Rumors are going around that Robert Pattinson is going to be wearing the Batman suit
in the upcoming movie, The Dark Knight Rises. The rumors started when a
snapshot of the actor in the stylish costume surfaced online. People immediately
started comparing it to Christian Bale’s gray suit in the last installment of the
Batman series. As the rumors spread, so did the comparisons. Twitter users began
comparing the two costumes and speculating on which one Robert Pattinson was
going to choose. Some even went so far as to say that he couldn’t make
a good decision, so he might end up wearing both.

The Dark Knight Rises

The highly anticipated sequel to The Dark Knight is set to hit theaters on
July 20th. While the original Dark Knight made a lasting impression on
audiences around the world, it seems that the sequel is going to top it. Early
promotional material for The Dark Knight Rises suggests that the story
will continue right where the original left off, with the Caped Crusader joining
forces with Commissioner Gordon to take on Scarecrow, a scientist whose
experiments turned him into a murderous villain.

One theme that runs throughout the marketing material is how much the world
has changed since the last movie. A lot, it turns out. For starters, there’s no
more need to hide your identity. The Batman has been seen in the streets,
fighting injustice along with Commissioner Gordon.

According to the rumors, Robert Pattinson is going to be wearing the Batman
suit again. This time, it’s supposedly going to be a darker, more mysterious
design. In one particular image, the actor is seen in a tight-fitting black
Bat-suit with purple accents.

Batman Versus Robin

Just because Batman is going back out into the field doesn’t mean that he’s
gotta go it alone this time. Director and co-writer Jonathan Mostow hints that
we might see more than one Robin in the next movie. This was confirmed by
comic book writer Chuck Dixon, who said in an interview with Comic Book
News that there will be “two, three, or even four Robins.”

While we’re not sure exactly how many Robins there will be, we can at least
be sure that there will be more than one. To differentiate himself from the
other Robins, this one will be known as the “Dark Knight Robin.” The name might
be a bit of a misnomer, as this Robin will be going up against Batman
single-handedly. In the comics, there have always been two Robins who work in
partnership with Batman, trying to catch the villains.

Although Batman has never actually killed anyone in the comics, he’s not
always been the nice guy that we all think he is. This isn’t to say that there
have been no villains in the DC comics. Far from it. There have been
serial killers, anarchists, and even a character named Rasputin, who was
responsible for the death of numerous people. Even longtime fans of the character
may feel a little uneasy with all of this talk of killing in the media.

Batman’s willingness to kill has been a long-standing source of tension
between him and comics creator Bob Kane. In fact, a few years back, the two
fractured amicably after 70 years of enmity. Kane stayed on the right side of
the law, and Batman kept his promise to him by not killing.

Christian Bale’s Jacket

One of the most discussed aspects of The Dark Knight had to do with
Christian Bale’s attire. When the movie was released, people couldn’t stop
talking about his choice of vest, especially since it looked like it was designed
by Christian Dior. Of course, the fashion world wanted to know, and Twitter
users had a field day with the material. People even started calling it “The
Bale Jacket.”

For those unfamiliar, the vest was designed to look like it was worn by Christian
Dior’s iconic designer, Christian Bale. The main difference between the real
thing and the replica is the collar. Instead of a simple Y-shaped brooch, the
actual jacket featured a large diamond-shaped brooch. That’s what made the
dictionary definition of a “diorite” handy. The material is an artificial
mineral that was first found in 1975 in Brazil. At the time, it was considered
to be a valuable mineral.

While most people were happy that Bale chose to wear something so unique,
not all were convinced that it would look as good on the big screen as it did in
the photo shoot. There were even some who said that it looked like something
from a fashion nightmare. This is probably because the vest didn’t work well
with Bale’s pale green eyeshadow and deep purple lip gloss.

The Mystery Of The Red Jacket

There’s also the matter of the mysterious red jacket that Christian Bale was
seen wearing in one of the photos released for The Dark Knight. It’s not
everyday that you see a Hollywood star rocking a bold checkered print, so
suddenly everyone wanted a piece of the action. Designer Joe Higgins
did what he could to calm people’s curiosity by creating a fake-offering, based on
the color and print of the jacket. Unfortunately, it seems like everyone wants to
get their hands on the piece of clothing that everyone is talking about
(The Dark Knight Rises). As much as Joe Higgins would like to help, he
can’t make that jacket appear anytime soon. At least not without a

Since the rumors began circulating that Robert Pattinson is going to be
wearing the Batman suit in The Dark Knight Rises, people have been
making comparisons to Christian Bale’s wardrobe. One of the most notable
similarities is the use of leather for the majority of the suits. However, it’s
not just about the leather. The main reason that Christian Bale’s wardrobe
stands out is because of the checkerboard print that covers most of his suits
and accessories. While it’s not exactly clear what the pattern is, it looks like
it’s a form of modern woodblock printing.

Leather is a common choice amongst celebrities when it comes to their clothing
selection. It’s not that celebrities aren’t wearing the same garments as the
common folk; it’s that they have more choice in the way that they can dress.
While celebrities don’t always follow trends, they often set them and are often
the ones who push the limits of what is considered to be fashionable. It would be
amazing if someone actually managed to pull off wearing both the Bale and Pattinson
outfits at the same time. With so much speculation and talk of violence, it
would definitely be something to see.