We here at Hollywood Life can’t get enough of Robert Pattinson. The Hollywood actor was the year’s biggest pop culture phenom, rising from an indie darling to fame and infamy in the span of a year. So much happened in 2013 that it’s hard to believe it all happened in one year. From breaking up to make up with his sweetheart to starring in some of the biggest Hollywood films of the year, Pattinson soared to new heights and made us all fall in love with him all over again. Here are the best pictures from his crazy year.

He’s So Much More Than Just ‘The Baddest Fucker In Marvel Movies’

Many people might recognize Robert Pattinson from his starring role as the incredibly dangerous and incredibly sexy Edward Cullen in the Twilight Saga. The films not only made him a megastar, but he was also catapulted to near-Kardashian levels of fame. He’s now arguably the biggest male pop culture icon of 2013 and one of the most important figures in the history of cinema. For our money, the actor never looked or acted better. He solidified his reputation as a chameleon-like presence who can play any part and is the rare breed of Hollywood star who can successfully transition from teen idol to mature film actor.

He Tried To Stay Low Key (But It Didn’t Work)

The year was a roller coaster for Robert Pattinson. After Twilight wrapped in 2012, he put his acting career on the backburner while he took a bit of a break from the spotlight. It was an appropriate move, as his fans had grown less interested in watching him act and more interested in seeing him be himself. While we all wanted to know how Edward Cullen would turn out (and we found out in early 2014), we were less interested in seeing Robert Pattinson play a character and more interested in watching him be himself. He had become a bit of a recluse, rarely seen in public and preferring his privacy.

He Took Advantage Of Suki Waterhouse’s Fame

We were all eagerly anticipating the arrival of Suki Waterhouse’s baby girl in 2013. The 31-year-old British model and actress had been on an absolute tear all year, appearing in a number of Victoria Beckham’s fashion films and ad campaigns. She also graced the cover of Vogue Paris and made numerous media appearances. The anticipation for Waterhouse’s baby bloomed when she took to Twitter to wish her fans a happy new year. Little did we know that her wish would be answered almost immediately when Robert Pattinson made a rare appearance on social media to wish Waterhouse a happy 31st birthday. The two then reportedly began an Instagram account with pictures of Waterhouse wearing baby clothes and featuring her and Pattinson’s adorable daughter Zelda. In short, the father-daughter duo started a fashion dynasty. We can only hope that future generations will carry on the Pattinson-Waterhouse brand and keep it going strong for years to come.

He Helped Bring Some Much Needed Diversity To Hollywood

We’ve always said that Hollywood is a little bit sexist and a little bit racist. Sure, there are many high-profile celebrities who are supportive of women and minorities, but you’d be surprised at how many people there are who aren’t. For example, Meryl Streep recently won an Oscar for her impressive acting skills, but the fact that she’s a woman doesn’t seem to be mentioned much. While it’s always a good thing to see a successful actor play a variety of characters, it’s even better when they play characters who aren’t stereotyped as usually as the male characters. The diverse array of characters in the new Spiderman film not only make it worth watching, but they also bring a freshness that Hollywood typically doesn’t get credit for.

He Ran Into Some Trouble In The South Of France

In July of this year, Robert Pattinson was spotted in the South of France with his arm around a woman who looks like her daughter. The two were photographed at a pool party in Cap d’Antibes, where Pattinson chatted with the woman’s friends while she napped in a lounge chair. Though details are scarce, the sighting sparked rumors that the couple was on a mini-breakage with their daughter. While it’s always nice to get some time off, we’re not sure how much time off one should take when their child is still in school. Perhaps Pattinson should have gotten paternity leave?

The Breakup And Makeup Of One Of Hollywood’s Most Popular Couples

One of the most talked-about celebrity breaks ups of 2013 was none other than Robert Pattinson and his longtime girlfriend, the stunning Emily Blunt. The two started dating in 2007 and were inseparable ever since. The couple broke up in the spring of this year and haven’t been seen together since. Though they both remain busy with their individual careers, it seems that Blunt has had a very public breakup, while Pattinson has chosen to keep it private. The actor went to California to be with his daughter, as seen in the photograph shared to Instagram a few days before the breakup.

He Worked With The Muppets

In the same vein as the diverse array of characters he plays onscreen, Robert Pattinson has also worked with some of the most iconic voices in television history. He was one of the stars of the 2013 holiday comedy A Very Murray Christmas, which featured Jim Henson’s puppets and gave us a glimpse of what The Pals might look like in person. As you might guess, the movie is sort of about what happens when Christmas and Thanksgiving overlap. It’s not exactly a traditional Christmas movie, but its blend of comedy, family drama, and Henson puppets make it one of the most interesting films of the year. Besides, any movie that features a talking penguin is bound to be good, right?

He Helped Bring Trailer Park Boys To The Big Screen

Another year, another Nick Offerman role for Robert Pattinson. The actor has worked with the Trailer Park Boys before, appearing in their music video for “The Moustache Song.” This year, he helped bring Trailer Park Boys to the big screen in the comedy The Heartbreak Kid, co-starring Zac Efron and Anna Kendrick. Though it was largely panned by critics, who thought it wasn’t as funny as expected, the film was a major box office success and became one of the year’s biggest sleeper hits. Now that the Trailer Park Boys are finally getting some recognition, it’s only a matter of time before they make their way to the big screen again.

He’s Got A New Girlfriend

While the world was still coming to terms with the end of Twilight and the hype surrounding the birth of Aquarius, another male celebrity was busy trying to keep his private life as quiet as possible. At least, that’s what he’s been doing since the start of the year. In January of this year, former Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher announced that he was dating the actor. And just like that, the British singer found himself competing for the affections of one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors. Gallagher seems to have taken the situation with a grain of salt, joking that he’s a “happy man” and that he and Pattinson will enjoy themselves quite a bit together. And enjoy themselves they did, as seen in the pair’s first major public outing in May. The couple was spotted together at several glamorous events, including the Met Gala and the Victoria Beckham fashion show. They were also photographed at the Rolling Stones’ Glastonbury Festival, where Gallagher opened for the legendary band. And let’s not forget about Pattinson’s epic 365 day photo diary project, which he began in 2012 and is still ongoing. The British actor documented every aspect of his life, from his morning routines to his favorite movies and even a few bikini pictures that he claims are the “most candid [that he’s] ever been in.” So it looks like 2013 was a pretty exciting year for Robert Pattison.