hepburn said, “I wanted something classic and simple that would allow my guests to have a good look at me.”

4. The Wedding Rings Were Custom-made

The couple chose to wear custom-made wedding rings. Designer Ralph Lauren created the rings as a homage to the English countryside, with each ring featuring a different herb and flower. For Lauren, the rings were a gift from the designer to the couple and a symbol of everlasting love.

The rings feature an antique gold setting with diamonds and sapphire. The couple made their choice even before meeting with Ralph Lauren, having both been fans of his work for years. When the designer heard that they were getting hitched, he didn’t hesitate to offer his services. Lauren later told Vogue, “I designed the rings for them and they are stunning. They will look as lovely as the day they were made.”

5. The Reception Was Held At The Brewery

The reception was held at the Old Swan Brewery, where the couple celebrated with their guests. A grand piano was there to provide the music for the event, which was attended by about 150 people. The couple also danced a first dance to ‘Stay’ by Ed Sheeran and ‘Say Your Name’ by Camila Cabello.

The brewery’s head brewer, Pete Brown, was given the honor of pouring the first drink at the wedding. He told The Daily Mail, “It was a real thrill for us to be asked to do this. We don’t get to pour our own beer often enough as it is!” Brown brought his expertise in producing unique, small-batch beers to the wedding – creating a custom blend to represent their love for each other.

6. The Dress Code Was Classic But On-Point

The dress code for the wedding was strict but appropriate. Although the bride wore a designer dress, the guest list was filled with white shirts, black or white trousers, and plain dark dresses or skirts. The Duchess of Cambridge and her sister, Princess Anne, were among those wearing outfits that were a mix of the two.

The wedding party wore matching floral prints for the occasion. Suki Waterhouse’s white dress and Robert Pattinson’s blue dress were printed with yellow and blue flowers, while Sophie, the Duchess of Cambridge, wore a yellow dress with blue trim.

Suki and the Duchess of Cambridge looked like they were wearing similar dresses except for the color and the way the Duchess’ dress sat atop her head. A guest said of the outfits, “I had never seen anything so magical. It was like something out of a fair isle white wedding cake.”

7. The Venue Was Perfect

The couple chose a church located in central London as the venue for their ceremony. The historic building, St. George’s Anglican Church in Paddington, was built in 1848 and features a spectacular, tiered wedding cake. The church was designed by the talented architect, Samuel Sanders Teulon, in the Greek Revival style – a fitting selection as Suki Waterhouse is a big fan of Greek mythology (as seen in her gorgeous wedding dress).

After the ceremony, the happy couple walked down the short, red carpet to the reception at the Old Swan Brewery. The venue was beautiful and perfectly laid out, with lush green lawns, an outdoor bar, and a seating area for the wedding party and guests.

The wedding cake was cut by the gorgeous bride, and guests were treated to a five-course meal served by celebrity chefs including Michael Hogan and Mattha Busuttil.

8. There Were Only 40 Invites

Although the wedding was kept intimate, just family and friends were invited. An insider explained to People magazine, “They didn’t want any extravagant parties – they just want to celebrate their love.” A source close to the couple added, “They have such pride in their marriage and they want to share it with as many people as possible.”

The couple also wanted to keep the details of their wedding as private as possible, with only a small handful of photos being released by the media. They only gave their guests a small invite, stating, “It’s a celebration of our love, so we’ve made it really intimate. We’ve only invited a small number of people. It’s between 40 and 50 guests.”

9. The Ceremony Was Confirmatory

This is one wedding that was designed to be a confirmation of their love for each other. Before the wedding day arrived, the couple had already chosen their outfit – a black-and-white dress for Suki and a pale blue one for the husband. They told the press they were relieved to have something to look forward to on such a special day. A guest added, “Suki feels very fortunate to have found the man of her dreams and feels ready to start a new journey with him.”

Suki’s dress was designed by the talented William Talbot, her brother-in-law. It was a gorgeous dress, with tiers of lace and a high collar. Many guests said it was one of the highlights of the wedding. As for what happened at the end of the ceremony, a guest said, “Suki walked up the aisle in a gorgeous dress and it was very emotional. As soon as she saw Rob, she started running and she jumped into his arms, gave him a big hug and a kiss. It was an incredible moment!”